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									Mohd Hafiz Bin Abdul Rafar

POSITION NOMINATED:   Surveyor/ Processor

NAME:                 Mohd Hafiz Bin Abdul Rafar
ADDRESS:              No 28 Kg Tualang Temerloh 28000, Pahang
CONTACT:              hafizarafar@yahoo.com
DATE OF BIRTH:        11th September 1978
BIRTH PLACE:          Sabah
SEX:                  Male
HEIGHT:               172 cm
WEIGHT:               67 kg
MARITAL STATUS:       Single
NATIONALITY:          Malaysian
COURSE                42 MBES Sonar Training Course, Singapore.
                      Associated University New Brunswick (UNB), Ocean Mapping
                      Group (OMG), Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping (CCOM)
                      Joint Hydrographic Center (JHC) of University New Hampshire

QUALIFICATION:        Diploma Science Geomatic
                      (University Technology of Mara)
                      Fugro’s Starfix.Proc in-house training
                      Fugro’s PCMap in-house training

SPECIALISATION:       MBES Data Processing/ Operating. Cartography (Digital
                      Mapping), Navigator/ online-Surveying/ Survey Positioning,
                      Geographical Information System and Land Survey.

EXPERIENCE:           Conversant with GPS equipment system, Strong understanding in
                      Geodetic Parameter and Geomatic Concept, conversant with
                      MBES/ Singlebeam sonar system, bathymetric mapping, 3D and
                      2D Digital Imaging & Modeling and Digital Terrain Modeling
                      (Fledermaus, Caris, EIVA, Fugro In-house Software), seabed
                      topographic, hydrographic and cartographic drafting with
                      AutoCAD, TerraModel and MicroStation, and proficient in the data
                      processing. Experience in 2D seismic Geophysical survey and
                      positioning survey. Diverse working background and experience in
                      multi-platform environments. Further experience has included
                      providing field services support, technical supervision, and IT
                      network management and executive reporting and report writing

Mohd Hafiz Bin Abdul Rafar


05.2007 – Present   Freelance (Data Processor / Surveyor)

07.08 – 09.08       Fugro Survey B.V – As a MBES Processor, Fugro Office,
                    Finalizing Annual Survey for WINTERSHALL BV, and TOTAL,
                    CHEVRON. Leidschendam, Holland

06.08 – 07.08       Fugro Survey B.V – As a MBES Processor, onboard VOS Baltic,
                    Annual Survey for WINTERSHALL BV, and TOTAL, CHEVRON,
                    North Sea, Holland Water.

05.08 – 06.08       Boskalis and Dredging International – As a Surveyor/
                    Processor, Conduct MBES Survey, Setup Survey Equipment on
                    Survey Boat, Responsible in accuracy of data as far as IHO
                    concern. Process survey data and produce cross section charts.
                    Trenching/ Rockdumping 24” Gas pipeline, Client ALLSEAS. Main
                    company RELIANCE. Kakinada, Andra Pradesh, India

04.08 – 05.08       MSS Italia s.p.A – As a Cartographer, provide consultation on
                    behalf MSS iItalia regarding Caucasus Route Survey Final Charts
                    and Report, Liaison with Tyco Telecommunication and Electra
                    Telecommunication spA. MSS Italia Office, Rome, Italy

02.08-03.08         MSS Italia s.p.A - As a MBES/ Data Processor,
                    telecommunication cable lay, inshore SSS/SBP/MBES survey
                    using Caris Hips/Sips autocad, chartbuilder, PDS2000, onboard
                    MV Aurelia. Client Electra and Alcatel lucent. Inshore
                    Pethaskinos, Cyprus.

01.08-02.08         MSS Italia s.p.A - As a MBES/ Data Processor,
                    telecommunication cable lay, inshore SSS/SBP/MBES survey
                    using Caris Hips/Sips, autocad, chartbuilder, PDS2000, onboard
                    MV Aurelia.Client Electra and Alcatel lucent. Mediteranian Sea
                    and inshore Sicily, Italy.

11.07-12.07         MSS Italia s.p.A – As a MBES/ Data Processor,
                    telecommunication cable lay, deepwater SSS/SBP/MBES survey
                    using Autocad, Chartbuilder, PDS2000, Fledermaus, onboard MV
                    Universitatis. Client Tyco and Electra. Black Sea and inshore
                    Poti, Georgia.

10.07-11.07         MSS Italia s.p.A – As a Data Processor, telecommunication cable
                    lay, inshore SSS/SBP/MBES survey using Autocad, Chartbuilder,
                    PDS2000, Fledermaus onboard MV Akademik. Client Tyco and
                    Electra. Inshore Varna, Bulgaria.

08.07-09.07         Van Oord - As an Offline Surveyor, Rock dumping Deepwater,
                    Ormen Lange, Norwegian Sea using Terramodel Ver9, onboard

Mohd Hafiz Bin Abdul Rafar

                    MV Nordness. Client Norsk Hydro, StatOil, Norwegian Sea,

08.07               Van Oord - As a Cartographer/ Data Processor, Van Oord Office,
                    Power Windmill Project, at K7 using Terramodel Ver9. Van Oord
                    Office, Gorichem, Holland.

07.07-08.07         Deeprock/ TideWay/ Boskalis – As an Online Surveyor (Qinsy)
                    onboard MV Seahorse and data processing (offline Surveyor)
                    using Terramodel ver9, Rock dumping Oseberg-1, Subsea7
                    /Hydro, Norway. Client Norsk Hydro, StatOil, North sea, Norway.

05.07-07.07         MSS Ptd. Ltd. As a MBES/ Data Processor, Pipeline pre-lay, as-
                    laid and as-built survey and support to pipe lay, SV Crest
                    Diamond, Main-Contractor Client ENI/Saipem, Client Carigali
                    Hess. Malaysia /Thailand JDA location.

09.2002 – 05.2007   Fugro Geodetic (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
                    As Surveyor/Processor

                    As a Surveyor/ Processor for 2D Hi-Res digital and analogue
                    site surveys, pipeline and cable route surveys, pipeline
                    surveillance surveys, anchor pattern chart, sweep surveys for
                    SSB/SSPC, PCSB, Lundin, Murphy Oil (Sabah, Malaysia), BHP
                    west Java (Indonesia). ENI (Indonesia). Amerada Hess, Chevron
                    (Thailand), Santa Fe Resources (China), COOEC (Thailand),
                    PTTEP (Thailand), Pearl Oil (Thailand), NAVA, Reliance (India),
                    J.Ray McDermott, BP (China), BARMADA McDERMOTT,
                    Sakhalin (Russia), CAIRN ENERGY (India), Conoco Phillips
                    (Vietnam),    DAEWOO      INTERNATIONAL       CORPORATION
                    (Myanmar), NME-JAMSTEC (Japan), Gujarat (India), Husky
                    (China), Truong Son JOC (Vietnam), SBED (Bangladesh) etc.

03.07-04.07         Senior Surveyor/ MBES operator /Processor, Geophysical Survey,
                    PTTEP, Bongkot Field, Thailand.

02.07-03-07         Party Chief, MBES Pipeline surveillance survey, SSB/SSPC
                    Sarawak, Malaysia.

01.07-02.07         Party Chief, MBES Helicopter wreck survey, Bayan Field Bintulu,
                    SSB/SSPC Sarawak.

12.06               MBES coordinator. Focus on finalizing, analyzing bathymetric
                    data and presentation to client. As a support and helpdesk.
                    SSB/SSPC Lutong, Sarawak, East Malaysia

11.06               Project Coordinator. Vessel Tracking System intergrated GIS
                    environment and Remote Positioning System. SSB/SSPC Lutong,
                    Sarawak, East Malaysia

Mohd Hafiz Bin Abdul Rafar

09-10.06       Party Chief, MBES Operator/ Processor, Reson Seabat 8101,
               onboard MV Kajib, 40km x 12km Mega Block (M1,M3,M4,Jintan,
               Saderi). SSB/SSPC Sarawak, Malaysia

07-08.06       Survey Supervisors. Supervise in navigation system and
               acquisition system onboard and responsible in Gyro, MRU,
               MBES, RDI Doppler calibrations and QC data. Main role as MBES
               Operator/ Processor, EM2000 onboard GeoSurveyor. High
               resolution Deep Water 2D seismic Geophysical Survey for ENI,
               Kalimantan, Indonesia

06-07.06       Project Coordinator, Vessel Tracking System (VTS) Remote
               Positioning (RP), coordinate of the VTS and RP operation,
               through-out the implementation process

05.06          Online-surveyor/ MBES Operator/Processor, Seabat(reson) 8101
               onboard MV Karu, analogue sweep survey. SSB/SSPC Lutong,
               Sarawak, East Malaysia

04-05.06       MBES Processor at Jakarta Office, Finalized grid, image and xyz
               files, Performed a presentation of MBES data to BP West Java
               Client, at BP office, Jakarta, Indonesia

03-04.06       Online-surveyor/ MBES Operator/ Processor, Seabat(reson) 8101
               onboard MV Geo Eastern HiRes and analog drilling hazards
               survey. BP West Java, Jakarta, Indonesia

03.06          As a Surveyor mobilizing barge kuroshio-1 and kuroshio-2 Nippon
               steel, Batam, Indonesia

01-02.06       Online-surveyor/Onboard processing and MBES
               Operator/Processor simrad EM2000, Deep Tow Seismic Survey
               (DT1) for Malikai site survey, SSB/SSPC, Sabah

01.06          Process and finalize all area, Gumusut MBES data in Tuas,
               Singapore Office, SSB/SSPC

01.06          Process and finalize MBES data in KL office, Gumusut deeptow
               for all area 3, SSB/SSPC Sabah

12.05          Online-Surveyor/ Onboard processing, deep tow site survey for
               Area 3, SSB/SSPC, Gumusut, Sarawak

12.05          Online-Surveyor/ MBES Processor/Operator, Simrad EM1002,
               F5E Site Survey, SSBC/SSPC, Bintulu, Sarawak

11.05          Online-Surveyor/ Onboard Processing, for Pearl Oil site survey,
               Songkhla, Thailand

11.05          MBES Processor/ Operator, simrad EM1002, Chevron Texaco
               Site survey, Songkhla, Thailand

Mohd Hafiz Bin Abdul Rafar

11.05           Online-Surveyor, for PTTEP Site Survey, Surathani, Thailand

10- 11.05       MBES Processor/ operator, Saderi, F5E site survey,SSB/ SSPC,
                Bintulu, Sarawak

09- 10.05       Onboard processing, deep tow survey (DT1) for Area 1, Area 2,
                SSB/SSPC, Gumusut, Sabah

06- 08.05       Online-Surveyor/ Onboard Processing, Magnetometer survey, BP
                tangguh, Babu, Irian Jaya, Indonesia Timur

06.05           Positioning-Surveyor Onboard Teknik Berkat, rig positioning for
                PCSB , Tiong-A, offshore Terengganu

12.04 – 06.05   As a Project Coordinator upgraded and re-organized the network
                system, liased with Holland (Fugro IT HQ). Upgrade data server
                and re-arranged backup and upgrade backup system to higher
                capacity system (Data management). Involved in GIS data
                management including data conversion and database setup

11.04           Processing and charting for Sangu Field site survey and proposed
                rig tow route (Cairn Energy in Bangladesh)

09-10.04        On-line Surveyor for WPA and PLEM site survey, WPA-PLEM
                proposed pipeline route survey (Pearl Oil, Thailand) and as
                processor for Saipem, Asia to complete the processing job for
                SPP, WP13, WP9 site survey and proposed pipeline route survey

08.04           Processing and charting for YEN TU-1X site survey (PCVL,

07.04           Processing and charting for Rach Tau site survey (Truong Son
                JOC, Vietnam)

05-06.04        Online Surveyor for SHWE-2, SHWE-3 site survey (Daewoo
                International Corporation, Myanmar), Cebu-Leyte cable route
                survey (JPS, Philippine), BK-DEL-18C, K-DEL-23 & WP19, BK-
                DEL-24, WP20, AWP6 site survey, AWP2-APP, AWP3-APP,
                AWP4-APP, AWP5-APP, AWP6-APP, FSO2-APP, WP16(N2)-
                SPP, WP19(9 North)-WP13, WP20(G)-WP6 pipeline route survey
                (PTTET, Thailand)

05.04           Online survey for BLOCK H site survey (Murphy, Malaysia)

04.04           Processing for KG-1_KG-2A_KG-2B, KG-10, KG-11, KG-12, KG-
                13, KG-14, KG-3, KG-4, KG-5, KG-6, KG-7, KG-8 & 15, KG-9 site
                survey. (Gujarat, India)

01-03.04        Processing and charting for Benchamas North-S, Chaba West,
                G443-A, G443-B, G443-D, G443-E, Jarmjuree-AJ, Jarmjuree-CB

Mohd Hafiz Bin Abdul Rafar

               site survey (Chevron, Thailand), NEC25-B1, NEC25-D1, NEC25-
               SP1 (Reliance India), OFF EASTERN SHIMOKITA PENINSULA
               (NME-JAMSTEC, Japan)

12.03          Processing and charting for Sakhalin Energy (Russia).

11.03          Processing and charting for DEL12S-WP10, DEL 12S-WP13,
               SPP pipeline route survey, DEL 12S, TON SAK NORTH 1, TON
               SAK NORTH 2 site survey (PTTEP, Thailand)

09-10.03       Processing and charting for BWO-BWJ, BWP-BWE, MWF-BWC
               pipeline route survey, BWO, BWP, MWF site survey and MWA
               debris survey (Chevron Texaco, Thailand)

08-09.03       Processing and charting for E11PB-E11RC, E8DR-A-E11PB
               pipeline route SJJT-H sweep survey for SSB.

07.03          Processing and charting for Kikeh-4 deepwater site surveys using
               deep towed fish from Seatronics. (Murphy Oil, Sabah, Malaysia)
               Yacheng site survey, Hainan-Hong Kong pipeline route inspection
               survey (BP, China)

05-06.03       Processing and charting for BFP01-APP, BFP02-BFP03, BFP03-
               APP, HZP04-APP, HZP05-APP, HZP06-HZP05, REP02-APP
               pipeline route survey, HZP04, HZP05, BFP01, BFP03, REP02,
               BFP02, HZP06, BR-14-15, BR-15-5, BFS-15-14AB, BFS-15-19,
               BFS-15-20, G-15-8, G-15-2, H-16-9, N-16-5 site survey (PTTEP,
               Thailand) SHWE-1 site survey (DAEWOO, Vietnam)

04.03          Processing and charting for Yacheng site survey, Hainan-Hong
               Kong pipeline route inspection survey (BP, China)

03.03          Processing and charting for KG-6-2 and KG-K-1 site survey (Cairn
               Energy India PTY Limited)

01-02.03       Processing and charting for site survey like Loc-l, Loc-n, Loc-j,
               Loc-k, Loc-f, Loc-o, Loc-m, Loc-p, Loc-I, Loc-c, Loc-q, Cb-k-1,
               Gauri-A, Lakshmi-A platform, Lakshmi-B platform, Prospect-k, Tz-
               2d and pipeline route survey like Lakshmi gas route. (Cairn
               Energy India PTY Limited)

12.02          Processing and charting for KGD6-RO1, KGD6-SH3, KGD6-SH5,
               M1 (Reliance, India)

11.02          Processing and charting for Hazira A2 site survey. (Niko
               Resources Ltd, Incorporated In Canada)

09-10.02       Processing and charting for BDO pipeline surveillance for
               Sarawak Shell Berhad .

Mohd Hafiz Bin Abdul Rafar


Navigation Application:     Starfix (any version) ,Qinsy Version 7, EIVA Navipac 3.4D,
                            Hydropro, PDS2000

Processing/ MBES Software: Caris HIPS/SIPS
                           EIVA NaviEdit 3.4D
                           Starfix (fugro Software)
                           Simrad (merlin, SIS)

Charting Software:          MicroStation
                            AutoCAD all release

General Software:           Windows 95/98/2000/XP, Microsoft Office 97

Programming Languages:      Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (basic)
                            Microsoft C++ (basic)

Positioning Equipment:
                            TopCon GPS
                            Ashtech GPS
                            Trimble GPS Receiver
                            VBS 4100 Demodulator
                            SG Brown Meridian Gyro Compass
                            Edgetech DT-1 (Deeptow System)
                            PC Tug
                            Sonardyne USBL System
                            Starfix HP Reciever
                            Telemetry system

Echo-Sounder/ Motion/Pressure/speed sensor Equipment:
                           Reson Seabat 8101, 8125
                           Kongsberg Simrad EM1002 (MBES)
                           Kongsberg Simrad EM2000 (MBES)
                           Kongsberg Simrad EM3002 (MBES)
                           Edgetech DT-1 (Deeptow System)
                           Kongsberg Simrad EA500 (singlebeam)
                           SeatexMRU Motion Sensor
                           Octans Motion Sensor
                           TSS DMS Motion Sensor

Mohd Hafiz Bin Abdul Rafar

                    F180 Motion Sensor
                    Digiquartz Parosientific Pressure Sensor
                    Barometer Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
                    RDI DVL (Doppler) Speed

Survey Equipment:   Theodolite
                    Total Station


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