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					                                     Doug Thompson
                                 501 Delancey St, Apt 520
                                 San Francisco, CA 94107

                                  Work: (415) 344-2033
                                   Cell: (415) 203-2449

Over 20 years of database development and production support experience,
Certified MySQL Database Administrator.

Experienced developer, development supervisor and production support
database administrator in MySQL 4.0-5.0, Sybase 10.0-12.5, Microsoft
SQL Server 7, Oracle 9i.

Project lifecycle management, customer requirements analysis, development
supervisor and end user software support.

Skilled Java/PHP developer, shell sh/ksh/perl scriptor, Informatica data
migration installation and development expertise.

CNET Networks, Inc.
Senior Database Engineer (March 2000 to Present)

Production support database administrator for Sybase, MySQL and
MS SQL Server production systems.

Contributing development DBA and SQL developer for Sybase, MySQL and
Oracle development efforts.

Owner of corporate data models, standards and best practices for SQL
development and database administration.

Establishment and support of enterprise wide database and application
monitoring system, expanding on the Nagios suite of monitoring tools.

Development DBA for installation of Informatica 6.2, Experience with
Informatica Power Center Designer and Workflow Manager to facilitate
ETL workflows for datawarehouse projects.

Merrill Lynch, Inc.
Senior Database Administrator (July 1995 - March 2000)

Coordinated day to day assignments for SQL development team.

Senior production support database administrator responsible for
trading, backoffice systems. (Bond, Money Market, Derivatives)

Responsible for establishing database development standards.
Member of Merrill product architecture team, responsible for
controlling overall system database design and choosing what
technologies and tools to employ during product development and

Worked with international groups to develop risk management reporting

Worked with datawarehouse groups to establish online reporting
system and historical data repository.

TransEnergy Management Inc. (Vancouver, April 1993 to June 1995)
Position: Database Administrator and Project Manager

Askaar Technology Inc. (Toronto, December 1990 to March 1993)
Position: Consultant

Ministry of Municipal Affairs (Toronto, August 1986 to November 1990)
Position: Senior Programmer/Analyst

Comshare Limited (Toronto, October 1982 to July 1986)
Position: Senior Programmer

Technical Expertise: Hardware and Software

Sybase 10.0-12.5, MySQL 4.0-5.0, Oracle 7.0-9.0,
Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, Informix

Java/HTML/PHP, C/C++, sh/bash/csh/kshi/perl scripting

Informatica 6.2, Apache 2.0, Tomcat 4.1, Resin 2.1

Linux Redhat 7.3, Enterprise 3.0, Fedora Core 2/3
Sun Microsystems Solaris 8.0, Hewlett Packard HP-UX, IBM AIX

Academic Background:

B.Sc (Honors) Computer Science, 1982
The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada

Diploma (DEC) Pure and Applied Sciences, 1978
John Abbott College (CEGEP), Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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