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					                               Homecoming 2008
                           WSU Football :90 Years Strong

                          Office/Door Decoration Contest
Objective:               Show Wayne State Warrior Spirit during Homecoming Week, Oct. 6th -11th , 2008.

Judging Dates:           Office Front/Door should be decorated by Oct. 6th , 2008. A DOSO photographer will
                         come by that day to take photos of your display. Judges from the Homecoming
                         Committee will visit on Oct. 9th to choose a winner.
Winners Announced:       Winners will be announced on Friday, Oct. 10th and recognized on the scoreboard at
                         the Homecoming game, Saturday October 11th, 2008 and will be listed in Life @
Prizes:                  1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners to receive trophy plaques for their office. First place
                         winners will also receive free lunch on the day of their choice courtesy of the Dean of
                         Students Office.
Judges                   Various university staff, faculty and students.

Registration             To register, complete the information on the flyer and email it to Tiny Sebastian at
                or drop it off at Room 351 Student Center Building.

   1. Who can participate? Campus Offices may decorate their office fronts and Faculty Members may
       decorate their office doors.

   2. Participating offices/faculty members must be registered by Noon, Monday, September 29th.

   3. Office/faculty member will not receive notification of actual judging time nor will special requests be
      honored. Offices should be decorated by the beginning of Homecoming Week, which starts Monday,
      October 6th and should be prepared for judging anytime between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Thursday
      October 9th . All offices will receive a Certificate of Participation after judging.

   4. Office staff participation in display is encouraged, however, it will not be considered in the judging.

   5. Offices/Faculty are encouraged to use the theme “Wayne State Football: 90 Years Strong” in their

   6. Offices will be judged based on the following criteria.
      a. Wow Factor (1-10 pts): First impression, considering overall appearance, flash, color, etc.
      b. Theme (1-5 pts): Creativity with the Homecoming theme, “Wayne State Football: 90 Years Strong”
      c. Celebrating WSU (1-5 pts): Creative use of WSU Warrior gear/items, clothing, pennants, flags etc.
      d. Celebrating athletics (1-5 pts): WSU vs. Northern Michigan Wildcats, inclusion of other WSU Varsity
          Sports in display.
      e. Use of Office (1-5 pts): Incorporation of particular mission of office/department into the display.
   7. Method of judging/scoring
      a. Each judge will award points as described above.
      b. The average score for each category, a – e will be computed and totaled to get the “Office Score.”
      c. The top three Office Scores will designate the winners.
      d. In the event of a tie judges will vote to determine final position.
              Show Wayne State that you have the most Warrior Pride by
                       decorating your office front or door.

       Homecoming 2008
Office/Door Decoration Contest
                       Show your Wayne State Warrior Pride
                       Homecoming week, October 6-11th, 2008
                      Judging to take place Thursday October 9th
          Decorate you office/door to show your Wayne State Warrior pride.
                 Offices/doors will be judged in the following areas:
                         Creative use of Warrior gear/items (clothes, pennants, flags, etc.)
                         Appropriateness to the theme, “Wayne State Football: 90 Years Strong”
                         Best representation of the overall spirit of Homecoming
                                                           (see rules for more details)
 The winning office/faculty member will be recognized at the game Saturday October 11th at Tom
 Adams Field and will appear in Life @ Wayne. The winners will receive free lunch on the day of
 their choice courtesy of the Dean of Students Office.

 Participating offices must register by Noon on Monday, September 29th.
 For more information contact Tiny Sebastian at 7-7865 or email;
 For more information about Homecoming 2008 visit our web site

----------------------------------------Cut and Return----------------------------------------
                      Yes, our office is interested in participating in the 2008 Homecoming Office Decoration Contest.

Name of Office/Department & # of people
Campus Address (building/room #)
Contact Person
Telephone Number of the Contact Person
Email Address of the Contact Person
Please email this completed form to Tiny Sebastian at or drop it off in the Dean of Students Office, 351 Student Center. Questions
can be directed to Tiny at 577-7865.
Forms must be received by Monday, September 29th at Noon.
Faculty or Staff not interested in decorating, but who would like to judge, should contact Tiny at the above email address or phone number.