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					                                          Vishal Sachdev, Ph.D.
                                        Box 45, Computer Information Systems
                                                  College of Business
                                          Middle Tennessee State University
                                               Murfreesboro, TN 37128

  Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration – Management Information Systems)                              Dec 07
  University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX
  Major: Information Systems
  Minor: Operations Management
  Dissertation: Why do people engage in Social Computing? A needs fulfillment perspective
  Chair(s): Dr. J.T.C Teng , Dr. S. Nerur

  Masters in International Business                                                                              1996
  Indian Institute of Foreign Trade- New Delhi- India

  Bachelor of Arts – Mathematics                                                                                 1993
  St. Stephens College- Delhi University- New Delhi- India

  Visiting Assistant Professor                                                                         08/07 – present
  Computer Information systems, Middle Tennessee State University
     Teaching Principles of Information systems : Fall 07 - 4 Sections , Spring 08 – 5 sections

  Graduate Teaching Assistant/Lecturer                                                                 08/04 – 07/07
  Information systems and Operations Management, University of Texas at Arlington
     Independently taught Introduction to Information S ystems classes(2 semesters- three sections)
     Assist professors for instructional support for Java, System Analysis/Design, and Database Management
     Manage Lab for Computer Forensics Class

  Graduate Advisor                                                                                      04/03 - 07/04
  Graduate Business Services- University of Texas at Arlington
     Assisted and advised current and prospective graduate students.

  B2C Project Manager                                                                                    01/01 -12/02
  Maruti Udyog Limited, New Delhi, India
     Developed and managed B2C web interface for the largest car company in India.
     Managed development of the application architecture and database design
     Developed several brand specific websites and Portal for car dealers

                                                                                                         01/99 - 12/00
  International Sales Executive
  Maruti Udyog Limited, New Delhi, India
     Managed car sales to Latin American Countries

                                                                                                             06/96 – 12/98
  Production Planning and Logistics Coordinator
  Maruti Udyog Limited, New Delhi, India
     Managed car shipment planning for Latin American Countries
     Coordinated production planning for all export shipments for Non -European sales

                                                                                                             04/95 - 06/95
  Summer Intern
  Essar Steel, Mumbai, India
     Prepared cost effective alternatives for transporting Hot Rolled Coils to Far East ports from India.

  Hermann‟s Doctoral Fellowship, UTA 2004-05 & 2005-06 & 2006-2007
  University Scholar, UTA 2004-05 & 2003-04
  Dean‟s List, College of Business, UTA 2004-05


  Journal Publications
  Sikora, R. and Sachdev, V. “Learning Bidding Strategies with Autonomous Agents in Environments with Unstable
          Equilibrium,” Decision Support Systems , Forthcoming.

  Manuscripts under Review
  Sachdev, V., Nerur, S., Teng, J.T.C. “Social Media Interactivity: Interactivity redefined for the Social Web” , Eds.
         Hatzipanagos,S. & Warburton, S., Kings College , Handbook of Research on Social Software and Developing
         Community Ontologies , Resubmitted after revision, April 2008.

  Sachdev, V., Nerur, S., Teng, J.T.C. “Motivations for Social Computing: A Self Determination Perspective”
         Journal of the Association for Information Systems , Submitted Feb 2008.

  Refereed Conference Publications
  Iyengar, K., Sachdev, V. and Raja, M.K., “A Security comparison of Open-Source and Closed-Source Operating
         Systems” Proceedings of South West Decision Sciences Thirty-eighth Annual Conference 2007, San Diego, CA

  Sachdev, V. and Iyengar, K., “Will Agile Methodologies work in Offshore Outsourcing” Proceedings of South West
         Decision Sciences Thirty-eighth Annual Conference 2007, San Diego, CA

  Sachdev, V. and Iyengar, K. “A Balanced Scorecard Framework for IS Outsourcing Metrics” Proceedings of the 37 th
         Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute, San Antonio, Nov. 2006.

  Iyengar, K. and Sachdev, V. “Effect of Institutional Pressures on IS Project Success”, 37 th Annual Meeting of the
         Decision Sciences Institute, San Antonio, Nov. 2006.

  Sikora, R. and Sachdev, V. “Learning Optimal Seller Strategies with Intelligent Agents: Application of Evolutionary
          and Reinforcement Learning,” Proceedings of the 15 th Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems
          (WITS‟05) , pp. 75-80, Las Vegas, NV, December 10-11 2005.

  Invited Paper/Presentation
  Sikora, R. and Sachdev, V. “Learning Optimal Seller Policy: Application of Reinforcement and Evolutionary Learning,”
          INFORMS Annual Meeting , New Orleans, Nov. 2005.
  Research In Progress
  Sachdev, V. “A Contingency Framework for Information Security Outsourcing ,” Target: Journal of Information

  Iyengar, K., Sachdev, V., Nerur, S. “Towards a Network Analysis of Frequently Cited Authors in EJIS” Target:
         European Journal of Information Systems

  Sachdev, V. “Morality in Multi-agent Systems: A survey” Target: Journal of Intelligent Information Technologies

          Social Computing
          Multi Agent systems
          Outsourcing


      Institution             Semester           Course           Scale                 Evaluation(Avg)

      UT Arlington            Fall 06            Intro. MIS       1- 5 (Excellent)      4.032

      UT Arlington            Spr 07 – 01        Intro. MIS       1-5 (Excellent)       4.012

      UT Arlington            Spr 07 – 02        Intro. MIS       1-5 (Excellent)       4.036

      MTSU                    Fall 07 – 4        Prin. Of MIS     1-4 (Excellent)       2.52

      MTSU                    Spring 08 – 5      Prin. Of MIS     1-4(Excellent)

          Social Computing
          Web Application Development
          Database Management
          Systems Analysis and Design
          Databases (MySql, Oracle)

            Ad Hoc Reviewer EJIS 2007 (1 paper), King‟s College, London „Social Software‟ Book Review 2007
             (1 Chapter), AMCIS 2007(2 papers), Reviewer for DSI 2006(1 paper) and SWDSI 2007(1 paper).
            Member of „Introduction to MIS‟ course improvement committee at UTA.

            Member of International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
            Member of Association of Information Systems
            Member of Decision Sciences Institute
            Member of INFORMS

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