On Guard by chenboying


									On Guard

   Concentration: Network Security. My company will analyze a small
   businesses network and implement the necessary firewalls and software.

   Design Concept: The corporate concept for On Guard is to basically
   make the customer feel that our services will keep they network safe and
   secure. Possible Mission Statements/Slogans: Keeping Viruses and
   spyware out. Making your network On Guard. Defending your network.

   Audience: Our audience will mainly consist of small offices, and small
   businesses, stores, mainly companies that might not have an IT
   department or Networking department already working for them.

   Name: On Guard. This name came about just by looking at the definition
   of secure and also synonyms. I thought On Guard is catchy and
   something you can remember easily. It also conveys that we are going to
   be guarding networks. You can also do some good word play when it
   comes to slogans etc.

   Font: chose Agency FB because it is strong and not too cartoonish like
   the other fonts. (Shown Above)

   Color: I chose blue and yellow shown above. I believe that these colors
   can make a great website layout with various shades.

   Logo: The logo I created in Freehand is a preliminary idea. I basically
   took our company name put a keyhole in between “On” and “Guard” and
   encompassed it in an oval ring. I think it’s a strong start. I wanted the
   keyhole somewhere in the logo because I think it signifies something
   that’s locked or guarded. I initially was gonna try and put it in the “O” in
   On but then I changed my mind after seeing how it came out in Freehand
   so for now, I’m gonna stick with what I have.

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