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					                                                   EMPLOYMENT RECORD FORM
   SECTION 1: To Be Completed by Employee

   NAME: _____________________________________SS#________________________
                         (Last)          (First)          (MI)
   EMERGENCY CONTACT: _______________________________________________
                    (Relationship)                     (Home Phone)                               (Office Phone)

   VETERAN Yes: ____No:_____ VIETNAM OR OTHER: _____________________
   SPECIAL/DISABLED VET: _______________________
                                                        Hard           E                          Electronic Link                      N/A
                                                        Copy          Copy
Received Drug Free Guide
Received Contract/ Manual                                            
Received Welcome Packet
Received Diversity Brochure
Oakland University Administrative
Policies & Procedures:
  (1) Policy 710 Administrative Guidelines
      Prohibiting Discrimination                                     
  (2) Policy 711 Guidelines for
      Handling Discrimination
  (3) Section 800 All Policies in the                                 > administration > other
      800 series pertaining to                                                 resources > adm. policies & procedures >
      Information Technology                                                   information technology > section 800
   All Administrative Policies and Procedures can be accessed from the Oakland University home page>Administration>Other Resources –
   Administrative Policies and Procedures.

   I, as an employee of Oakland University, agree to read, understand and comply with the materials and policies listed above.

                        (Signature)                                                                (Date)

                                           Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
            I agree to take and pass the online Sexual Harassment prevention training course within 10 days
            of my date of hire. I understand that the results will be automatically forwarded to the office of
            I have already taken and passed the online Sexual Harassment prevention training course.
   Failure to take and pass this training may result in termination.

                        (Signature)                                                              (Date)

   SECTION 2: To Be Completed by Employment Services Office
   TITLE:                                              GROUP/GRADE:                             DEPT:
   FULL-TIME:                     TEMPORARY:                                     PART-TIME:                 CASUAL:
            Employment Application                                               Requisition
            Resume                                                               Posting (Copy)
            Oath Card                                                            Physical
            Criminal Records Form                                                Union Form
            W-4 Cards                                                            Transcript Received
             Federal                                                            Work Permit
             State                                                              Michigan Drivers License (Copy)
            I-9 Form                                                             Social Security Card (Copy)
             List A – Identify Doc. &                                           Automatic Deposit Form
                 Employment Eligibility (Copy)                                   Driving Record Affidavit
             List B – Identity Documentation (Copy)                             Offer letter
             List C – Employment Eligibility (Copy)                             PDP monthly letter & PDP schedule

       (Initials)                             (Date)                                              Hire Date

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