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									                                     Best Internet / E-Commerce Strategy

Judges are looking for a combination of excellence in web design and functionality and the integration of internet
  marketing with other marketing activity.The use of the internet as a medium for commercial transactions and
  customer relationship management will be considered. Judges will review your internet site as part of their

                         CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES: Friday 7th November 2008


Entry & Judging Procedures

   Ø    Entry is open to all individuals involved in sales in the tourism and leisure sector, in the case of new
        website development, entries may be made by a software development company and/or web design
        company who have designed systems for the hospitality and tourism industry.

   Ø    The completed entry form should be registered via the on-line submission system, please visit for further directions. The initial judging will be based solely on the submitted
        entry form.

   Ø    Awards will be presented at the HSMAI AWARDS AND ANNUAL DINNER in the Burlington Hotel on Tuesday
        02 of December. Should you wish to attend this event, further information on purchasing of tickets is
        available at

   Ø    Should your organisation wish to be involved on a sponsorship level, please contact Joanne Stout at
        (01) 2802641.

   Ø    Entries will not be accepted unless accompanied by the entry fee of €60 inc vat., this payment may be
        made on line in conjunction with the on-line submission system, Visa and MasterCard payments are

   Ø    Completed entry forms must be received by midnight Friday 7th November 2008.

   Ø    HELPLINE: Joanne Stout (01) 2802641, e-mail
1. How long has your organisation had a web presence? Give details on the historical development of your
   internet presence.

2. Describe the extent of your internet marketing campaigns. E.g. number of pages, collaborative links with
   other sites, online capabilities ( e.g. search engine, online booking, media pages, flash technology).

3. To what extent does your internet / E-Commerce strategy support the development of Customer Relationship
   Management strategies? Give examples? ( permission based e.mail campaigns, e-zine development etc.)

4. What have been the particular successes of your internet / E-Commerce strategy ( e.g. growth in page
   impressions, unique site visits, growth in percentage of business transacted on Internet)
5. What, in your opinion, differentiates your Internet strategy from your organisation competitors?

6. Internet site design features. Detail and specific feature of your site from a design perspective that you feel
   are noteworthy.

7. Branding – how does your internet strategy, with particular reference to your site, fit with the overall brand
   image of your organisation company?
8. What training, on an individual or team basis, has been carried out in the past year to enhance management
   and staff competency in internet strategy development and implementation? Give specific examples.
Summary of success
Please summarise the success you have achieved during the period in question (either in the last 12 months or the last
company year) with reasons for the success (i.e. strategies, planning, records, results etc.) A supplementary page may
be attached together with any supporting documentation considered appropriate (see rule 1 below).
I hereby certify that the information given in this entry form is correct.





            1.   Each entry must be submitted on-line though the entry submission system. Visit for further
                 details. Please note that additional pages and supporting documents may also be attached, but the organisers take
                 no responsibility for their safe-keeping and will not return submissions.

            2.   An entry fee of €60 (inc VAT) per entry is payable. PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY ENTRY. Receipts will be
                 issued on request only.

            3.   The judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into before or after the judging.
            4.   The completed entry form must be received to the on-line submission system by close of business on Friday 7
                 November 2008.

                                                    All queries may be made to:
                              Joanne Stout, HSMAI Awards 2008 phone 01 2802641,
        The HSMAI AWARDS AND ANNUAL DINNER will be held on Tuesday 02 December, Burlington Hotel, Dublin. For further
        details of this event and table enquiries, contact Joanne Stout, or by phoning (01) 2802641. Each
        entry must be submitted on the official entry form (or copy thereof). Please note that additional pages and supporting
        documents may also be attached, but the organisers take no responsibility for their safe-keeping and will not return

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