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home based business marketing by abe20


									                                     University of Maine Cooperative
                                         Plan of Work 2007-2011

Program ID    1      Start Date:    Ending Date:

Program Name           Entrepreneurship: Small and Home-based Business

Program Description:
The University of Maine Cooperative Extension provides small and home-based business education to Maine
residents through a network of Extension offices throughout the state. Using research-based information and
other resources, faculty and staff provide educational programs targeting home-based and micro-enterprise
businesses in any stage of their business life, especially the "thinking about it" stage. Our programs help
Maine entrepreneurs improve their decision-making and business skills so their businesses can grow and
prosper. Our educational programs also help business assistance providers and community economic
development agencies become more knowledgeable about small business management.

2 Increase the Economic and Social Viability, and Sustainability of Maine Communities.

Issue Areas
Primary Issue Area
Entrepreneurship - Small and Home Based Business
   Other Issues
   Agriculture - Sustainable Business Management
   Community Development: Capacity/Building Skills
   Family Relations and Transitions
   Sustainable Communities
   Youth Development

Action Outcome
Establish and sustain viable businesses (5)
   Action Steps
   Develop a business plan
   Develop a financial plan
   Design and implement small business conference
   Develop marketing tools
   Adopt appropriate technologies
   Use relevant UMCE web-based resources
   Decrease business costs
   Increase business revenues
   Retain a business
   Expand a business
   Transition a business to closure
   Develop customer service plan
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   Form collaborative group
   Conduct educational activities through cooperative or collaborative effort
   Create jobs
   Develop a marketing plan
   Decide not to create non-viable business
   Adopt business management practice
   Participate in networking opportunities
   Adopt record-keeping system
   Establish a business

Action Outcome
Develop and manage community resources (7)
   Action Steps
   Use the inventory of community assets
   Improve business environment through group effort
   Mobilize a community's existing and potential capacities, assets or resources
   Inventory community assets
   Use relevant UMCE web-based resources
   Assess community needs
   Adopt tourism plan
   Develop tourism plan
   Develop community resources
   Manage community resources

Learning Outcome
Learn effective business management skills
   Learning Indicators
   Contact business assist organizations
   Access small business information
   Understand small business information
   Describe the components of a business plan
   Describe the components of a marketing plan
   Describe the components of a record-keeping system
   Describe the components of a customer service plan
   Describe the value of networks
   Describe how to create or join a network

Learning Outcome
Learn models of positive tourism development
   Learning Indicators
   Demonstrate how to complete a community tourism inventory
   Demonstrate group, organizational, or personal leadership activities
   Conduct group, organizational, or personal leadership assessment
   Describe the components of a tourism plan
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   Direct – Applied research
   Direct – AV resource
   Direct – Clinic
   Direct – Collaborative or cooperative effort
   Direct – Conference or symposium
   Direct – Consultation
   Direct – Display or exhibit
   Direct – Experiential learning
   Direct – Forum
   Direct – Public presentation
   Direct – Seminar
   Direct – Trade area analyses
   Direct – Train-the-trainer
   Direct – Workshop – series
   Direct – Workshop – single session
   Direct – Written or e-mail response to client request
   Indirect – Applied research
   Indirect – AV resource
   Indirect – Display or exhibit
   Indirect – Publication – abstract
   Indirect – Publication – curriculum
   Indirect – Publication – fact sheet
   Indirect – Publication – newsletter
   Indirect – Publication – newspaper article
   Indirect – Radio program
   Indirect – Television segments
   Indirect – Web page

   Business Assist Organization Staff (Adult)
   Economic Development Organization Staff (Adult)
   Community Organization Members or Staff (Adult)
   Small or Home-Based Business Owners – Current (Adult)
   Small or Home-Based Business Owners – Potential (Adult)
   Tourism Development Stakeholders (Adult)

    To be announced

Evaluation Plans
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Intentions For Short-Term Evaluation:
An end-of-program evaluation will be administered to assess initial knowledge and skill changes and establish
a baseline of planned practice changes. Quantitative and qualitative methods may be used to assess program
Intentions For Medium-Term Evaluation:
Approximately six-months after each program, an evaluation will be conducted to assess medium-term
knowledge, skill, and practice changes and measure initial program impacts. Quantitative and qualitative
methods may be used to assess program impacts.
Intentions For Long-Term Evaluation:
Approximately one-year after each program, an evaluation will be conducted to assess long-term knowledge,
skill and practice changes and to measure program impacts. Quantitative and qualitative methods may be
used to assess program impacts.

Faculty and Professional Staff Involved:
   Aide      Support Staff Communications Staff           Technology Staff      Volunteers
   Other Staff

Other Inputs
   Materials and


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