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									Richard T. Ramos                                                      Web: www.rickramos.com
                                                                    e-mail: rick@rickramos.com
8960 Southwest 56 Terrace
                                                                                 (305) 205-8132
Miami Beach, Florida 33173

EXPERIENCE:      Adsertive.com – Rochester, New York                                 8/05 – 4/06
                 Director of Marketing
                 Spearheaded the marketing rollout for this pay-for-performance (CPA) affiliate
                 network. Developed and executed marketing plan that included affiliate
                 recruiting strategies, PR initiatives, brand messaging, online/offline media
                 buying, search engine marketing, and technology development. Managed all
                 tradeshow related activities such as pre-show logistics, creating marketing
                 materials, and booth design. Managed a team of three people charged with
                 developing affiliate relations, recruiting, and graphic development.

                 Date.com Inc. – Miami Beach, Florida                                8/04 – 8/05
                 Director of Marketing
                 Successfully created and managed corporate marketing plan that included: radio,
                 online advertising, e-mail campaigns, newsletters and public relations. Reduced
                 customer acquisition cost by 1/2 helping to make the company profitable while
                 maintaining corporate brand. Performed keyword research, analysis, and
                 optimization for search engine marketing resulting in a 30% increase in traffic
                 while reducing costs by over 20%. Planned and executed affiliate marketing
                 strategy for Commission Junction that increased sales by 400%. Perform
                 detailed site analysis of landing pages resulting in a doubling of conversion
                 rates. Managed all marketing communication pieces for company. Worked with
                 advertising sales team to develop sales collateral. Managed marketing budget
                 and staff with a total of 5 employees.

                 Play Currency Inc – New York, New York                               7/02 – 07/04
                 Vice President of Marketing
                 Responsible for the design and development of both corporate Internet web
                 properties (SkillMonkey.com and Playcurrency.com). Project tasks for this
                 Internet startup included; setting scope and objectives, deliverables, identifying
                 and coordinating graphic, technology implementation(including e-commerce
                 solutions), in addition to setting budgets, and schedules. Plan and implement
                 marketing plan including public relations, online advertising, e-mail, affiliate
                 program management, search engine marketing, natural search results, and viral
                 marketing. Developed marketing plan for use in both venture capital fundraising
                 efforts and internal use. Managed online marketing campaigns that reduced
                 customer acquisition cost 50% below industry numbers and researched statistics.

                 Virtumundo Inc, Kansas City, Missouri                                   8/00 – 5/02
                 (TreeLoot.com, MediaMetrix Top 50 in 2000, AdKnowledge.com)
                 Director of Marketing
                 Managed $6 million marketing budget for a top fifty ranked Internet media
                 company. Negotiated media placement resulting in acquisition costs that were
                 1/16 the industry average. In charge of content creation, including the #1 rich
                 media banner on the Internet worldwide for 2000 and 2001 “Shock the
                 Monkey”, this ad produces 18 times the industry average click through rate.
                 Negotiated over $8 million in barter advertising deals, resulting in a $4 million

                 cost saving. Manage corporate identity including corporate websites, brochures,
                 logos, and new product launches. Managed team of 4 media buyers that
                 consistently called the top 5000 Internet properties. Maintained Sales Force
                 sales management system to manage outbound media buying process.

                 addAshop.com Inc, Miami, Florida                                       5/99 – 8/00
                 Director of Marketing
                 Planned national tradeshows that led to the closing of all major company
                 accounts including business development deals with 6 of the top 50 Internet
                 companies (Internet World - New York, Internet World – Los Angles, Internet
                 Commerce EXPO – Boston). Developed dual marketing plan for Internet
                 E-commerce startup targeting both consumers and business to business
                 marketing. Plan included industry centric magazines (Wired, Internet World,
                 Red Herring, Upside and Business 2.0,) tradeshows, promotions, public relations
                 and global online advertising. Prospected and closed the two largest business
                 development deals for the company. Placed all online media buys, managed the
                 creative direction of advertising, and succeeded in achieving a click through that
                 was double the Internet average for e-commerce. Oversaw development of all
                 collateral material, including; logo redesign, brochures, trade show booths,
                 PowerPoint presentations, and photo shoots.

                 Computer Based Solutions, Miami, Florida                             7/96 – 4/99
                 Sales & Marketing Manager
                 Established new sales division targeting the South Florida printing and pre-press
                 graphics industry. Formulated marketing strategies to successfully reach the
                 company’s target sales goals and implemented. Developed and supervised
                 telemarketing programs including lead generation and small outbound telesales.
                 Directed corporate marketing activities including: promotions, advertising,
                 direct mail and national trade shows (Graphics of America). Designed and
                 managed corporate Internet website. Performed both outside and inside sales
                 activities for both new and existing customers.

EDUCATION:       University of Miami, 1995
                 Master of Business Administration         International Marketing and Finance
                                                           Computer Information Systems

                 University of Miami, 1993
                 Bachelor of Arts                          Finance

COMPUTER     Goldmine Sales Management, ACT, Sales Force, Website Analysis, Photoshop,
PROFICIENCY: Dream weaver, Quark, Freehand, Illustrator, Web Design, Image Ready, Internet
             Marketing, E-commerce, SSL, HTML, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine
             Optimization (SEO), E-mail Personalization, Windows, PowerPoint, Word, Excel,

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