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                   Granton Marketing Evolves with New Name,
                    New Direction and Broad Media Solutions

PLANO, Texas, November 1, 2005 — Granton Marketing, the dominant force in direct
advertising worldwide, today announces the renaming of its internationally-known
marketing services to Smart Circle International, and its consumer brand to The Smart
Circle. With a new name and expanded spectrum of distribution models on the horizon
for the company, Smart Circle International provides unique marketing tools that allow
companies to talk to their customers face-to-face resulting in significantly increased
traffic, enhanced brand loyalty and new customer generation.
       “These changes signify the beginning of our expansion efforts as we believe the
new name better encompasses the combination of great values we bring to the
consumer and industry-leading services we provide to advertisers,” said George Graffy,
president of Smart Circle International. “We provide smart solutions to help companies
drive sales by reaching consumers directly at home and at the office with exceptional
       Through 2,000 full-time professional field representatives, Smart Circle
International reaches more than 30 million customers each year to distribute discount
certificates on popular products and services on behalf of advertisers. Company
partners, which range from operator-owned restaurants to large corporations with
thousands of locations, turn to Smart Circle International to increase sales. Smart

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Smart Circle International Launched As Leading Force in Direct Advertising Worldwide
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Circle International promotions build traffic by increasing frequency, filling unused
capacity during off-peak periods and prospecting brand new customers.
       Their unique marketing model harnesses the power of “referral marketing” on
behalf of its client partners through their expertise, community marketing network and
education programs.
           •   Referral Marketing: Over the past 15 years, they have become experts in
               the development and execution of Referral Marketing programs that
               generate positive word-of-mouth referrals within thousands of
               communities across North America;
           •   The Smart Circle™: They ensure that everyone’s interests are perfectly
               aligned – their business partners, their members, their customers – to
               create and sustain a buzz about their advertisers’ brands that spreads
               throughout the entire community;
           •   Education: Smart Circle International educates its members about the
               advertiser’s business, how to promote it, and how to present it to the
       The international company, which includes distribution offices in every major
market in the United States and Canada, reaches customers in their neighborhoods and
in the workplace through a variety of distribution methods, including personalized
Residential Programs. With these, Smart Circle International distributors target key
consumers at home and typically drive in hundreds of new and lapsed customers to an
individual location within a week. Advertiser focus areas for these types of programs
may range from professional sports and casual dining to travel and spa services.
       Smart Circle International also delivers effective Business-to-Business-
Consumer Programs that bring an advertiser’s message to consumers at work. These
programs target a larger trade radius featuring marquis clients in professional sports,
entertainment, travel, day spa and other categories seeking to reach working women
and men.
Smart Circle International Launched As Leading Force in Direct Advertising Worldwide
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        “In addition to the successful distribution methods already in place, we’re
focused on the future as we explore new models to expand our reach and help
advertisers target consumers in new and different ways,” says Graffy.
        “When they go into the field, the phone starts ringing that morning and it doesn’t
stop,” said client Greg Cristovich of the American Golf Corporation. “And that is terrific,
because that’s what we advertise and market for. We want the phone to ring.”

About Smart Circle International
       Established in 1989 as Granton Marketing, Smart Circle International is the
dominant force in direct advertising worldwide and the only company that offers
complete coverage of the United States and Canada. Smart Circle International’s
affiliated sales offices and full-time professional marketing representatives reach more
than 30 million customers each year to distribute promotional certificates on popular
products and services on behalf of advertisers. Over the past 16 years, Smart Circle
International has distributed over 20 million certificates with retail sales of more than
$500 million. The company and its international partners currently offer promotional
services in 20 countries including the USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom,
Australia, Japan and the Caribbean. They are dedicated to bringing customers to
businesses and creating customer loyalty through a unique combination of personal
contact and exceptional value. The company has headquarters based in both Plano,
Texas and Concord, Ontario, Canada.               More information about Smart Circle
International is available at www.SmartCircle

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