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Boilerplates can be small single phrases, paragraphs or entire documents. Depending on
the purpose and nature of the document some other text can be added in conjunction with
the boilerplate. Boilerplate’s texts can increase the speed and productivity of creating

Creating a Boilerplate:

Teachers, administrators, managers and bosses all must evaluate their students or
employees at sometime or create an office memo. Having some standard boilerplate texts
will help speed up this process.

   1. Type the following comment used in an elementary physical education class

   **Name** has really benefited from **his / her** physical education classes this
   year. **He / She** has developed great sportsmanship skills. **He / She** truly
   seems to understand that it is important to take turns and that **he / she** cannot
   always win. You can be proud of **Name**’s progress this year.

   2. After you have typed the above comment, highlight it or select it. On the Insert
      menu select AutoText and click on New.
   3. Create AutoText menu will appear asking you what you would like to call your
      comment. Call it pe1 and click OK. Your boilerplate is saved.
   4. To view your saved boilerplate, open a new, blank word document. On the Insert
      menu select AutoText and click on AutoText. The AutoCorrect menu will
      appear. Make sure the AutoText tab at the top is selected and scroll through the
      menu to find pe1. Select pe1 and click Insert.

Using boilerplates does not prevent you from entering more text or deleting text. You can
add one or many boilerplates anywhere within the same document and combine
boilerplates if you wish.

Try this one on your own. Name it math1. When complete close all documents, open a
new blank word and open math1 to see if it worked.

   **Name** is an excellent student. **He / She** always seems to complete their work
   accurately and before anyone else. In order to help challenge **name**, I will be
   getting **him / her** some higher-level material to work on when **he / she**
   finishes **his / her** other assignments.
Student Activity

Students will create their own boilerplate. The boilerplate will be a topic of their
choosing, no longer than a couple of paragraphs.

Brainstorm with the students ideas of when a boilerplate could be used and create one
according to the activity of their choosing.

Remember that a boilerplate is repeated information used over again with names, dates,
places, etc. that might be subject to change.

Some ideas could include:

       A schedule for a golf tournament
       A permission slip to go on a ski trip
       An application form for a job or scholarship

Add more ideas to the list by brainstorming with the class. Have students save their
boilerplate as their name to be evaluated.

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