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									                       FAQ- Vcom Check Cashing- 2008

                           Question: When does tax check cashing at Vcom begin
                           for 2008?
                                  Answer: January 1, 2008

                           Question: What does a client need to bring to the Vcom
                           check cashing kiosk to cash a check?
                                            1. RAL or RT check
                                            2. Driver’s License or Government issued
                                            3. Must know Social Security Number

                             Question: How does a client get to the tax check cashing
                             screen on a Vcom kiosk?
       Answer:         It’s easy…
                  1.   Client touches the Vcom main screen to begin.
                  2.   Client touches “check cashing” button
                  3.   When prompted with “Are you here to cash a tax check?”, touch
                       the “YES” button.
                  4.   When prompted with “Who provided your tax check?”, touch the
                       SBBT logo button.
                  5.   From this point the client will follow the screen prompts to
                       complete the check cashing transaction.

Question: How long does it take to cash a tax check at the Vcom kiosk?
      Answer: The average check cashing transaction lasts approximately 4 minutes.

Question: What is the maximum RAL and RT check amount that a tax check client
can cash at the Vcom kiosk?
       Answer: $6,000

Question: Which 7-Eleven locations have Vcom machines for check cashing?
      Answer: There are over 2,000 Vcom check cashing locations nationwide. The
      promotional flyers provided for each tax office will have listings of the available
      Vcom locations in the local area. Additionally, you can visit
      to map the nearest Vcom location in a participating market. Use the store locator
      menu and select “check cashing” for your search.

       Note: Only 7-Eleven locations equipped with a Vcom kiosk are able to cash
       SBBT checks. Please only direct customers to the 7-Eleven/Vcom locations
       listed on the back of the promotional flyers. 7-Eleven stores that do not have a
       Vcom kiosk cannot cash checks.

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Question: When is Vcom available to cash checks?
      Answer: Vcom is open 24 hours per day/7 days per week. A very convenient
      option for clients to cash checks after normal banking or business hours.

Question: How do I promote Vcom to my clients?
      Answer: Clients can be provided with the following items along with their RAL
      or RT check:
          • A flyer which provides all local area Vcom’s on the back of the flyer.

Question: Who should I contact at SBBT with any questions about Vcom check
       Answer: Call the tax preparer support line at 800-779-7228

Question: What is the RAL or RT check cashing fee in my area?
      Answer: Check cashing fees vary by market. See fee schedule below.

2007 Vcom check cashing fees for SBBT customers:

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