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					                          EDIFICIOS UNIVERSITARIOS

In the Clark Center, the task for Foster & Partners and MBT was no less than to
redefine the way interdisciplinary research is done. By James S Russell
Architectural record, vol. 192, no. 2, 2004 Feb., p. 94-99.

Profile. David Neuman: planning utopias where campus is king. By Andrew Blum
Architectural record, vol. 192, no. 1, 2004 Jan., p. 208.

Special issue. Edifying education. By Catherine Slessor and others
Architectural review, vol. 215, no. 1284, 2004 Feb., p. 36-79.

Paul L Cejas School of Architecture building, Florida International University,
Miami, Fl; Architects: Bernard Tschumi and BEA International.
GA document no. 75, 2003 Oct., p. 76-85.

McCormick Tribune Campus Center, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago,
Illinois; Architects: Office for Metropolitan Architecture (Rem Koolhaas).
GA document no. 76, 2003 Nov., p. 8-47.

Basket Bar, Utrecht; Architects: NL Architects. By Karine Dana
Moniteur architecture AMC, no. 135, 2003 June/July, p. 68-69.

McCormick Tribune Campus Center, Chicago; Architects: Rem Koolhaas of Office
for Metropolitan Architecture. By Dominique Boudet
Moniteur architecture AMC, no. 138, 2003 Nov., p. 48-53.

Un campus en mutation [A campus in mutation]; Architects: Steven
Holl. By Anne-Laure Egg
Architecture interieure cree, no. 309, 2003 July/Aug., p. 104-111.

Basket Bar, universite d'Utrecht, Pays-Bas [BasketBar, University of Utrecht, the
Netherlands]; Architects: NL Architects. By Arjen Oosterman
Architecture d'aujourd'hui, no. 348, 2003 Sept./Oct., p. 30, 32.

IIT campus transforming thanks to new additions. By Sam Lubell
Architectural record, vol. 191, no. 9, 2003 Sept., p. 39.

Bernard Tschumi creates an academic village in suburban Miami for the FIU
School of Architecture. By Clifford A Pearson
Architectural record, vol. 191, no. 10, 2003 Oct., p. 102-107.

Gehry project near completion at MIT. By David Maurer
Architectural record, vol. 191, no. 11, 2003 Nov., p. 30.
For Trustee Hall at St Edward's University, in Texas, Andersson-Wise Architects
deftly abstracts the traditional. By David Dillon
Architectural record, vol. 191, no. 7, 2003 July, p. 94-101.

Facolta di diritto, Limoges, Francia 2002 [Law faculty, Limoges, France 2002];
Architects: Pierre Bolze and Simon Rodriguez-Pages. By Francoise Fromonot
Casabella, vol. 67, no. 714, 2003 Sept., p. 30-39.

Simmons Hall MIT undergraduate residence, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
1999-2002; Architects: Steven Holl Architects.
A&U, no. 8 (395), 2003 Aug., p. 12-23.

Scienza e accademia [Academic sciences]. By Deyan Sudjic and Leon van Schaik
Domus, no. 863, 2003 Oct., p. 116-125.

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