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Advertising and Creativity Capabilities
       Extensive study and application of the writing process. Highly practiced in the art of writing everything from short
        stories to satire to advertisements and pamphlets. Experience working with multiple Art Directors.
       In-depth study of advertising culture and creative theory, including Portfolio classes, Advertising Media, Research,
        Law, and it’s effects on society. Experience creating Integrated Communications Campaigns, Advertising
        Management Presentations and Plansbooks for Client Pitches.
       Ability to execute ideas. Comfort or familiarity with most of Adobe Creative Suite 2, Dreamweaver, and Microsoft
        Office on both PC’s and Mac’s.

Advertising and Copywriting Education
University of Texas | Austin, TX                                                                               2004-Present
Bachelor of Arts in Creative Advertising                                                         anticipated December 2007
     Course Average: 81% (GPA 3.1)

Texas A&M University | College Station, TX                                                                         2003-2004
Bachelor of Arts in International Business
     Course Average: 89% (GPA 3.85)

Select Advertising and Creative Courses and Projects
Portfolio Sequence                                                                                  Spring 2006-Spring2007
     Focused on building portfolio. Learned to craft and execute ads.
     Included classes in Copywriting, Art Direction, and Creative Theory. Learned how to work with and without an Art
     Faced weekly critique and a larger final critique by industry professionals at the end of each semester.

Advertising Campaigns                                                                              Fall 2004-Spring2007
     Given two campaigns by national clients in a competition against classmates. Worked in groups of 6 or 7.
     Learned the concept of a media mix; matching product, consumer media profiles. Also conception, research,
         planning, and execution of advertising campaigns. Had a special emphasis on advanced copywriting, layout, and
         production for print and broadcast media.
     Group placed in first for one of the two campaigns.

General Advertising Curriculum                                                                Spring 2006-Spring2007
    Education included classes in Advertising History, Media Planning, Client Management, Interactive Advertising,
        Advertising Research, and Advertising and Society.

Advertising Experience
McGarrah Jessee Ad Agency | Austin, TX                                                                May 2006-August 2006
Summer Intern
    Proofread pamphlets, print advertisements and scripts.
    Conduct studies and independent research for clients.
    Designed presentations for current and prospective clients.

College and Community Activities and Leadership
Publicity Director and Webmaster, Texas Advertising Group (AAF member)                                          2006-Present
     Design and produce pamphlets and fliers.
     Update and maintain website.
Volunteer, Austin Advertising Federation                                                                                2006
     Organize and promote the local ADDY award show.

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