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									61664                Federal Register / Vol. 64, No. 218 / Friday, November 12, 1999 / Notices

Communications, Santa Clara, CA;          Xerox, Palo Alto, CA; Hubbell Premise         projects and the general area of planned
2Wire, Inc., Milpitas, CA; Matra          Wiring, Stonington, CT; ASCII                 activities are described below.
Marconi Space, Toulouse, FRANCE; and      Laboratories Inc., Tokyo, JAPAN;                 Bellcore is a coropation with its
Jetstream Communications, Inc., Los       Certicom Corp, San Mateo, CA;                 principal place of business and facilities
Gatos, CA have been added as parties to   Raytheon, Marlborough, MA;                    located in the United States. Bellcore’s
this venture. The following member of     MEGAXESS/ATAnet, Inc., Germantown             shares were previously held by
the ATM Form have changed their           MD; and DGT,MOTC,Taiwan, Taipei,              Ameritech Services, Inc., Bell Atlantic
names: ADC Kentrox to ADC                 TAIWAN have been dropped as parties           Newwork Services, Inc., BellSouth
Telecommunications, Inc., Portland,       to this venture.                              Telecommunications, Inc., Pacific Bell,
OR; Bellcore to Telcordia Technologies,      No other changes have been made in         Southwestern Bell Telephone Company,
Red Bank, NJ; Telecommunications          either the membership or planned              Telesector Resources, Group, Inc., and U
Labs, Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. To       activity of the group research project.       S WEST Communications, Inc. All of
Chunghwa Telecom Labs, Yang-mei,          Membership in this group research             Bellcore’s shares were acquired on
Taoyuan, TAIWAN; Telia Network            project remains open, and The ATM             November 14, 1997 by Science
Services to Telia Research AB, Farsta,    Forum intends to file additional written      Applications International Corporation,
SWEDEN; and Lockheed Martin               notification disclosing all changes in        San Diego, CA. Although under new
Telecommunications—Interactive            membership.                                   ownership, Bellcore presently intends to
Technology Center to Lockheed Martin         On April 19, 1993, The ATM Forum           continue to engage jointly, on a
Mission Systems, Sunnyvale, CA.           filed its original notification pursuant to   contractual basis, with a variety of other
Com21, Milpitas, CA; Compaq               Section 6(a) of the Act. The Department       entities, including its former
                                          of Justice published a notice in the          shareholders, in applied research, new
Computer, Norwood, MA; CSELT,
                                          Federal Register pursuant to Section          service development, generic
Torino, ITALY; Kent Ridge Digital Labs,
                                          6(b) of the Act on June 2, 1993 (58 FR        requirements, testing and standards
Singapore, SINGAPORE; Netro
                                          31415).                                       support, and software systems work.
Corporation, San Jose, CA; RAD Data                                                        In particular, Bellcore continues to
Communications, Tel Aviv, ISRAEL;            The last notification was filed with
                                          the Department on January 15, 1999. A         engage in a variety of joint research and
Tektronix, Beaverton, OR; TTC,                                                          related projects with its former
Germantown, MD; Diamond Lane              notice has not yet been published in the
                                          Federal Register.                             shareholders to enable these companies
Communications, Petaluma, CA;                                                           and their affiliates to maintain high
Audiocodes Ltd, Yehuda, ISRAEL; NDS       Constance K. Robinson,
                                                                                        quality and technologically up-to-date
Limited, Hampshire, UNITED                Director of Operations Antitrust Division.
                                                                                        network capabilities to support their
KINGDOM; Sonoma Systems, Marina           [FR Doc. 99–29515 Filed 11–10–99; 8:45 am]
                                                                                        provision of exchange and exchange
Del Rey, CA; Ficon Technology, Inc.,      BILLING CODE 4410–11–M
                                                                                        access telecommunications services and
Woodbridge, NJ; and RADCOM Ltd.,                                                        such other telecommunications service
Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL have downgraded to                                                     as these cmpanies authorize by contract
auditing members. SALIX Technologies,     DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE
                                                                                        with Bellcore. In doing so, Bellcore
Inc., Rockville, MD; StratumOne, Santa                                                  seeks to create and develop innovative
Clara, CA; and Cimaron                    Antitrust Division
                                                                                        and improved technologies, processes,
Communications Corp., Andover, MA                                                       software systems and service ideas that
                                          Notice Pursuant to the National
have upgraded to principal members.                                                     support its former schareholders and
                                          Cooperative Research and Production
Also, 3M, Austin, TX; AdvanceNet                                                        their affiliates as enablers or providers
                                          Act of 1993—Bell Communications
Systems Incorporated, Research                                                          of telecommunications services that
                                          Research, Inc.
Triangle Park, NC; AMCC, San Diego,                                                     allow people and their machines to cost-
CA; AMP–MA/COM, Inc., Harrisburg,            Notice is hereby given that, on            effectively access information and
PA; Anixter Inc., Skokie, IL; Cornell     February 13, 1998, pursuant to Section        comumunicate with each other easily,
University, Ithaca, NY; Fondazione Ugo    6(a) of the National Cooperative              reliably and securely, anywhere, any
Bordoni, Roma, ITALY; Fujikura            Research and Production Act of 1993,          time, in any medium or combination of
Technology Amer, Santa Clara, CA;         15 U.S.C. 4301 et seq. (‘‘the Act’’), Bell    media. Bellcore’s work for its former
Intel, Santa Clara, CA; Interphase        Communications Research, Inc.                 shareholders and others encompasses
Corporation, Dallas, TX; IPC              (‘‘Bellcore’’) has filed written              applied research, new service
Information Systems, Fairfield, CT;       notifications simultaneously with the         development and related network
Korea Telecom, Seoul, KOREA;              Attorney General and the Federal Trade        planning, engineering, training,
Matsushita Electric Works Ltd, Minato-    Commission disclosing: (1) A change in        innovative development and production
ku Tokyo, JAPAN; Microsoft                the ownership of Bellcore, (2) its present    of software systems and associated
corporation, Redmond, WA; NASA            intention to continue to engage jointly,      economic research.
Lewis Research Ctr, Moffett Field, CA     on a contractual basis, with a variety of        Bellcore’s general areas of ongoing
NIST, Gaithersburg, MD; Olivetti          other entities, including its former          and planned activities include work
Research, Cambridge, UNITED               shareholders, in applied research, new        focused on enterprise efficiency, robust
KINGDOM; Optical Data Systems,            service development, generic                  (dependable, flexible, scure) networks
Richardson, TX; Pairgain Technologies,    requirements, testing and standards           and operations, advanced voice and
Tustin, CA; Philips Research Labs,        support, and software systems work,           messaging capabilities, personal
Aachen, GERMANY;                          and (3) the nature and objectives of such     nomadic communications and
STMicroelectronics, St. Genis Pouilly,    engagements. The notifications were           information access, public data
FRANCE; Telco Systems, Norwood, MA;       filed for the purpose of extending the        networking, video dialtone and related
Telecom Italia, Rome, ITALY; Thomson-     Act’s provisions limiting the recorvery       services, and network-related support
CSF, 92704 COLOMBES Cedex,                of antitrust plaintiffs to actual damages     for new information service capabilities.
FRANCE; Transwitch Corporation,           under specified circumstances. Pursuant          Bellcore’s technical support includes
Shelton, CT; TriQuint Semiconductor,      to Section 6(b) of the Act, the identities    its undertaking of applied research in
Hillsboro, OR; Westell, Aurora, IL;       of the parties to various joint research      such fields as physical science,

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