3D Screen Without Need 3D Glasses

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					3D Screen Without Need 3D Glasses
                                  Sharp just announced their latest display of 3D LCD
                                  Touch screen promising a better level of brightness and
                                  can automatically detect the format of 2D and 3D.
                                  Interestingly, Sharp developed different technologies
                                  with the technologies currently available, because users
                                  can view 3D images without using special glasses.

                                 The latest products developed by Sharp, apparently,
                                 aiming at the mass market for the LCD market, such as
digital cameras or mobile phones. This technology, of course, will further spoil the
multimedia mobile phone users.

3D LCD newly developed separator system uses parallax to display 3D images. Parallax
is the displacement clear or obvious differences in the position of the object that is
displayed along two different lines of sight and was measured with semi-angle or angle of
inclination between the two lines. Paralalax separator system has a series of vertical
cracks in the LCD monitor is integrated into the ordinary to the street light that reaches
the right eye and left so that creates the impression of depth images.

Sharp's 3D LCD developed at this time to significantly increase image quality by
producing images with light and low crosstalk. Crosstalk is generated from multiple
images overlapping results picture from right and left.

Sharp success with low crosstalk is not separated from the CG-silicon technology
implementation and optimization of the separator parallax. CG-Silicon technology known
as LCD yang process technology using high-performance crystalline silicon with an
electron mobility reaches 600 times faster than the usual amorphous silicon and 6 times
faster than the low temperature poly silicon.

CG-Silicon technology, leading to closer distance of the cable with the LCD panel that
makes much more light to enter and multiply the image brightness (500 cd/m2) compared
with conventional models.

Sharp also has developed a 3D LCD touch screen and non-production started in April
2010. Sharp hopes to replace the TV 3 television Dimension 2 Dimension, just as color
television replaced black and white television.

Well, this is what we forgot to inform, listen, the latest screen will be used for the
generation of 3D where the next Nintendo DS Nintendo DS will be playable in 3D.

                                                                                 By: dika91

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