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Casey Anthony 13615 to 13618

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									DISCOVERY PAGES 13616 TO 13618

(Shortly after George's suicide attempt while he was in the hospital)

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He did drive back this past weekend when everything went down with my padre. Good thing Tampa is
so close. My Dad is checking into a facility, almost like a rehab center, so he can continue talking to
someone and get some help. We need to keep praying that he reconnects with God along the way.
I'm glad he's taken this step voluntarily. My Mom seemed very pleased with his decision and she'll be
able to visit him regularly. I go a letter that he wrote to me yesterday and his spirits were lifted, and
for him to admit that he needs help is a significant step. Goad is good. My stress level has been
teetering back and forth since Friday and it hasn't stopped swaying a lot yet. We're going to set the
date for the service sometime this coming week - the first week of February. I'm extremely nervous to
say the least. We'll finally have a little bit of closure. Is it wrong of me thought to not really want to
know the truth? I'm honestly scared at the numerous possibilities. She's safe. She's in God's loving
arms. In a lot of ways, I'm content by the fact that she will never have to have her heart broken, or see
the constant negativity that our society breeds. Nor will she ever be abused or taken advantage of.
The clock is ticking and the end of days is near, I can feel it. It's difficult enough trying to make sure
that my brother and father are both saved. My Mom is on the right path. Glory to God! There's so
much more to think ...

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cool, huh? I never imagined myself a warrior before although I know I've always been a fighter.
What a feeling and a responsibility to know that we're part of God's army and that in the end we are
victorious. What a feeling of satisfaction; I'm so humbled by those thoughts, but more encouraged than
I've ever been before. Are you doing any Bible Study Courses? I've really enjoyed the ones Chaplain
Gonzales brought me. It feels like my eyes are seeing things like never before. One of my favorite
verses, Matthew 6:22, "The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole
body will be full of light" Everyone has been telling me how different I look and that it's as if I'm
glowing. Those words didn't hit me until I read that passage on Friday and instantly I felt that
connection. This was during the time I needed comfort after hearing the news about my Dad, when I
also stumbled upon JOB 23. Of course, the first name that popped into my head was yours. The
more I read, the more I felt his presence and also saw your likeness to JOB. Crazy stuff! I'm able to
memorize passages and verses so much easier now. I think I was more focused on reading and
interpreting than memorization comes a whole new understanding those words. I started looking at
the pictures I have taped to the inside of my bible, and this wave of peace touched my heart and I let
out a really deep sigh. I feel better. You're to blame for a lot of that! :) I love you sis, and I'm so very
grateful for our open lines of

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Communication, even if it's sneaky-sneaky. I'll write more later, not that you're not already bored with
my rambling. :) It's almost time to watch my stories. Hasta pasta! <3

Just so you know... you're new nickname is COOKIE


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