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					        Yesterday afternoon, at Hunterdon Central Regional High School, a disgruntled
18 year-old student held a teacher and student hostage at knife point over a failing grade
and a lost scholarship.
        The attacker, a senior at Central, John P. Jung, entered the school on Monday,
November 19th, in order to confront his chemistry teacher, Victor Milczek, about a failing
grade. During Central’s after school tutorial period, Jung attacked Milczek in his
classroom while Lissa Smiith, another student, was there making up other school work.
        According to Milczek and the police, Jung, set to go to Johns Hopkins University
on a lacrosse scholarship in the fall, came to talk to Milczek about retaking his final,
which resulted in the loss of his scholarship. Despite the violent act, Vice Principle Evan
P. Gsell felt that the school security procedures were followed as expected and worked to
reassure parents about the safety of the school. "We feel Hunterdon Central Regional
High School is as safe as any school in the nation,” he said.
        Alerting school officials to the attack was a mother, Mrs. Sioban McMann, who
reported hearing a commotion and seeing a student forcing a teacher up against a wipe
board. Immedietly, the Raritan Township Police Department, including Chief Paddy
O’Hara, Sergeant Kristover Favre, and the local SWAT team responded to a radio
conversation between two school officials. After no more than 15 minutes, Favre was
able to help Jung realize the severity of his actions and he was apprehended by the police.
        Parents, teachers, and students alike are concerned about the growing safety
issues in a large public school. Personality is not always a dead give away. Smiith,
working with Milczek in tutorial when Jung attacked, feels that Hunterdon Central’s
security team reacted timely and feels that the school is very safe. "I think any student
can go off,” she said. “It is hard to protect everyone
        Although the security team will be discussing the procedures soon, Raritan
Township Police Chief Paddy O’Hara felt that passing and tutorial times need to be
reexamined as they are the times most vulnerable for safety issues. “You cannot protect
students from themselves,” he said.
        In an attempt to secure the school for safety, the school security council will be
meeting to make possible changes and to discuss the effectiveness of all procedures.
According to Gsell, school will be open tomorrow and counselors will be available for
any student who wants to talk to someone. Milczek will not be returning to school for
sometime as he feels he needs to reevaluate his goals for his future and for his impact in
        According to O’Hara, Jung will be arraigned this afternoon and is being charged
with assault with a deadly weapon. He could potentially face 5 to 20 years in prison and
will no longer be a student at Hunterdon Central.

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