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                  WHY THE COURSE                                           COURSE CONTENTS

 Cashflow is the life-blood of a business. When the          THE IMPORTANCE OF CASH AND
cashflow is disrupted, the business gets into trouble.       CASHFLOW MANAGEMENT
  As such, to ensure the continued well being of the
 business, it is critical that its cashflow be effectively
                                                             • Cashflow - the life blood of a business
                         managed.                            • Cash is “king”
                                                             • Profitability vs liquidity – “making money but
                LEARNING OUTCOMES                              no cash”
                                                             • Understanding cashflow statements – types
At the end of the course participants should :                 and what they show
                                                             • The cash implications of management
•     Appreciate more the importance of cashflow to a
      business and why its effective management is
      the key to a firm’s success                            • Relating cashflow statements to the
•     Learn the various innovative strategies by which         operations of a business
      a firm can enhance its cash flow
•     Have a better understanding of a firm’s working        PLANNING THE FIRM’S CASHFLOW –
      capital requirements and how to manage it              SHORT TERM & LONG TERM
      effectively                                            • The importance and need for cash planning
•     Learn how to shorten the collection cycle to           • “Cash position” audit
      improve the firm’s cashflow
•     Learn how to project and plan for the firm’s cash
                                                             • Cash planning – tools and techniques
      requirements - short term and long term                • Identifying short-term and long-term cash
                                                             • Developing the cash requirements plan
                  Who Should Attend
                                                             • Meeting the cash requirements gap
                                                                – short term
     Chief Executives, Financial Controllers, Finance           – long term
    Managers, Managers responsible for profit centers
    and those running their business who will find the       MANAGING WORKING CAPITAL
               course particularly useful)                   EFFECTIVELY TO ENHANCE CASHFLOW
                                                             • Understanding working capital – nature of
                 Training Methodology                        • Working capital – what the firm needs vs
                                                                what the firm has
      Through lectures, discussions and exercises
                                                             • How much working capital is needed
                 Duration         2 days                     • Minimising working capital needs
                                                             • Financing working capital needs

Enquiries, please call :                                     MANAGING RECEIVABLES EFFECTIVELY
                                                             TO ENHANCE CASHFLOW
                        SBF Group Of Consulting              • Reviewing the firm’s credit and collection
                             Companies                          policies
                                                             • Understanding the collection cycle and
                   Malaysia  Tel       603-78033688             where things can go wrong
                             Fax       603-78030399          • Shortening the collection cycle
                   Singapore Tel       65-68751520           • Some effective collection tools and
                             Fax       65-68751521              techniques to recover difficult accounts
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