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purchasing wholesale


									Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding establishing a relationship with Silvert’s The
Easy Wear Easy Care Clothing Company.

Should you may wish to further familiarize yourself with Silvert’s please visit our
website at

We at Silvert’s have successfully designed and assembled a line of clothing and footwear
to address the needs of today’s seniors and caregivers. A large portion of our innovative
designs are constructed to assist the “Caregiver” in dressing the infirmed senior. Through
dedicated customer service and high quality merchandise we have, over the past seventy-
five years maintained the position as leader in the industry. Our product line as well as
our website are continually evolving.

Should you decide that you would like to join the Silvert’s family the following options
are available for discussion:

Wholesale Purchasing
   1.       First order must be a minimum of $3000
   2.       The merchandise must be for resale.
   3.       All goods are shipped F.O.B. Silvert’s warehouse.
   4.       Repeat orders must be in excess of $500 to receive discount.
   5.       All orders must be prepaid via credit card..
   6.       Any defective merchandise must be reported within 30 days of delivery. No
            returns will be accepted after 30 days.

   1.       You will receive a 331/3% discount off our current prices on all orders
            between $500 and $5000.
   2.       You will receive a 371/2% discount off our current prices on all orders in
            excess of $5000.
   3.       You will have access to Silvert’s complete line of innovative and unique
   4.       Your orders will receive priority handling.
   5.       The retail pricing is at your discretion.

           3280 Steeles Avenue West, Suite 18, Concord (Toronto) Ontario L4K 2Y2

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