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Project Estimate

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A company can use this Project Estimate template to supply information about a given project to a customer. The company should provide a description of the project, including the appropriate work order information. The company should also provide labor and material descriptions and cost estimates. The estimate form should be submitted to the customer for the customer's acceptance and authorization of the total estimated costs. Businesses should use this worksheet to have a formal and professional method of providing cost estimates to customers.

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Customer Information
Name:                                                                                              Your Company Contact Information Here
City:                            State:                         Zip Code:
Day Phone:                                   Evening Phone:


Project Information
Project Description                                                                                Work Order Information
                                                                                                   Customer ID:
                                                                                                    Invoice No.:
                                                                                                    Project Mgr.

                                                                                                     Start Date:
                                                                                                      End Date:

ID               Description                                                         Date            Quantity         Unit Price                 Subtotal


                                                                                                                 Labor Subtotal:                             $0.00
                                                                                                         Estimated Labor Total:

Description                                                                          Date            Quantity         Unit Price                 Subtotal


                                                                                                              Materials Subtotal:                             $0.00
                                                                                                      Estimated Materials Total:

Estimated Costs & Acceptance
Customer Acceptance / Authorization:
I agree to have <Company Name Here> perform the work as described above.                                                 Subtotal:
Furthermore, I understand that this is only an estimate and in most cases will not
reflect the actual costs involved in completing this project.                                            Total Estimated Costs:
                                                                                                              (This estimate does not include state or local taxes)
        Customer Signature:

                                                                        Thank You!
Note: The above estimate is based solely upon the project description and initial inspection of the project work site. Estimate could change upon discovery of
the need for additional work and or materials once the project has started. Any alterations or deviation from the above specifications involving extra costs will
be executed only upon written consent by customer and will become an extra charge over and above the estimate. All agreements, contingent upon strikes,
                                                           accidents, or delays are beyond our control.
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