OREGON ARMY NATIONAL GUARD                                                                  OREGON ARMY NATIONAL GUARD

                       SPILL RESPONSE GUIDE                                                     ON-SCENE COORDINATOR RESPONSIBILITIES
1.   ANY SOLDIER OR EMPLOYEE creating or observing a POL or hazardous                      1.   EXECUTE Spill Response Requirements (see SRG-1 on other side).
     material spill must Notify the On-Scene Coordinator IMMEDIATELY,
     regardless of the type of material or the amount spilled.                             2.   CHARACTERIZE the Spill:

2.   ON-SCENE COORDINATOR (OSC) designated for all ORARNG activities:                                What was spilled?
                                                                                                     How much was spilled?
           CONVOYS - Convoy Commander or NCOIC                                                      Was a “Reportable Quantity” spilled?
           REFUELING POINTS - OIC or NCOIC                                                          Has surface water been impacted?
           TRAINING SITES - Unit Commander or OIC/NCOIC
                                                                                           3.   CONTACT your higher headquarters immediately.
                                                                                           4.   NOTIFY if a “Reportable Quantity” was spilled. This is necessary to ensure
     a.   IDENTIFY the spilled material and evaluate the existing hazards at the site.          regulatory agencies are notified, financial liability of those who caused the spill is
                                                                                                protected, and necessary support for clean up is obtained.
     b.   PROTECT personnel. SAFETY is the first priority. Resist the urge to rush
          into dangerous areas. If in doubt, stay out! Notify your higher headquarters          a.    Call AGI-ENV, 503-584-3866/3862/3914, during normal working hours.
          and seek help. Cooperate with public officials who happen upon the scene.             b.    Call the OMD Staff Duty Officer, 503-584-3980, if after normal hours.

     c.   SECURE the area. Set up an adequate perimeter. Limit access to the spill         5.   CONTAIN or CLEAN UP any spill within the unit’s capability with available
          area. Keep observers and soldiers not responding to the spill out of the              materials & equipment. Do not over-task personnel. Pursue all actions safely.
          contaminated area or other areas of possible exposure.
                                                                                           6.   REQUEST immediate assistance, if required, to contain or clean up the spill,
     d.   PROHIBIT smoking, the use of lighters, matches, or other sparking devices             especially if water is impacted. Coordinate with responders or other public
          in the area, and vehicles from entering the immediate area.                           officials, as necessary:

     e.   CONTAIN the spill without unnecessarily exposing personnel to hazards, if                                 Within Oregon 1-800-452-0311
          possible. Use available PPE and containment materials and equipment.                                      Within California      1-800-852-7550
          Spill kits may be located on vehicles hauling POL. Enter spill areas from                                 Within Idaho           1-800-258-5990
          upwind, uphill, or upstream.                                                                              Within Washington      1-800-632-8000
     f.   PREVENT spills from flowing into drainage ditches, storm drains, and bodies           Be sure to obtain a follow-up number, as these only work within state borders.
          of water, if possible, using readily available materials. Use sand or soil as
          absorbent. Construct berms with soil or filled sand bags to restrict the flow.   7.   REPORT all POL or hazardous material spills to AGI-ENV.

     g.   CLEAN UP all spills within unit capabilities, no matter how small. Seek               a.    Refer to ORARNGR 210-6, Installation Spill Contingency Plan.
          immediate response assistance if the spill is beyond your capability (see             b.    Complete a Spill Incident Report (see Chapter 11, ORARNG Pam 200-1).
          Reverse). Coordinate cleanup beyond your capability with AGI-ENV.                     c.    Verbal Report to AGI-ENV or SDO w/in 24 hours, if “reportable quantity”.
                                                                                                d.    Written report to AGI-ENV within 72 hours (or the next normal working day).
1 Oct 01 See REVERSE for On-Scene Coordinator Responsibilities AGO Form SRG-1
                                                                                           1 Oct 01         See REVERSE SIDE for Spill Response Guide                AGI Form SRG-2

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