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       Is Your Firm Getting the Value it Deserves Can in Its’ Lateral Recruiting Efforts?

Do you ever wonder about the actual value you receive for your recruiting dollar? Assuming that the
average newly recruited lateral associate salary is about $150,000, then you are paying your recruiter
between $30,000 and $45,000 for whatever service they have provided. That is a great deal of money!

Value is the relative worth of goods or services, which you receive in exchange for the dollars you spend.
A Gift is something you give to someone with no specific expectations in return.

Is your current lateral recruiting relationship one that offers your firm high value? Or, are you giving a gift
to your current “recruiter”? When was the last time you hired a lateral attorney because a “recruiter”
unilaterally presented him or her to your firm? That one was a gift. Did you do that 5 times last year? 25
times? I can imagine that there are a lot of “recruiters” that want to be on your Christmas list. I put the
word recruiter in parentheses, because these folks are not recruiters at all. They are placement
agencies. They make their money by presenting out-of-work or actively looking attorneys to you,
whether you need them or not. They didn‟t discern fit; they didn‟t even necessarily discuss your
apparent need. So, who then, gets the true value out of that relationship??? The placement agency!

I won‟t presume that you need a lesson in the various forms of recruiting, but I think a short refresher
course may be in order. Each type of firm works differently, but claims to offer the same service...or more
precisely, the same result. It is however, the manner in which each performs its function, that determines
who receives value for the dollars spent, because the actual fees paid are basically all the same.

Placement Agencies, described above, make their money by placing people with new employers. They
essentially send out resumes, regardless of fit or qualification or openings, to as many prospective
employers that they can, until one calls back to schedule an interview. They are not concerned with
anything but the volume of resumes they push out the door. If they throw enough spaghetti on the wall,
something will stick. This type of firm offers value only to themselves.

Contingency Recruiting Firms are the most common form of recruiter found in the legal marketplace.
Their modus operandi typically involves calling or emailing the recruiting coordinator, hiring partner, or
appropriate department chair, saying something like “I am working with „the greatest attorney since
Clarence Darrow‟, do you have any interest in arranging an interview”. If you say “yes”, or “send me a
resume”, then of course, they comply. This individual is always one who is currently out of work or
actively looking. If you say “no”, then they will attempt to find out what your openings are and agree to
fill them on a contingency basis. At this point, the degree of professionalism varies greatly, ranging from
acting just like a placement agency, to performing almost like an Executive Search Firm. Unfortunately,
most contingency firms do very little actual recruiting and most often, do a great deal of file searching.
While you do not have to pay any fees until a hire is made, you could be waiting an awfully long time,
because the contingency recruiter is dealing with a production problem. In order to succeed, the
typical contingency recruiter has to bring in and actively “work” 20 new jobs every week, because they
have a minimum 85% failure rate on placements.

Most law firms allow a large number of contingency recruiters to “work” their jobs in the hopes that one
of them will actually find someone that is good enough, and preferably in less than 6 months. This
common misconception is the ultimate undoing of the value proposition for contingency recruiting. First
of all, NO ONE is “working” anything. Maybe they will post it on their website, maybe they will call for a
few referrals, but the minute something hotter comes along, your job is toast. Also, the first or second
time they hear from a candidate “wow, you‟re the nth person to call me on this one”, they get turned off
and quit.

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You only receive true value out of a lateral recruiting relationship if BOTH sides work for it. What does it
cost to email a resume that took no effort, required no thought, or cost any money to receive?

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                 COMBINED RESOURCES, INC.
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        Is Your Firm Getting the Value it Deserves Can in Its’ Lateral Recruiting Efforts?

Retained Executive Search. Most law firms don‟t like to use retained search because they don‟t want to
pay retainers, despite the fact that most of their lawyers wouldn‟t even think about working with a new
client without a retainer in hand. Why does your firm require a retainer? Because you are more likely to
be able to hold the attention of the client and gain their commitment to your work throughout the
process if you have one, than if you don‟t. Mutual vested interest is very important when strategically
important work is being done. Isn‟t hiring attorneys a very important strategic initiative for a law firm?
Finally, your lawyers demand a retainer because their time is very valuable, because they can‟t work on
two matters at once. Guess what, neither can a search consultant. Retained search consultants limit
the amount of work they take on so that they can devote the proper effort to your required tasks.

Retained Search Consultants operate as the name indicates. On a retained basis, they actually SEARCH
for people that fit the requirement you gave them. They consult with prospective candidates on your
behalf to discern the best fit. They also consult with you on how to make the transition work best for all
parties. Most retained search consultants spend a great deal of money on candidate research to
create the best pools of prospective candidates that they can. If there is any value proposition for the
law firm, in 3rd party recruiting for attorneys, it is by using a Retained Executive Search Firm.

Combined Resources offers your firm the greatest value for your recruiting dollars because:

a) We want to forge long-term, strategic, working partnerships with our law firm clients; we‟re not
   interested in collecting job orders.

b) We start with a clean slate, consisting of your position description and the criteria you ask us to
   employ. We do not even CONSIDER whose resume just came in, or who is even looking for a job.

c) Combined Resources prospects for candidates by contacting EVERY ATTORNEY THAT FITS THE JOB
   WHETHER THEY ARE LOOKING OR NOT. We contact the entire PASSIVE candidate pool as well as the
   entire ACTIVE candidate pool. We are the ONLY RECRUITING FIRM IN THE WORLD that has the
   biographical data and the data processing tools necessary to make this statement. Our up-to-the-
   minute database of over 140,000 attorney bios includes ONLY the attorneys that you would consider

d) Using your criteria and utterly dispassionate objectivity as our only guide, we will hone our pool of
   candidates to include only the most qualified attorneys.

e) Within about 30 days you should receive the resumes of the finest attorneys available to meet your
   specific requirements.

f)   We‟ll continue to assist you throughout the recruiting process, in whatever task you require, including
     references, salary negotiation, relocation arrangements...etc.

g) You don‟t have to worry about whether or not we‟ll finish the job. Our search success rate is over 95%
   since 1987. The only searches we didn‟t finish were canceled by the client for reasons unrelated to
   our performance.

h) We provide this level of service for the same or even less total dollars than the placement firms you
   currently use. We offer several different payment methods to suit your firm‟s own taste.

i)   We‟re not satisfied with 60 day guarantees...We back our placements with a full ONE-YEAR
     REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE. Since we founded the firm in 1987, we have only replaced one
     candidate. That says it all!

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The Human Resource since 1987
 Get your firm’s money’s worth, We want to be YOUR Human Resource

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