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                                      BARS - Midtown              RESTAURANTS
Brought to you by:                    Lincoln Park Bar
                                      867 9th Ave. x 56th St.
                                                                  Rosa Mexicana
                                                                  61 W. 62d St. x 9th Ave.
                                      Bar Nine                    Flame Diner
                                      807 9th Ave. x 54th         893 9th Ave. x 58th St.
                                      China Club                  Whym Restaurant
                                                                  889 9th Ave. x 57th St.
Phi Alpha Delta                       268 W. 47th x 8th Ave.
                                      9th Ave. at 54th St.
                                                                  Ralph’s Italian
                                                                  869 9th Ave. x 56th St.
                                                                  Brooklyn Diner
Law Fraternity                        Social Bar
                                      8th Ave. at 48th St.
                                                                  212 W. 57 St. x 7th Ave
                                                                  Olympic Flame Diner
                                      10th Ave. b/w 48 x 49th     200 W. 60th at 10th Ave
 International                        Providence
                                      57th b/w 8th and 9th Ave.
                                                                  Amsterdam at 76th St.
                                      Zanzibar                    9th Ave. at 53rd St.
                                      9th Ave. at 45th St.
                                                                  Jake’s Saloon
                                      Vintage                     10th Ave. at 57th St.
                                      9th Ave. b/w 50 x 51st      Vynl
                                      Fusion                      9th Ave. at 54th St.
                                      10th Ave. b/w 54 x 55th     EJ’s Luncheonette
                                                                  Amsterdam at 81st St.
                                      BARS-Upper West
                                      Gin Mill Bar                QUICK BITES
                                      442 Amst. Ave. x 81st       Alan’s Market
                                      420 Bar &Lounge             Columbus at 60th St.
                                      420 Amst. Ave. x 79th       Gray’s Papaya
                                      Brother Jimmy’s             72nd St. x Broadway
                                      Bar                         Burrito Box
                                      428 Amst. Ave. x 80th       9th Ave. b/w 57 x 58th
                                      Boat Basin Cafe             Europan Cafe
                                      79th x Hudson River         Columbus x 66th St.
                                      Evelyn Lounge               Whole Foods
                                      Columbus Ave at 78th        Time Warner Building
                                      Bourbon Street              Bread Soul Cafe
                                      Amst. b/w 79 x 80th         Broadway b/w 62 x 63
                                                                                             Find your way
                                      BARS-VILLAGE                THEATERS                   easily around
                                                                  Loews Lincoln Plaza
                                      Fat Black Pussycat
                                                                  Broadway x 68th St.        Manhattan.
                                      130 W. 3 St. x 6th Ave.
                                      Take A/C to 4th St.
                                                                  AMC E-Walk                 Tips on moving,
                                                                  42nd St. b/w 7 x 8th Ave
                                      Fiddlesticks Pub
                                                                  Ziegfeld Theaters          dining, and
  Visit our website at:               56 Greenwich Ave x 7th
                                      Ave.;1 train to 12th St
                                                                  54th b/w 6th x 7th Ave.    socializing.                               TKTS ½ Price Tix
                                      Town Tavern
                                                                  Marriot Marquis on
                                      W. 3rd at 6th Ave.
                                                                  46th b/w 8th and 9th Ave
                                      Take C train to W. 4th
FURNITURE, STORAGE, MOVING                                                THE NECESSITIES                                     OTHER FUN STUFF

Macy’s Department Store, 6th Floor Furniture                  GROCERIES:                   NAIL SALON:               WEBSITES                    LIVE MUSIC
   Located at 34th St. in between 6th and 7th Ave.           Associated Grocery           Lincoln Ctr. Nail             Knitting Factory
    Take 1/2/3, A/C, B/D to 34th St./ Penn Sta.               9th Ave b/w 58 x 59th        62nd b/w Columbus x       Nightlife information       Leonard St. b/w Church
                                                              Pioneer Grocery              Bway                        x Broadway
K-Mart Furniture and Housing Department                       Columbus b/w 72 x 73         Ellen’s Nails             Order food online           Take 1 train to Franklin
 • Midtown: 250 W. 34th St. (b/w 7th and 8th Ave.);           D’Agostino Grocery           9th Ave. b/w 57 x 58th             Bitter End
    Take 1/2/3, A/C, B/D trains to 34th St./Penn Sta.           th        th
                                                              57 St. x 9 Ave.              Nails & More              Order food online           Bleeker b/w Thompson
   Lower East: 770 Broadway (Lafayette b/w 8th and           Food Emporium                Columbus b/w 72 x 73rd             x LaGuardia
    9th St.); Take 6 train to Astor or R/W train to 8th St.   68th x Broadway                                        Subway, bus, and            Take C train to W.4th
                                                                                           SHOE REPAIR:              walking directions          Continental
Target Furniture & Home - Atlantic Terminal                                                                
   139 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn (at the corner of           PHARMACIES:                  (1) 9th Ave. b/w 57th x                               3rd Ave. b/w 8 x 9th St
                                                                                                                     Info on cultural
    Atlantic Avenue).                                         CVS Pharmacy                 59th on East Side                                     Take 4/5/6 to Astor
                                                                                                                     events, restaurants,
   Take A/C train to Lafayette.                              9th Ave. b/w 58th x 59th     (2) In subway station
                                                                                                                     new bars
                                                              212-245-0636                 entrance SE corner of                                 Columbus b/w 84 x 85
Bed, Bath, and Beyond                                         Duane Reade                  57th x 8th Avenue         MUSEUMS                     Varjak (Jazz)
   Upper West Side: 1932 Broadway (at 65th St.);             Broadway x 62nd St.          (3) Columbus b/w 68th     The Met                     8th Ave. b/w 54 x 55
    Take 1 train to 66th Street or 1, A/C, B/D to 59th St.    (212) 262-3232               x 69th St.                 th
                                                                                                                     5 Ave. b/w 79 x 85     th   Session 73 (Jazz)
   Upper East Side: 410 East 61st St. (at 1st Ave.);         Amsterdam x 59th                                                                   1st Ave. x 73rd St.
                                                                                           VETERINARY:               MoMA
    Take 57th or 66th St. crosstown bus to 1st Ave.           (212) 581-5527                                                                     BB King Blues
                                                                                           Animal General            53rd b/w 5th x 6th
   Chelsea: 620 6th Ave. (at 18th St.); Take F/V to 14th     58th St. x 8th Ave.                    th              Ave.                        42nd b/w Bway x 8th
    Str. or 1 train to 18th St.                                                            140 W. 67 St. x Bway
                                                              (212) 265-2302                                         Whitney Amer.               Pianos
                                                                                           West Side Vets
IKEA Furniture Store                                                                                                 Art                         Ludlow St. b/w Stanton
                                                              HAIR SALON                   Columbus b/w 59 x 60th
   100 IKEA Drive, Paramus, NJ; 201-843-1881                                                                        Madison Ave x 75th          and Rivington
                                                              Bumble & Bumble              DRY CLEANER:                                          (Lower East – Cab!)
   Take the train straight to IKEA every hour on                                                                    Guggenheim
                                                              415 W. 13th St.              Harmony Cleaners          5th Ave. b/w 88 x 89th      Bowery Ballroom
    Saturdays from Port Authority (to get to Port
                                                              212-866-7bumble              62nd b/w B’way x CPW                                  Delancey b/w Bowery
    Authority, take 1 or A/C trains to 42nd St./Port                                                                 Natural History
    Authority); also available daily from Port                Louis Licari                 Berger 1 Hour                                         and Chrystie (Cab it!)
                                                              693 5th Ave at 54th St.
    Authority is NJ Transit Bus #171 (not direct).                                         63rd b/w B’way x          Central Park W. x           Mercury Lounge
                                                              212-758-2090                 Columbus                                              Houston b/w Ludlow x
The Container Store                                           Aveda Salon                                                                        Essex St.
                                                                                           BANKS:                    Museum of Sex
   58th x Lexington Avenue                                   233 Spring Street
                                                                                                                     5th Ave at 27th St.
                                                                                                                                                 Take F/v to LES/2d
   Take 57th St. Crosstown Bus to the East Side              212-807-1492                 Bank of America                                       Ave.
                                                                                           Columbus b/w 68 x 69th    Jewish Museum
                                                              Redken Gallery
                                                                     th         th         Chase Bank                5th Ave. x 92nd St.
Crate and Barrel                                              565 5 Ave at 46 St.
                                                                                                                                                 HEALTH CLUBS
   650 Madison Avenue b/w 58th x 60th St.                    212-984-5027                 72 St. x Columbus         COMEDY CLUBS                Equinox
   Take 57th St. Crosstown Bus to East Side                  Stylists in Training         Washington Mutual         Caroline’s                  Time Warner Center
                                                              (Cuts from $0-$50)           56th St. x 8th Ave.       Broadway at 49th St.        212-823-9530
Manhattan Mini Storage and Moving                             (1) Jeffrey Stein            Citibank                  Comedy Cellar               NY Sports Club
   for locations                (2) Dramatics NYC            8th Ave. b/w 57 x 58th    McDougal b/w 3rd            62nd @ Colum. x Bway
   Call 1-800-Storage (786-7243).                            (3) Jean Louis David                                   and Bleeker – C to          212-265-0995
                                                                                           COMPUTER AND
                                                                                                                     W. 4th                      Bally’s Sports
Manhattan Apartment Realtors                                                               OFFICE SUPPLIES                                       50th b/w 8th x 9th Ave.
   Call 212-378-2360, Locations throughout NY
                                                              LOCKSMITH                    CompUSA                   Stand Up New
                                                              Columbus One Locks                                                                 212-265-9400
                                                                                           8 Ave. x 57         York
Citi Habitats Brokers                                         Columbus b/w 69 x 70th                                 West 78th off
   Call 212-685-7777, locations throughout NY                                              th
                                                                                           6 Ave. x 57         Broadway
                                                              PUBLIC LIBRARY                                         New York Improv
                                                                th                    th   Kinkos
                                                              10 Ave. b/w 64 x 65
                                                                                           Columbus Cl. x Bway       53rd St. b/w 8 x 9th

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