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									26th Dec. 2007

                        Press Release

The Board of Directors of Bahrain Stock Exchange (BSE) held
its fourth meeting for this year on Wednesday 26th of December,
chaired by H.E. Rasheed Al Maraj – Chairman. The Board
discussed the issues on the agenda including the latest
developments at the BSE. The Board was also briefed on the
performance of BSE and GCC stock markets and updated with
the recent developments of relocating BSE's premises to Bahrain
Financial Harbour.

The Board approved the budget for 2008, and action plan to
implement the recommendations of the World Bank which aims
to enhance the exchange’s competitiveness.

In addition, the Board re-considered the contributions of brokers
in the guarantee fund which was established in the year 2000 in
order to cover any broker net obligation failure on the settlement

The Board also approved changing and extending the trading
session on the exchange from two hours to three hours to start at
9.30am and close at 12.30 noon instead of 10am to 12 noon.
The Board also discussed in its meeting the guideline of rules
and regulations for providing online trading.


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