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					                            THE RIGHT AWARD
                              For Workplace Excellence
                                           2004 APPLICATION
THE RIGHT AWARD for Workplace Excellence will recognize organizations that demonstrate a connection
between business success and innovative people practices.

Please type or print carefully. An electronic version of this application, along with more information about
the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce and Right Management Consultants, is available on the web at Send completed applications to:
                 Mail:           Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce
                                 ATTN: The RIGHT Award for Workplace Excellence
                                 One IBM Plaza, Suite 2800
                                 Chicago, IL 60611

                                 Subject line: Application
All materials must be received at the above address no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, August 13,2004.
Please do not attach additional materials to this application. Members of the Workplace Excellence
committee who have expertise in the subject area will review applications. Finalists will be asked to
complete a second phase of questions. Winner(s) will be selected by September 17, 2004; All applicants
will be notified. Winner(s) will be announced October 21, 2004 Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Board
Meeting. By submitting your article for consideration, you are granting Right Management Consultants
and the Right Award for Workplace Excellence committee and its members the right to use your article
for promotional or publishing purposes.

1.    Company name:

2.    Contact person:

3.    Telephone:

4.    Email:

5.    Business address:           Street

                                  City                                      State           Zip

6.    Headquarters address:       Street
      (if different)
                                  City                                      State           Zip

7.    How did you hear about this award?

8.    Type of company:
9.     Industry:

10.    Number of employees:

11.    What is the percentage of your employees who are: Exempt?                Non-exempt?

12.    Date company was founded/incorporated:

13.    Does your company have a drug-free workplace policy?

14. Please provide 3-5 sentences briefly describing your organization, scope of services and

15.    Which of the following benefits does your company offer?

        Medical / Dental / Vision Insurance
        Employee Assistance Program
        Domestic Partnership Benefits
        Life Insurance
        Long-Term Care Insurance
        Short / Long Term Disability
        Employee Stock Purchase Plan
        401(K) Plan / Pension / Profit Sharing / Employee Stock Purchase Plan
        Pre-tax Spending Benefits
        Transportation or Parking Assistance
        Paid Time Off / Vacation / Holidays / Personal Time
        Childcare Assistance
        Educational Assistance / Tuition Reimbursement

      Do you provide/offer any benefits beyond traditional ones that help set you apart or
         enable you to overcome serious challenges in the workplace? Please detail below.

  1. In 500 words or less, describe the business challenge(s) your company faced.
2. In 500 words or less, describe the innovative people practice(s) developed/employed
   to meet the challenge(s).
3. In 500 words or less, describe the results. Please include quantifiable
   measurements/metrics as much as possible. (metrics, i.e. “ our goal was to reduce the
   incidence of employee absenteeism. Absenteeism before the launch of our initiative was XXX,
   absenteeism 9 months after the launch is XX.” Or “ turnover from May 2001-May 2002 was XXX, in
   2003 we implemented Plan 9 and turnover from May 2003 to May 2004 was reduced by XX%.”
   Please note, the use of “absenteeism” and “turn over” are merely examples and do not in any way
   indicate a preference by the Committee for these particular programs or metrics.

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