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									RDSI Banking Systems (DCM’s Holding Company) to Offer Goldleaf’s Remote Deposit Express

BRENTWOOD, Tenn., Oct 23, 2006 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Goldleaf Financial Solutions, Inc.
(NASDAQ:GFSI), a provider of technology solutions for financial institutions, has signed a strategic
partnership agreement with Defiance, Ohio-based RDSI Banking Systems. Under the terms of the
agreement, RDSI, a regional provider of financial data processing services for the commercial banking
industry, will resell Goldleaf's Remote Deposit Express (RDX) to its customers.

Goldleaf's RDX solution enables a financial institution's commercial customers to scan, submit and
deposit all of their checks electronically. As a result, financial institutions can increase low-cost deposits,
expand beyond the branch footprint without the expense of additional branches, eliminate expensive
courier services and protect existing customers from competitive encroachment. The benefits to the
financial institution's customers are equally plentiful, as RDX eliminates cutoff times and time spent
making daily deposit trips to and from the bank.

Ken Joyce, CEO of RDSI Banking Systems, said, "It has always been our policy to offer the best solutions
available in the market. Our partnership with Goldleaf exemplifies that policy. We recognize Goldleaf as a
market leader in remote deposit services. With a successful and proven track record, Goldeaf's expertise
is unmatched within the industry." In a Celent study released in July 2006, Goldeaf was given top marks,
and cited as having sophisticated yet straightforward technology.

Tim Pearson, product manager of RDSI Banking Systems, said, "Partnering with Goldleaf was an easy
decision - we view this relationship as a pairing of two industry leaders, which enables us to bring even
more value to our respective clients."

In the past year, financial institutions have recognized the need to grow and retain core deposits. While
some early adopters are already reaping the benefits of remote deposit, many financial institutions have
not yet taken advantage of the solution. As a way to increase low-cost deposits, which is a key initiative of
most banks, remote deposit is quickly gaining popularity and recognition.

According to company officials at RDSI, in addition to having the best solution, Goldleaf was also among
the first to release a remote deposit solution. That experience in the market, combined with the
company's ACH expertise and comprehensive understanding of how RDX could help RDSI's customers,
made Goldleaf the partner of choice.
"We have always believed in partnering with industry-leading providers to further our reach in the banking
industry," said Lynn Boggs, CEO of Goldleaf Financial Solutions. "The addition of RDX deepens the
scope of services that RDSI provides to the commercial banking industry. Our companies share similar
philosophies, as we are both committed to offering superior solutions complemented by exceptional
customer service."

About RDSI Banking Systems

RDSI Banking Systems is the Midwest's fastest growing high quality provider of financial data processing
service for the banking industry. RDSI offers the Browser Based Premier Software System by Information
Technology, Inc. (ITI), along with the full complement of integrated ITI modules, consulting, training,
network support, check and image processing. In business for more than 40 years, RDSI is truly a single
source provider for all the banking industry's data and item processing requirements. For more
information on RDSI, please visit the company on the Web at

About Goldleaf

Goldleaf Financial Solutions, Inc. (GFSI) offers a fully featured strategic product suite that provides core
data processing, item processing and check imaging, ACH origination and processing, remote check
capture and deposit processing, accounts receivable financing solutions, a teller automation system, turn-
key leasing solutions, financial institution website design and hosting and retail inventory management
services. Goldleaf believes its full suite of products and services will allow financial institutions and their
small- to medium-sized business customers to better compete more effectively in today's aggressive
financial services marketplace, grow their trusted financial relationships and provide increased profitability
through the efficient use of technology and an expanded community presence.

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