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					                                                                               U N I F Y I N G C R I T I C A L C O M M U N I C A T I O N™

                                                                          Lenel OnGuard Integration
                                                       An Integrated Solution for Security Communication
                                                       The REACT integration with Lenel’s agship product, OnGuard, provides a complete
                                                       and easy to use solution for instant, reliable communication of security events to
        Lenel                                          responders, sta , and even those outside the organization. Because REACT messages
        OnGuard                                        can be tailored to the audience, information presented is that information, and only
                                   Single              that information, that is relevant to the recipients.
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Solutions                          Alert
                                                       Flexible Events
                                                       Integrated through OnGuard’s DataConduIT, events can be generated from a wide
                                                       variety of situations. Whether access, intelligent video, system, temperature monitor-
                                                       ing, re, or duress events, all of these and more can be quickly con gured to the speci c
                                                       conditions needed to trigger a notice. REACT events can be viewed in OnGuard Alarm
                                                       Monitoring too, providing the ability to see and perform actions based on any event
                                                       that comes into REACT. REACT events passed into OnGuard, such as REACT Panic
                                                       Buttons, can be con gured to set access levels, lock doors, and perform many other
                                                       access, surveillance, and security related events.
               Fast Response
                                                       Faster Response Times
                                                       REACT provides the ability to communicate very quickly, but this is only one piece of a
                                                       complete solution to quick response. It is essential that initiation of events takes place
                                                       as quickly as possible to start the process of communication. The REACT integration
                                                       with OnGuard makes this instantaneous, speeding the time from event occurrence to
                                                       communication of speci c instruction to relevant parties to just a few seconds.

                                                       Easy to Setup and Manage
                                                       An easy to use web interface provides the ability to con gure new events or manage
                                                       existing events quickly and easily. With just a few clicks, events as detailed as a speci c
                                                       door forced open can trigger a speci c notice to a group of individuals via computer
                                                       desktop, dedicated display, cellphone, telephone, or email. Events passed from REACT
    Front Desk, Building 5                             to OnGuard can be enabled and con gured entirely within the OnGuard interface.

                                                       Your System, Your Data
               Flexible Events                         The REACT integration with OnGuard quickly connects and imports your data from
                                                       OnGuard, providing you with options speci c to your con guration. There is no need to
                                                       re-enter additional data from your environment, it is all brought in automatically and
                                                       shows up as options in the integration con guration interface with the names as you’ve
                                                       de ned them in OnGuard.

                                                       For more information:

                                                                                REACT Systems is an OpenAccess Partner of
  Easy to Use and Con gure                                           Lenel Systems International, Inc. , a UTC Fire & Security Company.
 REACT Events in OnGuard and
                                                       Note: REACT integration with OnGuard requires an OnGuard DataConduIT license and REACT
   OnGuard Events in REACT                                   integration license to operate.                                                    REV 10-19-09

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