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									              GPS   GSM Smart Recovery System

Malaysia’s Premier Automated Vehicle Locating Service (AVLS),
          Utilizing The Latest GPS/GSM Technology

What Are
What Are Our Key Products ?
Our Key Products?
 Offering You The Latest In GPS/GSM Technology

 Automatic Vehicle               V-GUARD
 Locating System (AVLS)          GPS/GSM Smart Recovery System for private vehicles which provides not only
                                 enhancement to your car security system but also allows you to track the
                                 whereabouts of your vehicle.

                                 Malaysia’s leading GPS Multiple Tracking System for fleet monitoring and
                                 surveillance system, designed especially for haulages, transportation and logistic

 GSM Wireless Alarm System       ON-GUARD
                                 Full- featured wireless security system with full GSM functionality designed to
                                 protect your family and home or business premises from intruders, burglars and

 Vehicle Navigation System       NAV-TRAC
                                 Malaysia’s first Vehicle Navigation System, designed and developed locally to
                                 allow vehicle owners to determine how to navigate to their destinations.

 Cartography Services            Customization on digital maps.
                                 Mapping of new areas
                                 Development or conversion of digital maps for other countries
                                 Cartography technology transfer

 Management of                   Establishment and training of emergency response or service centers.
 Emergency Service Centre

  GPS Tech Solutions / Product Dossier : V-Guard / V2.07/05

GPS / GSM Smart
GPS / GSM Smart Recovery System
Recovery System

 V-GUARD is an automated vehicle locating service (AVLS)
 that uses GPS/GSM technology. It enhances your personal and vehicle security, and allows you to track the
 whereabouts of your vehicle.

  v Reliability in personal and family safety
  v For vehicle tracking, and to prevent unauthorized vehicle usage
  v For personal control with real-time tracking capability
  v Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) offers tracking accuracy down to radius of 8 meters
  v Global Standard for Mobile (GSM) communication allows for historical downloading of tracking data

  v Built-in intelligent features with ability to show exact position of the vehicle on the digital map
  v Triggered sensors will invoke V-GUARD to send alert messages via SMS to your hand phone, Personal
      Control Center (if active) and Emergency Service Center (if subscribed to)
  v Track the whereabouts of your vehicle in real-time or down-load the V-GUARD memory to play-back
      previously saved journey on their home PCs.
  v For vehicles being hi-jacked or towed-away, tracked the whereabouts of your vehicle with the V-GUARD
      software and execute immobilization command to stall the vehicle either through your home PC or hand

   GPS Tech Solutions / Product Dossier : V-Guard / V2.07/05


v    If you subscribe to our ESC, an alert signal and message will also be sent to the ESC in the event of a tow-
     away, emergency panic trigger or other sensor violation.


v    V-GUARD is equipped with enhanced ability:

     * to detect speeding above threshold set

     * for remote alarm triggering

     * for tow-away sensing

     * to attend to triggering of panic button

     * for real time tracking capability

     * for SMS advise on alarms directly to your
       mobile-phones, PCC or ESC

V-GUARD will change your way of life. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your family and vehicle
safety are in the good hands.

  GPS Tech Solutions / Product Dossier : V-Guard / V2.07/05

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   GPS Tech Solutions / Product Dossier : V-Guard / V2.07/05


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