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					June 2008                                                                     doc.: IEEE 802.11 – 08/0726/r0
                                                   IEEE P802.11
                                                   Wireless LANs

                             TGp LB 125 Comment Resolution – Clause - Boilerplate

                                                 Date: 2008-06-19

Name                   Affiliation            Address                                 Phone              email
                                                            ARINC, Inc.
     Francois Simon             US DOT                    2551 Riva Road                410-266-4531
                                                        Annapolis, MD 21401

 This paper addresses the comments addressing “Boilerplate” of IEEE P802.11p/D4.0. It includes responses to CR#: 2, 4,
 478, 479, 480, 489, and 490

Submission                                               page 1                                    Francois Simon, ARINC
June 2008                                                                              doc.: IEEE 802.11 – 08/0726/r0

                                                                                    LB125 Comment Resolution

     1.        COMMENT: [From Spreadsheet] INSERT Original Comment Here:

ID        Commenter        Clause        Pg    Ln Type Comment                               Suggested Remedy                      Recommended

2         Marshall, Bill   Boilerplate   1     10   ER   Amendment number should be 7        change to 7                           Accepted – Proposed
                                                                                                                                   Suggested Remedy

4         Marshall, Bill   B             1     30   ER   updates needed based on current     remove P802.11u-D1.0 from this        Accpted – to be
                                                         timeline                            list, remove P802.11s-D1.0, and       changed by editor.
                                                                                             insert P802.11z-D1.0                  (See doc. 0549r0)
478       Marshall, Bill   Boilerplate   i     20   ER   Amendment number should be 7        change to 7                           Accepted – Proposed
                                                                                                                                   Suggested Remedy

479       Marshall, Bill   Boilerplate   i     55   R    page footer is missing from page    see Annex B of IEEE Style             Accepted – Proposed
                                                         i. Should be same as on other       Guide                                 Suggested Remedy
480       Marshall, Bill   Boilerplate   i     55   ER   page number is missing from         as in comment                         Accepted – Proposed
                                                         page i.                                                                   Suggested Remedy

489       Marshall, Bill   Boilerplate   iii   21   ER   Working Group                       Change first line after               TBD
                                                         officers/members should be a        "Participants" to "At the time this
                                                         snapshot as of the time the draft   draft amendment was
                                                         was completed, so these should      completed, the 802.11 Working
                                                         be changed based on the March       Group had the following
                                                         elections.                          membership:", and update the
490       Marshall, Bill   Boilerplate   Iii   30   E    Task Group officers should be       Change the line above Lee's           TBD
                                                         cumulative.                         name to "The WAVE Task
                                                                                             Group had the following
                                                                                             officers:". Include Filip on the
                                                                                             same line as Susan as

Submission                                                       page 2                                          Francois Simon, ARINC
June 2008                                                                    doc.: IEEE 802.11 – 08/0726/r0

2. Background, Explanation, Discussion, etc.:

3.        Recommended Resolution of the Comments:

See the right column above for the resolutions of the individual comments.

4.     Recommended Changes to P802.11p D4.0:

5.     Motion (if technical and/or significant):

Move to accept the Recommended Resolutions to these comments and the Recommended changes to P802.11p
D4. noted above and instruct the editor to make these changes to P802.11p D4.0.

           Motion by: ___Francois Simon________________Date:
           Second: ______________________

        Approve:                Disapprove:             Abstain:


Submission                                                     page 3                      Francois Simon, ARINC

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