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LA National Guard Chaplains Office


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									                LA National Guard Chaplains Office
               And Office of Family Programs Present

               Marriage Enrichment Retreats

 Using the PREP® method - one of the most comprehensive and respected
  marriage enhancing programs in the world. It is a skills and principles-
 building curriculum designed to help partners communicate and get to the
      heart of problems, and increase their connection with each other.

 Open to legally married Soldiers and Airmen of the LA National Guard who
   have been deployed since 11 Sept 01 in support of the Global War on

                     Each event is limited to 50 couples.
        Reservations will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

  We provide two nights accommodations, most meals, workshop materials
 and conference fees. We reimburse mileage and standard per diem for the
  spouse. Soldiers and Airmen attend in ADSW or IDT status with rations.
         See our website for further information and for updates –

                           24-26 June 2005 – New Orleans
                            Application Deadline: June 22

                              15-17 July 2005 – Monroe
                             Application Deadline: June 23

                             22-23 July 2005 – Alexandria
                              Application Deadline: July 1

                          12-14 August 2005 – Baton Rouge
                            Application Deadline: July 22

                          19-21 August 2005 – New Orleans
                            Application Deadline: July 29

                           26-28 August 2005 - Alexandria
                           Application Deadline: August 5

                           17-19 September 2005 – Ruston
                           Application Deadline: August 26

                         24-26 September 2005 – Shreveport
                          Application Deadline: September 3

Register by e-mail to family.programs@la.ngb.army.mil, mail to Office of Family Programs,
P.O. Box 127, Arabi, LA 70032 or fax 504-278-8156.
                 Registration Form

Service Member Name:____________________________ ___ Rank: __________

Unit:                                                                                         _______________
          Unit Name                            City                           State

Dates of Deployment: ___________________                          Location: ____________________

Spouse Name: ______________________________Spouse SSN: _____________

Complete Address:                                                                                      _________
                                     Street or PO Box                  City                           State    Zip

Phone :
                      Daytime/Work                    Home                            Cell

Email Address:                                                                                        __________
                                     EVENT DATES AND LOCATIONS

   24-26 June 2005 – New Orleans                                19-21 August 2005 – New Orleans

         15-17 July 2005 – Monroe                                 26-28 August 2005 - Alexandria

     22-23 July 2005 – Alexandria                                 17-19 September 2005 – Ruston

  12-14 August 2005 – Baton Rouge                              24-26 September 2005 – Shreveport

Workshop Date and Location you wish to attend (FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED):

FIRST CHOICE _______________________________

SECOND CHOICE _____________________________

THIRD CHOICE ______________________________

Submit Registration to:
   Mail: LA National Guard, Office of Family Programs, P.O. Box 127, Arabi, LA 70032
   Fax: 504-278-8156
   Email: family.programs@la.ngb.army.mil

A confirmation letter with full details will be sent upon receipt of application.

                                             FOR FAMILY PROGRAM USE ONLY
         ITO NUMBER                                     SS#                                  DATE RECEIVED

        NUMBER OF DAYS                                  POV                NUMBER OF                TRAVEL COST

           PER DIEM                                                                      TOTAL COST ESTIMATE
                Louisiana National Guard
               Marriage Enrichment Retreat
                       The PREP® Approach –
         “Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program”

  Through discussion and practice, learn the effective communication
  skills couples need to nurture a lasting love. PREP® is not a group
therapy. It is an educational and practical application of what works in
               marriage (and what makes marriage work.)

1700-1900    Registration and Social
1900-1915    Welcome
1915-2015    Foundations

0800-0840    Safety/ Structure/ Communications
0840-0900    Break
0900-0945    Filters
0945-1100    Issue/ Events
1100-1230    Lunch
1230-1310    Expectations
1310-1400    Negative Communication/ Anger
1400-1415    Break
1415-1430    Fun
1430-1600    Problem Solving
1600-1620    Friendship

0800-1000    Ground Rules
1000-1015    Break
1015-1215    Sensuality/Sex
1215-1230    Closing

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