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                 vedanti NET
V E D A N T I    N E T    –   F I R S T   B R O C H U R E

What is vedanti NET?
The first and foremost high bandwidth high profile Fiber
Optic Cable Metro Wide Network of Eastern India, now in

       t is a project establishing leased physical networking of computers within the city of Guwahati using

I      Fiber Optic cable in the backbone. The project delivers a number of network based services at the
       highest level of integrity and reliability at the peak possibility of 1000 mbps transfer speed to all
       connected users in a redundant manner for 24 hrs a day 12 months a year. The technology,
functionality, services and operation involved have been envisaged at the highest international level with
no compromise in quality yet at reasonably affordable limit. Independent households, Multi-dwelling
apartments, industrial houses, corporate offices, financial & educational institutions and in all other
establishments where computers can be networked are brought into an inter-networking environment
facilitating internet gateway access, video, voice & data services and a plethora of other offerings described
in this web. We've provided a number of resources here to help you in associating with the network and
enjoy the services to your full satisfaction.

Who are the promoters?
When the promoters are 18 years old in North East, handling major
turnkey software projects of the region, what better could you
choose from?

         he promoter company is SM Computer Consultants Pvt. Ltd. located in Guwahati with more

T        than 18 years of experience and expertise and is one of the pioneers in IT business, research and
         consultancy in NE India. The company has a broad distinguished profile in the field of computer
         operations, sales & service, training, software development, web activities and electronic data
processing credited with a lot of success. Engaged in various areas of computer consultancy and
implementation since the year 1990, the company is associated with a number of reputed and leading
National and Multinational companies in the process of providing computer based turnkey solutions,
Computer Aided Designing & Photo-typesetting, Computer Aided Engineering, Computer based Video
Post production and image processing. More than 80% of business relates to State and Central
government resources and leading Public Sector Undertakings of India. One of the pioneering feat
attained in the recent past has been Live video web casting of events and video and mp3 streaming in the
web on the first full domain site of NE region

V E D A N T I   N E T   –   F I R S T   B R O C H U R E

Network Services


High speed redundant Internet Gateway Access is being provided in the following categories of
bandwidth. Customers are required to assess their bandwidth requirement and apply for leased /
wired connectivity. The transport medium is Fiber Optic and therefore the bandwidth offered is
almost guaranteed and is available 24 hrs a day, 12 months a year.

VedantiNET         Bandwidth                                     Amount (In Rupees)
PLAN               (in kbps)                                     No of machines
                                         1             2-6        7-15    16-20     Above
BUSINESS                     256         1,000/-       1,000/-
PLAN               Per                                 200/-
                          512                                    2,000/-   2,000/-
                   Per                                           200/-     250/-
                        1 Mbps                                                          15,000/-
HOME                     512             1,000/-


Telephonic as well as Video conferencing service within the network in real mode is offered to
connected members in one to one, one to many and many to many modes. This service is
independent of Tele-Video conferencing being done on the Internet and is an additional
component of service for users within the physically laid down network. Digital equipments may be
separately installed over and above the usage of the computer if desired so. Members can use either
the connected computer or separate equipments independently as per requirement and
functionality. This company may supply all equipments if needed.

V E D A N T I   N E T   –   F I R S T   B R O C H U R E

Top of architecture end to end Voice over IP (VoIP) service is being offered to facilitate IP to IP
as well as IP to regular telephone secured conversation both in the local loop and international
level using the Member Software Utility Package browser based interface. Customers may use
Digital equipments separately and independent of the computer if desired so. This company may
supply all equipments. IP telephonic conversation is very cost effective for international calls. The
technology caters to high-volume Internet access, regional/branch office connectivity, corporate
virtual private network (VPN), international wholesale long distance and enhanced voice services.

V E D A N T I   N E T   –   F I R S T   B R O C H U R E


In addition to web casting of Video / Audio News capsules at scheduled intervals through out the
working times, every viewer gets access to Tele scripts of running news in automated process 24
hrs a day directly fed from local, national & international news circuits for information on current
and latest happenings. There are weekly news program called video magazine from the local
circuit produced by eminent producers of the TV world.


This program renders information on Guwahati city in every possible department including
weather, entertainment, road shows, yellow pages, institutions, marketing, shopping, festivals,
exhibitions, sports, culture, professions, education, medication, fire, police, law, community and
many more. However, one major area shall be automated video monitoring of major crossroads
and junction points of the city 24 hrs a day.


This is a service meant for software houses or corporate & banking institutions who require large
database to be backed up or a mirror copy be archived for a fairly long time. Data may be retrieved,
rescanned, updated or revalidated any time from any where across the globe with the given security
access. Size of database may be to the tune of hundreds of terabytes and can be in any standard


With this service, a member does Air & Railway reservation booking of all services originating in
Guwahati. The member gets the status of booking online and the ticket gets delivered at his
premise the following day.


This service is similar to Tele / Video conferencing mentioned above, but with lesser security
control and with an added functioning of multimedia component being served in the form of
music and whiteboard. There is audio streaming with conferencing leading to a group musical
carnival. Only the computer console has to be used for terminal operation and not standalone
video conferencing units.

V E D A N T I   N E T   –   F I R S T   B R O C H U R E


Educational institutions of any nature hook up to the network and deliver live or deferred class
room service on video using multimedia. The participating students across the city interact with the
service online and the scenario becomes a real time affair.


Members get access to a library of over 5,000 digitally re-mastered video albums including those
from Bollywood, Hollywood and Assamese / Bengali chartbusters and documentaries. This
number is ever increasing with time at regular intervals. Pure digital transporting media ensures no
clogging & jamming and a member demands his individual choice of album on line being streamed
and played again and again at the click of the mouse button.


Members get access to a library of over 15,000 digitally re-mastered mp3 audio albums from the
chartbusters, traditional and classical world. This number will ever increase at regular intervals. Pure
digital transporting media ensures no clogging & jamming and a member demands his individual
choice of album on line being streamed and played again and again at the click of the mouse


A member gets access to 70 Web TV channels besides the regular ones normally tuned in the cable
TV network. The Web TV channels comprise news, music, sports, video and other areas of


Scheduled medical consultancy and telemedicine service involves leading city based nursing homes
on priority of practitioner basis and on those areas where remote medical service is possible.
Members desirous of the service get one to one fully secured and confidential limited period
consultation on video / scripts and subsequently, medicines or other measures prescribed get
delivered at the convenient premises of the patient within the city after the electronic billing
particulars are met. The service is at par with normal practices seen at medical terminals with the
exception that there is no physical examination of the patient and if so required after the remote
video received by the doctor is assessed as insufficient, personal consultation will follow thereafter.

V E D A N T I   N E T   –   F I R S T   B R O C H U R E


This company is a pioneer of video web casting of live events in real time and has been formulating
through a flagship web site since 1989. Netizens will recollect web casting of Bihu
celebrations in the year 2001 and 2002 witnessed by over 80,000 people worldwide. However, due
to bandwidth restriction, the web casting in live mode deserved more for normal flow of video to
the viewers connected in the dial-up mode. This restriction is now over with the Fiber Optic Cable
leased connectivity incorporating state of the art networking equipments at the highest
international level. Real time video web casting of live events is available for events with the city


Members desirous of procuring software from leading manufacturers like Microsoft, Lotus, Novell,
AT & T, Borland; Norton etc. may possess and use a copy under remote licensing system subject
to conditions. These licensing policies are defined as per criteria laid down by the respective
manufacturers, which are to be adhered to. Licensing over the network is time bound and members
shall have access for exclusive usage with full support and upgrades. A list of available software
appears in the next upgrade of the web.


Electronic cash transfer through online trading of services and products of a variety of nature is
offered in this service. Only city based availability of products and services are considered.
Members get access to buy, sell or demand a service electronically all available essential
commodities and other items of the following categories online: Household, medicinal, sports,
musical, garments, toys, automobiles, cosmetics, computers, software, electronics, books,
shoes, building materials and a host of others. Since third parties get involved in the
transaction, rules of electronic commerce and conditions of trading appear separately once the
activities are made public over the network. Therefore, list of services and items of purchase as well
as accepted instruments of money transfer appear in the next upgrade of the web.


Hobbyists and enthusiasts of computer games play online from a library of 3500 titles over the
network for an altogether different experience in this world. One plays cricket or football with
eleven others in private over the network to witness a real time exposure in a closed environment
secured from other intruding groups. Starting from word puzzles, to ping pongs, from cartography
and indoor/outdoor games to flight simulators and casinos, the experience is the ultimate in the
gaming world for members of all ages and tastes.

V E D A N T I   N E T   –   F I R S T   B R O C H U R E


Because of establishment of local web servers in the city, web hosting is now stones’ throw and
without time lag or other formalities, members may opt for Linux or NT based web hosting in
hours from the moment he thinks about it. Every domain space is of 50 MB and domain
registration service is offered online too. Transfer of files, control of web parameters and
monitoring of web statistics are all within minutes of commencement over the Fiber Optic
backbone while the Internet world gets it on the gateway backbone with no hops in between.


This service is offered to encourage serious programmers build projects on assignment basis over
the network, which he/she may work collaborating with others in a Virtual Private Network
(VPN). The project gets monitoring, recommendation, guidelines, support services and patenting if
required and gets marketing and exporting supports as well. All details are available from the office
location of this service.


If a member is a cultural or musical exponent and desires to be promoted in the world of Internet
as well as in the local circuit, this service allows remote or studio based recording of video
(Windows or Real player format) and audio (mp3 format) files for hosting and subsequently
distributing them over the network on remuneration basis to the enthusiast. There is enough
opportunity for the musical enthusiast to earn scores not only through this service on a network
but also from re-mastering of the files so recorded onto audio / video tapes and CDs which may
be subsequently prepared by this company.


This service allows corporate, institutional, banking and other business branches in the city to be
interlinked into a fully secured private network of their own for inter office activities. The service
allows coordination & transfer of files, distributed processing, multimode report generation, and
online liaisoning and ecommerce activities among the branches with a single/multi-layered access
to the backbone and the Internet..



V E D A N T I    N E T    –   F I R S T   B R O C H U R E

Customers’ responsibility

         he customer needs a small investment to be made apart from the regular charges if the premise,

T        where the connectivity is desired, is independently located i.e. if the premise is not within a Multi-
         dwelling unit or apartment or a closely knit environment and where there are no other customers
         in the vicinity. The investment shall be in the form of an equipment (CPE) to be owned by the
customer, for linking with the Ethernet / LAN card of the computer intended to be used in the network.
                             If the customer does not have a compatible computer system or that it needs
The customer is              to be upgraded, this company, if asked for, can provide installment basis of
termed as a                  payment structure to facilitate the customer go ahead with the connectivity.
member of the                For multiple residential complexes, offices, institutions and other
community of                 establishments where there is a possibility of a number of networked
vedanti NET and              computers being hooked to the Metro Wide Network, there shall be no
membership is                investment per system as the CPE will not be required. However, it has been
                             assumed that the customer's computer has regulated power source and
                             satisfies minimum configuration mentioned separately in this web. The
                             customer's computer system shall have to be necessarily configured to
accommodate the minimum requirement and install Member Software Utility Package. All services
shall function from the window of the Member Software Utility Package only.

How to get connected?

     nterested customers shall first logon to download the pre-application form,

I    take a printout, fill up as asked and put signature where required and mail to the office location or
     hand delivered. The form must be supported by any document issued by competent authority as a
     proof of the address of the location where connection is sought. Please note that, pre-application
form cannot be considered without authentic proof of location. In a couple of days, thereafter the
The whole process customer receives a communication accepting the request for connection.
                             Once confirmed, the customer needs to fill up the formal application form
takes less than 15
                             along with a mutually signed agreement of acceptance of terms. There may be
days if the                  further requirement of additional document and declaration depending on
customer is fast.            opted services and bandwidth. The customer needs to only register now and
                             the connection is done within next 72 hours from this point. The day the
connection is made, the customer gets 7 days of trial period for configuring his system for optimum
performance. On the eighth day he pays for all the services desired along with the security etc. Corporate
/ Banks/ Institutions/Business houses follow the same procedure except that the number of computers
on their own network needed to be mentioned. There are subsidized rates for such computers on a
private network given a single nodal connectivity to vedanti NET.

V E D A N T I   N E T   –   F I R S T   B R O C H U R E

Are you within 3 kms?
The first backbone passes through the following locations of the city and you are
connected if within 3 kms of these locations in any direction.

                                        Rajgarh road      Bhangagarh

                             Chandmari                              RGB Road

                  Gauhati club                                             Ganeshguri

         GNB Road                                                                     Christian Basti

         MRD Road                                                                     GS Road

         Uzan Bazar                                                                   Paltan Bazar

                        Fancy Bazar                                        Rehabari

                                        Pan Bazar         AT Road


       Your location can be within 3 kms either side of the main road
       connecting these locations. Those who are from other locations but
       within the GMC territory of the city of Guwahati may still be
       connected depending on feasibility and as such may contact for
       connection in the second phase of the proposed network.

Registered Office: SM Computer Consultants Pvt. Ltd. GNB Road, Silpukhuri, Guwahati 781003
Corporate Office: SM Computer Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Institution of Engineers (India), Assam State
Centre, 2nd floor, Panbazar, Guwahati 781 001 Mobile:- 9854053357,9854053351 Pre-application form: Quotes: Support
services: 1 PM to 5 PM