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					             Monroe, Wisconsin Rental Property 7/30/2008
                         additional properties may be available

1. Large with high ceilings, but no heat at this point. May proceed to improve the entire
   area. It was a ceremonial hall at one time, located above Ekum Abstract and Title, Inc.
       o Contact:
       o 912 17 Ave Monroe
       o 608-328-8221 –
2. Space available in the Monroe Professional Center Commercial Condominium at 17
   Ave & 10 St in Monroe. Spaces range in size from a single room [with available
   bathroom] to approximately 3,600 square feet. Some are finished and ready for
   occupancy; some are not finished and can be built to suit the tenant. The entire project is
   accessible to the handicapped and all restrooms meet ADA standards. As part of a
   major renovation in 1999 a passenger elevator was installed that serves all levels. The
   project has two private parking lots with spaces for a total of 32 cars. Parking is
   exclusive to tenants and guest of the Monroe Professional Center on a first come, first
   served basis. Vehicle occupancy in the private lots currently averages between 60% and
   70% during the busiest periods. Spaces currently available consist of the following:
       o Lower Level            Units B101, B103 & B106 [adjoining units] - undeveloped - can
            be developed to suit tenant – 3,607 square feet.
            Unit B104 - 2 offices and reception/waiting room – 601 square feet – fully
            developed and ready for occupancy.
            Unit B108 - 1 office - 308 square feet – under construction - available occupancy
            in 30 days.
       o First Floor            Unit 105 - 3 offices, private bathroom, waiting room & reception
            room – 884 square feet - fully developed and ready for occupancy.
            Unit 102 - 4 offices, private bathroom, reception/waiting room & storage room –
            1,509 square feet – fully developed available for occupancy on January 1, 2009.
            Unit 111 - located adjacent to elevator and directly off main building lobby -
            undeveloped - can be developed to suit tenant – 1,425 square feet.
       o Second Floor           Unit 211 - large single office with a private bathroom – 388
            square feet – under construction & available for occupancy in 45 days.
       o 2nd & 3rd Floor          Unit 212 - enter from second floor - open floor plan on 2
            levels with 2-level lobby/reception & windows on 3 sides, bathroom, kitchenette,
            conference room – 3,541 square feet - available on 60 days notice.
                 Contact:
                 1750 10 St Monroe

                 608-329-9610
                 Rex Ewald
3. Northpass development (former Alphorn motel site, 18 Ave by Hwy 81/11) will be
   available later this summer. There is up to approximately 6000 SF of space available in
   1500 SF increments.
                 Contact:
                 902 17 Ave Monroe

                 608-328-3838
                 Terry R. Martin,
4. Basement office available soon for rent at 1419 9 St Monroe. 3800 square feet,
   bathroom/locker room with showers, full kitchen, small office. The rest is all open and we
   currently have workout equipment at one end.
       o Contact:
       o 1419 9 St Monroe
              Monroe, Wisconsin Rental Property 7/30/2008
                          additional properties may be available
          o   608-325-2626
          o   Diane Guerin – Guerin Chiropractic
     nd                                                       th
5. 2 floor office/professional space at Amcore Bank 1625 10 St Monroe. The building is
   handicap accessible with access to the 2 floor via elevator. Space may be rented in
   following increments:
   2 @ 115 sq’                             2 @ 350 sq‘
   420 sq’                                 575 sq’
   760 sq’                                 1155 sq’
   1272 sq’
   Spaces could also be combined to create an area as large as 3,500 sq’
        o Contact:
        o 1625 10 St
        o 608-328-5120
        o Steve Schneider
6. 700 sq’ with kitchen and own entrance at 1909 11 Ave Monroe. The rent for this back
   room of Genevieve’s Quilt Haven includes heat, electricity and one phone line.
       o Contact:
       o Terri Benson
       o 608-558-1301 or 608-325-5834

7. 1000 sq’ newly remodeled lower level alley access office space with commercial carpet.
   Located on the lower level of Fox’s Bakery at 1010 17 Ave in Monroe.
      o Contact:
      o 68-776-2974 or 608-482-3065
8. First floor rental/office space available immediately at 1517 11 . Street (next to city
   parking ramp) pace has a mezzanine with 775 sq and main floor with 584 sq’ (1359 sq’
   total) gas fireplace ceiling fans. Con tact Chris Sachs at 608-328-1006