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					 Where to Spend
Your Hard-Earned
 A Grad Student’s Guide
     to Lansing, MI
            Compiled by:
   MSU Fisheries and Wildlife Dept.
    Graduate Student Organization

           September 2004
  Flap Jack Shack                   Clara’s Lansing Station
3000 E. Grand River                    637 E. Michigan
   East Lansing                             Lansing

  Flap Jack Shack                          Theio’s
   6927 S. Cedar                       2650 E. Michigan
      Lansing                              Lansing

  Flap Jack Shack                            Theio’s
  1601 S. Waverly                         4518 S. Cedar
      Lansing                               Lansing

  Big Apple Bagels                 Golden Harvest Restaurant
   248 E. Saginaw                        1625 Turner
    East Lansing                           Lansing

                       Coral Gables
                    2838 E. Grand River

 Altu’s (Ethiopian)                      Taj ( Indian)
  1312 Michigan                       2820 E. Grand River
    East Lansing                            Lansing

 Sindhu’s (Indian)                    Taste of Thai (Thai)
 4790 S. Hagadorn                     1105 E. Grand River
   East Lansing                          East Lansing

India Palace (Indian)                 Thai Kitchen (Thai)
   340 Albert Ave.                    2843 E. Grand River
    East Lansing                         East Lansing
   Bangkok House (Thai)
      420 E. Saginaw
         Lansing                      Hong Kong Restaurant
      Woody’s Oasis                      315 S. Homer
     (Mediterranean)                        Lansing
     970 Trowbridge
      East Lansing                        Carabba’s (Italian)
                                           6540 W. Sagniaw
      Woody’s Oasis                            Lansing
       2398 Jolly                           Emil’s (Italian)
        Okemos                             2012 E. Michigan
Woody’s Oasis Bar and Grill
    (Mediterranean)                   Korea House (Korean)
   211 E. Grand River                    978 Trowbridge
      East Lansing                        East Lansing

    El Azteco (Mexican)                    Deluca’s (Italian)
          225 Ann St                       2006 W. Willow
        East Lansing                           Lansing
      (Rooftop patio)
                                     Sultan’s (Mediterranean)
     El Azteco (Mexican )                4790 S. Hagadorn
       1016 W. Saginaw                     East Lansing
   (Free chips and salsa)
                                    PF Chang’s Chinese Bistro
 Gourmet Village (Chinese)                 (Chinese)
    4790 S. Hagadorn                   2425 Lake Lansing
      East Lansing                          Lansing

                          Casual Dining

      Georgio’s Pizza                       Georgio’s Pizza
       120 Charles                        1010 E. Grand River
       East Lansing                          East Lansing
   Mancino’s Pizza and
   2843 E. Grand River              Korner Kitchen Restaurant
      East Lansing                      and Cappuccino
                                       1001 Mt. Hope Rd.
Travelers Club International                Lansing
   Restaurant and Tuba
          Museum                          McAllister’s Deli
        2138 Hamilton                    2901 Preyde Blvd.
           Okemos                             Lansing

        Nuthouse                         Gus’s Watershed
     420 E. Michigan                     5965 Marsh Rd.
         Lansing                             Haslett

   Harrison Road House                Claddagh’s Irish Pub
      720 Michigan                  2900 Towne Center Blvd.
       East Lansing                         Lansing

       Pizza House                       Jersey Giant Subs
     4790 S. Hagadorn                   529 E. Grand River
       East Lansing                        East Lansing

                          Fine Dining

      Dusty’s Cellar                      Evergreen Grill
   1839 W. Grand River                    327 Abbot Rd.
        Okemos                             East Lansing

     The Knight Cap                  Bravo Cucina Italiana
     320 E. Michigan                2970 Towne Center Blvd.
         Lansing                           Lansing

       Seasons Bistro                   Mitchell’s Fish Mart
      5100 Marsh Rd.                     2975 Preyde Blvd.
          Okemos                              Lansing
                          Ice Cream

     MSU Dairy Store                       Ice Cream Joe’s
    1140 Anthony Hall                     4131 W. Saginaw
      MSU Campus                               Lansing

      Maggie Moo’s                        Melting Moments
    2981 Preyde Blvd.                    313 E. Grand River
         Lansing                            East Lansing

                         Tasty Twist
                    1306 East Grand River
                        East Lansing

                         Coffee Shops

       Beaner’s                               Beaner’s
      MSU Union                            4756 Marsh Rd
      MSU Campus                              Okemos

        Beaner’s                          Cappuccino Café
   1331 E. Grand River                  1500 W. Lake Lansing
      East Lansing                            Lansing

        Crunchy’s                         Nuthouse Sports
   254 W. Grand River                      Bar and Grill
         Lansing                          420 E. Michigan
(Karaoke on Friday nights!)                   Lansing
   Reno’s East Side                    Beggar’s Banquet
  Sports Bar and Grill                  218 Abbot Rd.
    1310 Abbot Rd.                       East Lansing
     East Lansing                 (Go Wednesday night for half
                                        off wine night!)
     Rum Runners
   Dueling Piano Bar                   Paul Revere’s Bar
    601 E. Michigan                   2703 E. Grand River
        Lansing                          East Lansing

Stober’s Cocktail Lounge             Buddies Pub and Grill
    812 E. Michigan                   3048 Lake Lansing
         Lansing                         East Lansing
 (Go play shuffleboard!)
                                     Buddies Pub and Grill
    Woody’s Oasis                    1937 W. Grand River
    Bar and Grill                          Okemos
  211 E. Grand River
     East Lansing                      Art’s Bar and Grill
                                       809 E. Kalamazoo
                                         (Great pizza!)

                    Spartan Sports Den
                    1227 E. Grand River
                        East Lansing
                (Big screen and satellite TV)
  Douglas J Aveda Institute       Steven L Marvin
     331 E. Grand River          209 E. Grand River
        East Lansing                East Lansing
($15 haircuts by cosmetology
    students plus a head       Hair and Body Elements
          massage!)              16800 S. Chandler
                                    East Lansing
         Master Cuts
      In Meridian Mall            Panopoulos Salon
          Okemos                3050 W. Lake Lansing
    ($13.95 for students)           East Lansing

   Goodrich’s Shop-rite
      940 Trowbridge           Randall’s Better Health
        East Lansing              305 N. Clippert
(Locally owned with a great           Lansing
 beer and wine selection as
           well!)              East Lansing Food Co-op
                                   4960 Northwind
  Horrock’s Farm Market              East Lansing
    7420 W. Saginaw
         Lansing               Randall’s Better Health
                                 6235 W. Saginaw
                     Lansing City Market
                        333 N. Cedar
(Year round farmer’s market, Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat, 8am-6pm)

                Meridian Farmer’s Market
                     5153 Marsh Rd.
          (Summer farmer’s market, Wend. and Sat.)

    Tom’s Party Store                      Big Ten Party Store
   2778 E. Grand River                     1108 E. Grand River
      East Lansing                            East Lansing

                         Oade’s Big Ten
                         314 S. Clippert

     Dicker and Deal                         Dicker and Deal
      1701 S. Cedar                         710 E. Kalamazoo
         Lansing                                 Lansing
  Goodwill Industries                 Volunteers of America
    6936 S. Cedar                         430 N. Larch
      Lansing                                Lansing
                        2nd Time Around
                        4737 Marsh Rd.

Schuler Books and Music              Schuler Books and Music
  1902 W Grand River                 2820 Towne Center Blvd
        Okemos                               Lansing

   Tuesday Morning                       Linens ‘n Things
  2825 E. Grand River                      300 Frandor
     East Lansing                            Lansing

     World Market                       Pier One Imports
     300 Frandor                        4950 Marsh Rd.
       Lansing                              Okemos
                   Bed Bath and Beyond
                   1982 W. Grand River

                  Art Van Furniture Store
                     8748 W. Saginaw

 110 Cabela Blvd. East                    Galyan’s
     Dundee, MI                          Meridian Mall
  Jay’s Sporting Goods
   8800 S. Clare Ave.                Velocipede Peddler
        Clare, MI                    2758 E. Grand River
                                        East Lansing
   Gander Mountain
430 N. Marketplace Blvd.                  Playmaker’s
        Lansing                      2299 W. Grand River
   Dunham’s Sports                (Great running store. Also
   3301 E. Michigan                 offers training groups!)

       Check out

                   Fitzgerald Park
                    Grand Ledge

             MSU Ag Expo Grounds
     Behind MSU Credit Union off Crescent St.
                  MSU campus
      (The unofficial East Lansing dog park)

                       See map at
    Access areas off Kalamazoo in East Lansing,
                    Potter Park Zoo
       (Great for biking, rollerblading, walking)

                  Lake Lansing Parks
     North                                South
6260 E. Lake Dr                        1621 Pike St
    Haslett                              Haslett

           (X-ski in winter, dogs allowed.
             Picnic areas, playground)

                Potter Park Zoo
              1301 S. Pennsylvania
    (Admission ~$6/person plus $3 for parking)
                    Harris Nature Center
                     3998 Van Atta Rd.
                      (Walking trails)

                   Fenner Nature Center
                  2020 E. Mount Hope Rd.
                      (Walking trails)

                        Burchfield Park
                      881 Grovenberg Rd.
(Beach, kayak rental, hiking and mountain bike trails, toboggan
               run and sledding hills in winter)

          Rose Lake State Wildlife Research Station
                     8562 East Stoll Rd.
                         East Lansing
(Public hunting grounds with wetlands and deer check station.
                X-ski in winter, dogs allowed)

                        Fishing Holes

                       Lake Interstate
                      Exit off 69 south
      (Fishing deck and shore fishing. Panfish and bass)

                      Red Cedar River
                         Lansing area
             No shore fishing allowed on campus
 (Panfish, smallmouth bass, pike in summer. Salmon in fall.
                    Steelhead in spring)

                        Grand River
                        Lansing area
     (Smallmouth bass, salmon, catfish, walleye and carp)
                     Lake Lansing
                (panfish, bass and pike)

  Celebration Cinema                   NCG Cinemas
200 E. Edgewood Blvd.                2500 Showtime Dr.
        Lansing                           Lansing
(THX sound and IMAX

                    300 N. Clippert
               (Great get-one-free deals!)
Lansing Civic Players                Riverwalk Theatre
2300 E. Michigan Ave.                  228 Museum
       Lansing                            Lansing

               Summer Circle Theatre
            On the shores of the Red Cedar
                    MSU Campus
           Check out
              (Free summer play series)

                    Wharton Center
                     MSU Campus
          Check out
       (Discounted student tickets to some events)

Metodi C. Pogoncheff                    Jeff Lonier
2628 Lake Lansing Rd                601 W. Grand River
      Lansing                            Okemos
  Riverfront Animal Hospital
         721 N. Larch

        Animal Clinic
       MSU Vet School
        MSU Campus

    Ailurophile Cat Clinic
        432 N. Homer

        Dr. Kim Blasko
        Home Pet Care
      (In home pet care)

 Mt. Hope Veterinary Hospital
      2835 E. Mt. Hope

Lansing Veterinary Urgent Care
  5133 S. Martin Luther King
     Thank you to all the grad students,
faculty and staff who contributed to this list!
   You’ve helped to make Lansing home!

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