No Charges Will Be Laid In Land Sale Complaint

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					Volume 1 Issue 12                                                             Truth Is Mighty and Will Prevail
                                                                          The The Truth is Mighty AndWill Prevail

                     No Charges Will Be Laid In Land Sale Complaint
     In response to the No Charges Will      In the News Release from the OPP it       sale agreement which the city had
 Be Laid in Land Sale Complaint              is claimed that development charges       used for close to 20 years. and which
 announced by the O.P.P. the following       are assessed at the time of               had protection against speculation and
 facts need to be revealed.                  construction and no construction has      forced the buyer to build on the land
 I spent 1 ½ hours today (Oct. 27) with      begun on the property. This is not true   within one year was abandoned by this
 Detective Staff Sergeant Andy Karski        of this agreement. What the               Mayor and council. The new
 and Detective Jennifer Robertson. The       questionable agreement states is “Any     agreement has no protection and this
 officers made it clear that they could      current Section 221 bylaws as set by      land can be flipped any time even
 not find criminal activity as they had no   council as of this date are included in   before closing the deal.???
 proof of anyone benefiting financially      the purchase price and NO Further         Sergeant Karski also stated that the
 from this land deal. But upon my            DEVELOPMENT CHARGE is payable             sale of the land was not final and that
 questioning Sergeant Karski stated          by the purchaser”. Regardless of when     before it was transferred the
 that some people would talk to them         construction begins NO FURTHER            agreement would be changed even
 and some people would not. He               DEVELOPMENT CHARGE IS                     though a bylaw accepting the deal was
 further stated” that no attempt was         PAYABLE.                                  passed and all signatures were
 made to get a search warrant for            Sargeant Karski also discounted the       present. First time I or anyone else I
 financial records nor would they ask        fact that a earlier deal for the land     talked to ever heard of a signed deal
 the parties involved to provide any         which was more advantageous to the        being changed by the lawyers before
 financial records”. There for they had      city was rescinded and the new one        closing.???
 no evidence with which to work              which gave away over $600,000 was         On the subject of this property being
 with.??                                     accepted by the city.???                  land locked Sergeant Karski stated that
 On the matter of appraised value            The investigation also did not            he had an opinion from a person with
 Sergeant Karski stated that appraisals      investigate why a perfectly good land     expertise in land connected to jails in
 are subjective and not scientific. He                                                 Ontario. It is claimed this person stated
 discounted the fact that the Home                                                     that indeed this property is land locked.
 Depot paid $280,000 per acre for their                                                Now the survey clearly shows the land
 10 acres and he discounted the fact                                                   has road frontage and when I pressed
 that 3 acres is currently on the market                                               this point the officer said that was a
 for $250,000 per acre. He also                                                        matter of opinion.??Even if the
 claimed that even though Roger                                                        property is land locked (which it is not)
 Tudhope stated to them that earlier                                                   the question should be who allowed it
 appraisals on the property were done                                                  to be land locked and for what reason?
 for $170,000 per acre by the city no                                                  My understanding is that it is illegal to
 records were available from the city.?                                                knowingly do that.
 Mr. Tudhope in fact provided the name                 Speaking Out                    I also asked detective Robertson if it
 of the appraiser(Judy Savage) who                   13 Creighton St.                  was true that when Roger Tudhope
 according to the sergeant has passed                    327-5717                      who was co operating fully spoke to
 away and her records were not                            her offering information that she
 available to be viewed.?? Can anyone                   Jim Tolnai                     intimidated him by saying “how would
 help?                                                Editor/Publisher                 you like us to investigate your
Page 2                                                              Speaking Out

 dismissal’? She confirmed that yes
 indeed she said that but that it was not         Alliance/PC Merger SCARY???
 meant as intimidation. Roger on the                                                         worked out don’t we?
 other hand felt intimidated. Sergeant          David Orchard is not a very happy man.
                                               He has been lied to, deceived and made         So if Doug Lewis does,t care what the
 Karski then asked “Why would we               insignificant in the new scheme of things.    policies are would he support things like
 intimidate our witness”? Yes why?             You see during the PC leadership race         racism? How about deporting Quebecers
 Strange.                                      Peter Mckay who is backed by the old          back to France? What about outlawing all
                                                                                             political parties except the PC/Alliance? So
 Both officers claimed that Dennis             Mulrooney gang was losing. Orchard who
                                                                                             if the new leader was a Red Neck member
 Edmonds and Don Foxton did not give           came in third was approached and a
                                               contract signed specifically stating that     of the former Alliance and a racist would
 them a statement. I spoke on a number         McKay would not pursue a merger with          he support him or her? I believe the PC’s
 of occasions to Dennis who confirmed          the Alliance. Mistakenly Orchard              have lost whatever dignity , ethics and
 that indeed he spoke with detective           believed that these people’s word or          moral fiber they may have had. This
                                                                                             sounds like they would sell their souls for
 Robertson for an hour to an hour and a        indeed their signature actually meant
 half. ??                                      something. He threw his support behind
                                               McKay and the man won. Even before the            I know Doug Lewis and I have not seen
 So what is my reaction to the news? I                                                       eye to eye but this statement tops anything
                                               ink was dry McKay was already back
 am not surprised nor upset. I now have        pedalling. Not so secret meetings were        else I have heard from him in the past. One
 even more questions that need                 held and now officially a merger has been     who’s only passion is POWER for
 answering.The battle for truth goes on.       announced. So typical of the way              POWERS sake is some one with a
                                               Mulrooney and company did business in         bankrupt soul.
 So how do I feel about the                                                                  Jim Tolnai
 investigation. As I said to both officers I   the past.
                                                   These people will do and say anything,
 don’t believe this is over yet and the        to get power. I want to draw attention to
 truth will come out if not today,             statements made by Doug Lewis as
 tomorrow or next year. I reminded             reported in the Oct. 20 Packet. “Quite                   Personal Safety
 them that Al Capone was never                 frankly I don’t care what the policies are,
 convicted of murder, prostitution,            I don’t care what the constitution says and       Over the past week I have had phone
                                               I don’t care who the leader is going to be    calls from people concerned that because I
 bootlegging, intimidation, bribery or         as long as we have a united conservative      am bucking the Establishment my personal
 corruption. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t            party that moves forward. United we           safety maybe compromised. Now I have
 involved and that it didn’t happen.           stand and WIN, divided we fall, that’s all    not had any threats personally but I did
     So what happens now? Well                 there is to it”.                              have one person tell me that one councillor
 according to the Municipal Act councils       Wow!! What a statement. Why he even           he spoke to suggested “that guy better
                                               received a loud applause.                     watch out”. Why the evening of the Ward
 must act in good faith. Is the giving
                                                   When I read this my mind went back        2 candidates meeting a chap I had been
 away of city assets at fire sale prices       to things I have been told by Holocaust       talking to told me of his concern actually
 and development charges acting in             survivors, books I have read and              followed me to the City Center parking lot
 good faith? I don’t think so. Stay tuned      documentaries I have seen about how the       concerned for my safety.
 for Part 3. We need an independent            supporters of the Nazi Party were told            Could this be true in Mariposa the
 forensic audit.                               similar tales and they too applauded          people actually believe that Speaking Out
                                               following blindly nothing but POWER.          would create a violent backlash? I sure
 Jim Tolnai                                    They too said let’s unite and win. Don’t      hope that these people are wrong and not
                                               worry about our goals and aims just let’s     just for my safety. I would hate like hell to
                                               win and trust the party and leaders to do     think that anyone would or could use
                                               the right thing. For God’s sake this is       physical violence to stop anyone from
                                               2003 not 1923. I can not beleive some         Speaking Out.
                                               member present did not challenge Lewis’           I have advised both detective Robertson
                                               statement. You know in the early days of      and Sergeant Karski about these concerns.
                                               the Nazi’s even some Jews supported           Detective Robertson suggested I should
                                               them, until they made their policies          file a report which mistakenly I thought
                                               known. Why Hitler signed a non                was doing by passing on this information.
                                               aggression treaty with Russia similar to      According to her no by letting them know
                                               McKay signing a no merger deal with           did not constitute having reported it.???
                                               Orchard. We know how both deals               Boggles the mind.
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