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									                      Make Your Payment with MoneyGram

For your convenience, Residential Capital will accept loan payments using MoneyGram®. You may either
make a payment in-person at one of the MoneyGram locations nearest to you, or you may use their online
ExpressPayment® bill payment system to make a payment. The instructions for each are below.

Paying at a MoneyGram Location
1. Find the MoneyGram location nearest you.
           Go to and click on “Find Us” in the right-hand column.
           You’ll then enter country, your zip code and “Pay a Bill” as the service desired and click “Search.” It
           will then ask for your “Biller’s Information” — just enter our Receive Code which is 6306 and click
           “Search” again.
           You’ll now see a list of the MoneyGram locations near you.
2. Make Your Payment.
           At the MoneyGram location, you will need to fill out a blue ExpressPayment form, including:
           • Our receive code – 6306
           • Our company’s name, city and state – Residential Capital, San Diego, CA
           • Your account number which is your loan number
           There is a $8.95 transaction fee (or $8.50 at all Wal-Mart locations.)
           Please note that the payment and transaction fee must be made in cash. MoneyGram does not
           accept other forms of payment at their locations.
3. Confirm Your Payment
           You will then receive an 8-digit reference number confirming your payment.

Paying Online with MoneyGram ExpressPayment
1. Get Started
   Go to and click on “Send Money Online” in the right-hand column.
2. Create a MoneyGram Account
   If you have never used MoneyGram before, you will have to register, so click on “Sign Up Now” at the
   top of the page. Or if you have a MoneyGram account you can enter your MoneyGram ID and Password
   in the right-hand column.
3. Enter Account Information and Verify Identity
   Click on “Send ExpressPayment” up top to complete your registration. You will need to provide a credit
   card as a backup funding source and your bank account information for the checking or savings account
   from which your payment will be made. You will then receive an email confirmation that requires you to
   click on a link and answer a few security questions, verifying your identity.
4. Enter Biller Info
   After completing the registration and identity verification process, click on “Send ExpressPayment now”
   and enter our Receive Code which is 6306.
5. Enter Account Number and Payment Info
   Verify our company name – Residential Capital, San Diego CA – and then enter your account number
   which is your loan number along with the payment amount. Use the message field to send a comment, if
6. Review Transfer Details and Send
   Review your information and verify it is correct, then click “Send Now.”
7. Confirmation
   Once your transaction has been approved, you will receive an email with an 8-digit reference number
   confirming your payment

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to
call our Customer Service Department at (866) 344-8935 ext. 610.

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