Document Sample
               MONDAY 11 APRIL 2005
                     9.30 – 12.00


1. Welcome

Chairperson – Patricia Harrison (PH)

Forum Members
Geoff Pennock (GP)
Kath Stansfield – Personal Assistant
Hazel Kelly (HK)
Barbara Smith (BS)
Ian Rutter (IR)
David Stevenson (DS)
Jen Geritsen

In Attendance
Lynda Denman – PPI Co-Ordinator - FSO WIRED
Norma Armour – Administrator & Minute Taker FSO WIRED
Debbie Wilson – PALS Manager – WHT
Margaret Davies-PPI Lead WHT

Carole Thomas
Kath Twist
Natalie Gage
George Nieman

LD reported that Claire McKeon had unfortunately had to resign
due to personal circumstances and Carole Thomas had requested
that her membership be „put on hold‟ for the time being due to
personal circumstances.

2. Minutes from Previous Meeting
Minutes of the previous meeting required the following

Page 3 Item 9.6 second paragraph should read:
JG was chosen to attend the National Breakfast with Rosie
Winterton, Minister of State for PPI and Harry Cayton, National
Director for PPI, on 16 March 2005 at The House of Commons re:
The future of PPI Consultation.

Page 5 – 14.7 – PH and KT had been to Arrowe Park to observe
the service of lunch-time meals not Clatterbridge Hospital.

3.   Matters Arising
     PH reported that she had been unable to set up a meeting
     with the Catering Manager due to a lack of response but was
     still endeavouring to make contact, MD suggested that
     perhaps PH would have more success if she contacted
     Sally-Ann Connerly to discuss catering issues.
     Members were happy with minutes and action points.

4.   Tape Recorded Meetings
     A vote was taken by Forum members on whether future
     meetings should be recorded:
     Those for:    4
     Abstentions: 3
     Action: It was agreed that a tape recorder is to be used
     to record future meetings and that the recording will be
     deleted once the minutes have been approved and that
     the recording would not be heard by any other person
     than those who had attended the meeting. FSO to
     arrange. LD also reported that it would be helpful, save
     time and help with the accuracy of minutes, if Members
     could provide a written report for circulation with the
     Minutes/Agenda on meetings attended.

5.    White Coats Questionnaire
      An analysis of the white coat questionnaire conducted at
      Arrowe Park Hospital was circulated to Members. Following
      discussion, it was agreed that results of the questionnaire
      showed that the main issue for a very high majority of
      patients surveyed was the importance of staff having clearly
      visible identification, rather than the wearing of white coats.

     Action: It was agreed that the results should be shared
     with the Trust. FSO to send results with a short
     covering letter to the Trust.

6.   Infection Control Questionnaire Feedback
     CT, IR, PH and KT had carried out the infection control
     questionnaire on their allocated wards. Following
     discussion, it was agreed that Members who had not yet
     completed the infection control questionnaire would do so
     prior to the next meeting if possible.

     Action: Members to complete infection control
     questionnaires prior to the next PPI meeting to be held
     on 9 May.

     PH reported on issues that she had noted whilst conducting
     the infection control questionnaire as follows:-
           Cleaning/Catering Issues
         PH had noted small piles of rubbish on ward floors
           MD confirmed that this is part of the cleaning routine,
           cleaning staff sweep from under beds and leave the
           rubbish in piles to be swept up when cleaning is
         Dirty dishes were mixed with clean dishes on tray units,
           MD said this can happen when patients need help with
           breakfast, their dishes are put on the trays later and
           are placed with the clean dishes which are to be used
           for lunch. It was noted that this would happen for a
           small number of patients only.
         PH noted that the majority of clocks seemed to have
           stopped - MD confirmed that this is the responsibility
           of Ward Managers.
         IR had noted that female doctors were wearing rings.

7.   Response from Frank Burns (re: noise at night)
     All Forum members had received a copy of Mr Burns
     response to LDs letter regarding noise at night in hospital
     and Mr Burns stated in his letter that The Clinical
     Governance Council were currently in the process of
     producing an Action Plan to deal with this problem and
     suggested that if the Forum felt it appropriate members could
     become involved in this group .
     This was noted.

     MD agreed to speak to Dr Melanie Maxwell to ask for 2
     places. MD clarified that some preparation and an
     understanding of Clinical Governance would be required.
     MD confirmed that this was a strategic group which met
     every 2 weeks.

     Action: MD to feedback.

8.   PALS Update
     DW reported that she presents a quarterly PALS Report to
     the PPI Steering Group and suggested sending a copy to
     FSO for circulation to Members. This was agreed. DW also
     reported that individual snapshot reports are sent on a
     quarterly basis to each directorate and asked if members
     would also like a copy forwarded. PH asked that DW bring
     burning issues to the attention of the Forum.

     Action: DW to forward quarterly PALs report to FSO for
     circulation to Members.

9.   PPI Update
        TV Charges
        DW reported problems with the cost – although the cost
        is £2.50 per day patients have to put in £3.00. This is
        currently being looked into.

      Regional Meeting Warrington
       LD gave details of a meeting to be held on Saturday 16
       April 11.00 – 1.00 regarding Patientline Services/
       Electronic Bedside Equipment, if anyone wants to attend.
       Due to the short notice, members were unavailable to
       Action: LD agreed to feedback any outcomes and
       information in due course.

      Freedom of Information Training
       With more people requesting access to records this
       training has been set up for volunteers and will be held

   on Monday 18 April. Members who wish to attend would
   be welcome.

 Visitors - WHT Meetings
  Carmel Calvin – Information Governance Co-Ordinator
  and Karen Heggarty – Operations Manager from WIRED
  wish to attend a Forum Meeting. MD and LD to arrange.

   Action: MD to invite Carmel Calvin to next meeting
   LD to invite Karen Hegarty to next meeting

     Privacy & Dignity Training
   MD reported that an event was being held on Friday 15
   April between 10.00am and 3.00pm at the Postgraduate
   Centre at Clatterbridge Hospital. The focus of the event
   was to formulate a plan to improve privacy and dignity for
   patients by exploring 6 factors of the essence of care
   model by looking at the patient‟s journey. In future
   people will be asked about how their appointments have
   been conducted with regard to privacy and dignity
   MD also reported that a patient‟s journey will be recorded
   and different aspects of that journey will be looked at for
   training purposes. IR, HK, JG and PH said that they
   would be attending this training event

 Changes in Computer System
  MD reported that there are to be changes to the hospital
  computer system. MD suggested inviting Angela
  Kennedy or Diane Plascat from the Wirral Health
  Informatics System to the meeting to provide an update
  and feedback to Members.
  Members agreed that they should be invited to attend
  the June meeting of the PPI Forum. MD agreed to

 Office Move:
  MD confirmed that she is in the process of moving office
  and will be located in the old Post Graduates Office - 2nd
  Floor, at Arrowe Park Hospital which she will share with
  her Secretary. Her extension number will remain the

        Patients Safety Group
         MD reported that she is a member of the Patients Safety
         Group which is chaired by Mr Graham Spearing. The
         remit of this working group is to look at incidents that
         occur which have or could potentially jeopardise patient
         safety and to carry out a mapping process and route
         cause analysis. MD invited Forum Member
         representation on the Group. PH agreed to join the
         Group and DS also expressed an interest in joining.
         Action: PH to attend - MD to put DS’s name forward
         for the future

10.       Review of PPI Documents
          It was noted that this documents were previously sent
          out for information and that no discussion was
          necessary. The amendment to the wording of the PPI
          Strategy was noted and previously reported.

11.       Reports & Feedback

11.1      Transport Group
          Council Meeting Re: Transport
          LD reported that Carole had reported that a new
          train station is to be built in the near future at Swan Hill
          in Woodchurch with a hospital link bus available.
          IR had nothing further to report.

11.2      Editorial Group – GP/KT
          Report deferred to next meeting – nothing to report.

11.3      Events Committee
           JG confirmed that the next meeting of the Committee
          on 3 May 2005 at 1.00pm at Shop Mobility. A final copy
          of the PPI leaflet developed by the Events Committee
          was circulated to Members for information. JG
          confirmed that although the Events Committee is
          informal, it has now set up a terms of reference clarifying
          its remit and decision making process. LD confirmed

       that a press release will be placed in the Wirral Globe in
       Action: LD agreed to circulate the draft Terms of
       Reference to Members for information.

11.4   Parent Carer Partnership Meeting
       JG confirmed she was attending a parent/carer
       partnership event on Thursday 14 April at Birkenhead
       Town Hall and stated that other members would be

11.5   Sub Group for Elderly Mental Health
       BS reported that she had attended 2 previous meetings
       of the Elderly Mental Health Group and that it had been
       agreed in principle to appoint a Liaison Consultant
       Psychiatrist for the over 65s.

11.6   Staffing, Pharmacy & Physiotherapy – DS
       DS reported that he had written to MD on the issue of
       staff shortages. It was noted that at present, this is an
       issue which is not the fault of the Trust, nor a budget
       issue, but he felt that there was little the Forum could do
       to help at the present time.

       MD reported that there had been a recent recruitment
       drive in Manchester and she was awaiting feedback no
       how this had gone. PH suggested this be taken to
       National level – ask if it can be an agenda item for the
       National Forum Meeting to be held in on 7&8 June. MD
       Stated that it is the DME and Medical Directorate who
       suffer most from staff shortages.
       Action: FSO to request staff shortages to be placed
       as an agenda item for the National PPIF Conference
       in June at the National Forum meeting

       DS was concerned that there were no performance
       indicators and about the four hour discharge target.

       DS reported that there is a higher ratio of physiotherapy
       in DME at the moment than other directorates but the

       directorate is suffering from absenteeism. There is a
       10% vacancy rate and 5% on maternity leave. Waiting
       lists are still long.

       Acton: DS to continue to pursue Pharmacy issues,
       physiotherapy waiting lists and looking at the
       Directorate for Laboratory medicine and the
       processes and timescales for results being made
       available to patients, GPs etc..

11.7    Bereavement
        PH circulated notes and stated that she felt it was a
        very useful meeting which actively gained patients and
        public views. PH also reported concerns around the
        process of collecting personal belongings of loved ones
        from General Office, very outdated, MD confimed that
        the Trust were looking at this.

        Breaking Bad News
        DS felt that the „breaking of bad news” should be
        carried out by someone at a senior level ideally a
        Doctor. MD stated that this is also carried out by
        nurses as their role has expanded so much and
        confirmed that the Bereavement Policy is being looked

        Butterfly Room – Claire House
        JG reported on the Butterfly Room at Claire House.
        This is a facility where any parents on Wirral can
        arrange to bring their recently deceased child to say
        their goodbyes.

11.8    Catering
        PH reported that she is still waiting to meet with the
        Catering Manager, both she and KT have a list of
        questions to discuss with him following their recent visit
        visits to both Arrowe Park and Clatterbridge Hospitals.
        MD suggested contacting Sally Anne Connery. PH and
        KT will continue to monitor catering.

11.8   Ongoing Projects/Paediatrics/London Event

DNA Issue
JG confirmed that an e: mail regarding DNA literacy
issue had now been acknowledged by Dr Mantgani
with an apology. Dr. Mukherjee, Head of Wallasey
Local Health Directorate is very interested in this –
there is to be a pilot project on reading. MD said that
she is interested to learn how many people don‟t turn
up because they have a literacy problem. It is a very
big issue at present and is on the Trust‟s Action Plan
for the next 12 months.

JG also reported that she had been involved in working
with Barbara Jones regarding communication within
Paediatrics and was working with Karen Whitehead
and Jean Keaney from Stanley School on
communication aids. JG also reported that she was
attending a Conference in London regarding the NSF
“Every Child Matters” which the Commission had
agreed to fund.

JG also reported on her attendance at the PPI Event in
London at the House of Commons. There were a
number of changes proposed in relation to the format
of Forums next year, where they are going to be
grouped together with 1 Chairman. The Chairman will
be appointed by the NHS Appointments Commission.
Geographical grouping of Forums and final format is
not yet known. There will be a Centre of PPI

LD confirmed that WIRED had been successful in
obtaining a further 12 month contract extension to
provide Forum Support for the 4 Wirral PPIFs until
August 2006. LD also confirmed that they are looking
to increase the capacity of Forums eventually to 15 and
then 20.

JG also reported that there would be 9 Regional
Centres across the country when the new structures
are implemented and would therefore mean a more
remote support service than at present.

        DS asked whether there would be Sub-Groups of
        Forums within the new structures but JG said that this
        was not yet decided.

11.9    Feeedback from Health & Social Care Select
        GP reported on this attendance at a recent Health and
        Social Care Select Committee meeting. He did not feel
        that there was anything relevant to feedback as the
        majority of agenda items were related to primary care
        with the exception of developments with the Wirral
        Electronic Records and the fact that some doctors had
        still not opted into the system.

        Action: It was agreed that there appeared to be
        very little hospital related items on the agenda for
        meetings of this Committee. It was agreed that a
        letter should be forwarded to Frank Burns to ask
        why this is the case and to ask that items are
        included on future agendas of the Health and
        Social Care Select Committee. LD agreed to draft a

11.10   FSO Brief Update:
        LD reported on an Infection Control Staff Study Day to
        be held on 16 May between 9.00am and 4.30pm at
        Clatterbridge Postgraduate Centre. She had been
        informed of this from another Forum Member on the
        CCO PPIF. LD had then contacted Carmel Edwards
        for details and was informed that there were 2 places
        on offer for WHT PPIF Members. PH and JG will
        attend if BS can‟t make it.

        LD also reported that another Infection Control Study
        Day had been arranged for 10 June which would
        incorporate infection control within the community but
        that there were no details available yet. BS expressed
        an interest in attending.

         Action: LD to speak to Carmel Edwards to confirm
         attendance for Members.

11.11    Fracture Clinic
         LD spoke of Mike Benson‟s concerns re: access to the
         Fracture Clinic. This had already been noted at a
         previous meeting.

         Medical Assessment Unit
         LD reported on comments received from Ian
         Broadbent, Forum Member for Birkenhead and
         Wallasey PPI on the general untidiness and clutter of
         the Medical Assessment unit waiting area, and the
         long waiting times but clarified that the service he
         received from the Unit was excellent. Comments were

 11.12   Link Person for B&W Forum
         B&W Forum is looking for a new link person as Carole
         Thomas‟s membership is „on hold‟ for the foreseeable
         future. JG suggested that the Chair of B&W Forum
         Robin Eley Jones liaise with her when they both attend
         the Events Committee in the interim period until
         Carole‟s return.
         Action: FSO to speak to REJ re: link person

  12.    Proposed Changes to the Structure of Forums
         Discussed earlier in the meeting.

  13.    Dates of June/July PPI Meetings
         13 June 9.30 – 12.00
         18 July 9.30 – 12.00
         Venue: Bebington Suite, Bebington Civic Centre

  14      Any Other Business
  14.1   Forum members agreed that MD and DW
         should receive agendas/minutes for WHT PPIF

  14.2   North Wales CHC Committee
         PH referred to a letter from CHC requesting information
         from the Forum.

Action: It was agreed that PH would forward a
response on behalf of the Forum.