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Town of Tillsonburg
2008 Business Plan                        -2–

1)   Program Mission Statement:

     Our vision is to provide safe, reliable fleet maintenance, which is critical to
     maintaining Operations Services to the customers of Tillsonburg and general public
     in a cost effective and environmentally safe manner in order to maintain preserve
     and enhance the quality of life for the town.

        To provide efficient, cost effective repairs and maintenance to all vehicles and
        To eliminate maintenance related breakdowns and failures.
        To minimize down time on all vehicles and equipment by being pro active
         when performing maintenance procedures.
        To minimize returned work by completely doing all necessary repairs every
         time a unit is in for service.
        To establish and maintain Preventative Maintenance programs and
        To attain maximum life from all parts, attachments, vehicles and equipment.
        To constantly seek more effective and less costly ways to provide the
         appropriate levels of service.
        To stay abreast of changes in technology and equipment as they affect
         vehicles, equipment and maintenance procedures.
        To be receptive to suggestions from users and/or customers and evaluate them
         on their merits.
        To be innovative at all times.

2)   Core Businesses:

Key Customers
    Customers
    Staff
    Developers
    Insurance Company
    Contractors
    Local businesses
    Other government departments such as MOE, MNR, LPRCA and MTO.
    County of Oxford and surrounding Counties.
    Ingersoll Fire Services
    Township of Norwich Fire Services
    Municipality of Bayham Fire Services
Town of Tillsonburg
2008 Business Plan                        -3–

Core Businesses/Services

     Maintenance of corporate fleet vehicles and equipment for Operations Services,
      Community Services, Fire Services and Corporate Services.
     Annual scheduled fleet inspections and performance tests
     Preventative maintenance procedures
     Unscheduled minor and major repairs
     Purchase of capital vehicles and equipment
     Operate our own Vehicle Licensing Station

Non-Core Businesses/Services/Activities

       Daily vehicle inspection logs (Circle Checks)
       Records Management
       Asset Management
       Fuel Management, Records and Dispensing
       Budget for shop tools and equipment for repairing fleet and equipment
       Annual Vehicle registrations
       Annual Fleet Insurance Renewal
       Annual CVOR and clean air emissions compliance (Drive Clean- MTO)
       Annual surplus vehicle auction
       Recoverable private work

Legislated Standards and Guidelines

       Ministry of Labour
       Occupational Health and Safety Act
       Technical Standards and Safety Authority
       Ministry of Environment and Energy Requirements.
       Ministry of Transportation Ontario requirements.
       Highway Traffic Act
       Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
       Canadian Standards Association.
       Manufacturers Shop Manuals for vehicles
       NFPA Standards – Performance and Maintenance Standards
       ULC
       NAEVT – National Association of Emergency Vehicle Technicians
       Ontario Municipal Fire Departments Mechanical Officers Association
       Fire Protection and Prevention Act
       Ontario Fire Marshal
Town of Tillsonburg
2008 Business Plan                      -4–

Program Map


                           Repairs             Other Services

                       Preventative               Other
                       Maintenance             Municipal Fire


                      Shop Equipment           Recoverable
                        Fuel & Oil

Town of Tillsonburg
2008 Business Plan                       -5–

3)   Performance Measures:

                 Measure                        2006        2007         2008
                                               Actual      Actual      Projected

Output Measures – quantity
 No. of Light Vehicles < 1 Tonne           21     21      21
 No. of Medium Vehicles >1<4.5 Tonne        8      8       8
 No. of Heavy Vehicles > 4.5 tonnes        14     14      14
 Number of pieces Light Equipment          54     54      54
 Number of Off Road Equipment              21     21      21
 Number of Attachments                     27     28      28
 Number of Trailers                        11     11      11
 Number of Generator units                 14     15      15
 Total units                              170    172     172
Efficiency Measures (Cost per Unit)*
Avg. Maintenance cost per unit: Light    $3664 $3633   $4245
Avg. Maintenance cost per unit: Medium   $5374 $4874   $5140
Avg. Maintenance cost per unit: Heavy  $10,556 $9,534 $10,758
Avg. Maintenance cost per unit: Misc            $860    $824
Effectiveness/Customer Service
Accidents due to mechanical failure         0      0
Accidents due to driver error               1      0
Vehicle breakdowns in field                 1      3

4)   Future Directions (Longer Term):

        Continue to pursue contracting in maintenance work
        Maintain a preventative maintenance program
        Maintain a replacement reserve plan for all major vehicles and equipment

5) Current Directions (Shorter Term):

        Maintain a shop equipment acquisition/replacement program
        Maintain mechanics‟ training to keep up to date on changes and developments
         affecting fleet maintenance
        Pursue contracting in other maintenance work
        Continue to automate maintenance records
        Implement a total Fleet Maintenance Software program
        Pursue addition of assistant for clerical and record management functions
Town of Tillsonburg
2008 Business Plan                           -6–

6)   Key Linkages with Business Plans of Other Programs

            Fire Services – Equipment Maintenance Program
            Operations Services – Equipment Maintenance Program
            Corporate Services – Equipment Maintenance Program
            Facilities – Building Maintenance & Capital Plan

7)    Program Delivery Plan

(a) How is the program delivered now and at what level?
        Repair shop operation reports to the Fleet Manager overseen by the Director
           of Operations
        One Class „T/S‟ Heavy Equipment Mechanic with Diesel Endorsement,
           Master Emergency Vehicle Technician “EVT” certification, Propane and
           Natural Gas certifications and A/C Endorsement
        One Class „S‟ Light Vehicle Mechanic
        Hours of Operations
              7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily Monday to Friday.
              Overtime as required for winter maintenance and emergencies

(b) What has been decided on how the program will be delivered and at what levels the
    program will be delivered in the future?

     Political Direction Received

           Council for the Town of Tillsonburg, policies and guidelines.
     Professional Judgment of Staff

             To work with customers to ensure the best possible service is delivered at
              the appropriate level.
             Vehicle replacement schedule aids the budgeting process and allows for
              planned vehicle replacements
             Continue the fleet maintenance standard and PM Program
             Existing staffing allows a cost effective and /or acceptable level of
              maintenance procedures.

     Provincial and Federal Regulations

          Maintenance, inspections and repairs are completed to the full compliance of
         the Highway Traffic Act and the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
Town of Tillsonburg
2008 Business Plan                        -7–

8)   Key Goals/Objectives of Program by Year

          Attract additional emergency equipment maintenance contracts
          Perform more body building and manufacturing in-house as apposed to
           outside contractors
          If approved by Council, attract additional maintenance contracts from area
           municipal fleets such as Ingersoll and Oxford County

       2008 Goals/Objectives              Additional Costs             Quarter of
                                            (Savings) if                Expected
                                            Applicable                 Completion

Maintain the funding for equipment
Purchase vehicles & equipment                 $562,336                     4th
Seek additional maintenance                   ($5,000)                     4th

       2009 Goals/Objectives              Additional Costs             Quarter of
                                            (Savings) if                Expected
                                            Applicable                 Completion

Maintain the funding for equipment
Purchase vehicles & equipment                 $550,200                     4th
Seek additional maintenance                                                4th

9)   Human Resources Allocation/Deployment Plan

              Service                           FTE Requirements by Year
                                       2005       2006     2007    2008           2009
Fleet Services - general                2.0        2.0      2.0     2.0            2.0
Other Services                           0          0       0*       .5             .5
Total Program FTE Requirements          2.0        2.0      2.0     2.5            2.5
Change from Previous Year                0          0        0      0.5            0.5

* See explanation in Significant Variances below
 Town of Tillsonburg
 2008 Business Plan                         -8–

Significant Variances

   Fleet management position is now being performed by the Senior Mechanic as well as the
    duties of the Senior Mechanic
   A part-time clerical staff is needed for data entry into Worktech work manager and stock manager
    programs as well as fuel management data requirements (mandated by the TSSA). This function is
    currently being performed by staff at the Customer Service Centre resulting in a zero increase of staff.
     at Fleet. However, addition savings in man-time expenditures could be realized if this position was
    increased from 20 hrs per week to a maximum of 32.5 hrs per week as shown in the following graphs
     The additional labour costs are to be recovered by the corporate overhead recovery in the Customer
     Service budget and an overhead charge to Fleet.

  Current Man-time Expenditures

                      (Based on 160 Working HRS/Month)

                                                   Administrative ( Fleet
                                                   Management, Phone, Email, Meetings)
                        40                         Fuel Reporting
                                                   Work Orders

                                                   Filing (Work Orders, Invoices, Etc. )

                             20   20
                                                   Mechanical Duties
Town of Tillsonburg
2008 Business Plan                               -9–

                              (Based on 160 Working HRS/Month)
                                                              Work Orders


                                                      15      Health & Safety, MSDS, WHIMIS

                                                              MISC Exp. (Picking up
                                                              parts, Supplies, Ordering Parts,Picking up
                           110                                Vehicles for Repairs, Etc.

                                                              Mechanical Duties

                                                            Fleet Management - Administration

                           15     20                        Fleet Management - Work Orders

                      15                                    Filing ( Work Orders, Invoices)

                                                 20         Fuel Reporting

                      20                                    Fleet Mechanic - Work Orders

                                       20                   Health & Safety, MSDS, WHIMIS
                                                            Miscellaneous Exp.


 Implementing a part-time assistant working 130 hours per month will result in 80 hrs per month savings
 for the Fleet Manager and 50 hrs per month savings for the Fleet Mechanic. These savings will allow the
 mechanical staff to apply these saved hours directly to shop labour hours.
  Town of Tillsonburg
  2008 Business Plan                        - 10 –

Performance Management
 Will follow corporate direction on performance management.

Other issues
 Continue to look at other services provided by the corporation to eliminate duplication and achieve cost
   savings and if approved by Council, aggressively pursue outside revenue streams other than Fire

   10) Information/Other Technology Plan

   Corporate Training as required for software updates and new programs as approved.
   Worktech software modules for asset management and Fleet records.

   11) Other Resources Plan

       Asset Type         Number       Requirements/Condition/Replacement Plans
  Fleet                                See attached schedule
  Shop Equipment                       Update electronic diagnostic tooling
  Property                             See Facilities Plan
Town of Tillsonburg
2008 Business Plan                               - 11 –

2008 Fleet requirements: Asset Management Plan

Priority Unit Division             Unit Type                 Replace With           Cost

1        118     Fire           B.A. Compressor           Combination Unit          $65,020

2        302     Fire           Standby Generator            Same                  $75,000

3        83      Roads           Trackless MT5               Same                  $125,780

4        39      Bldg              Car                       Hybrid Car            $35,765

5                Fleet           Diagnostic Equip            Same                  $35,000

6        112     Roads           Brush Chipper               Same                  $50,000

7        30      Hydro            Pickup                     Same                  $30,000

8        94      Roads             Broom                     Same                  $18,883

9        70      Fire              Pumper                   Pumper/Rescue        $224,153
                                                            Balance of $284,153 due in 2009

New Additions to Fleet

Priority Division     Unit Type                                              Estimated Cost

     1    Fire        Trailer                                                          $5,000

                                                  Fleet Total:                         $664,601
Town of Tillsonburg
2008 Business Plan                        - 12 –

Upgrades to Building:

          Install floor drains in
          shop floor and tie into new oil/water
          separator. Upgrade venting, lighting
          and heating in light duty bays           See Facilities Plan

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