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									                                  WORLD CLASS TALENT AND CREATIVE MEDIA

                                         DOC SEARLS
Doc Searls is co-author of the business best seller The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business as
Usual. In the book, the authors suggest that the Internet has done two things that fundamentally change
our way of doing business. First, it radically shifts the balance of power between supply and demand,
giving the demand side -customers -far more power. Second, it turns markets into conversations, where
supply and demand are only a handshake apart, emulating pre-industrial marketplaces. Companies that
remain disengaged from their markets, and continue to assault them with unwanted "messages," are in

Doc Searls, an early observer of these trends, is senior editor for Linux Journal, and a leading figure in the
Linux and Open Source software movements. He also has an extensive background in publishing and
broadcasting as well as marketing, public relations and advertising. The company he co-founded,
Hodskins Simone and Searls, was for years one of Silicon Valley's top high technology advertising and
public relations agencies. (HS&S is now part of Public is Technology.)

Doc has been writing on technology and other issues for most of his life. His byline has appeared in
OMNI, PC Magazine The Standard, The Sun, Upside, The Globe & Mail and many other publications. He
has also appeared on ZDTV and CNBC and CNET Radio, along with many other radio and television
stations, networks and programs. He is in demand as a speaker on many topics related both to Cluetrain
and to the phenomenal success of Linux and Open Source software development.


   The Cluetrain Manifesto: The end of business as usual.
   The Market Conversation: How the Internet rewrites the rules of marketing communications.
   Hacking An Industry: How open source software is changing the nature of the software business.
   The Web is NOT TV: There is no market for "messages".
   PR has a PR problem: Why they don't give a Pulitzer for press releases.
   The Electronic Whisper: How Web WOM (word of mouse) changes everything.
   The New Character of Positioning: Where you come from matters more than where you're going.
   The New Balance Of Power: The Customer is in charge.


          1220 L St NW, STE 850 • Washington, DC 20005 • 1.800.SPEAKER •

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