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                                                         Basics About Fishing Lures
                                                                 By Robert Feuring

   What is a fishing lure?

 A fishing lure is an object that is attached to the end of a fishing line. Its purpose, as the name
suggests, is to lure fish through a combination of movement, vibrations and color. Fish get attracted to
the lure and attack it, in the process fall prey to the hook on which the lure is set.

How does it work?

 Fishing lures are widely used with fishing tackle. The lure is attached to the fishing line with a knot. It is
first cast out into the water and then slowly retrieved. The process of retrieval makes it appear as if the
lure is alive and swimming. This grabs the attention of any fish that are nearby.

History of fishing lures

 Fishing lures can be dated back to ancient civilizations, where fish hooks carved out of bone and
molded out of bronze have been discovered. In fact, archaeological sites in China and Egypt have
revealed fishing rods, hooks, and lines. In the early nineteenth century, the making of tackles and lures
was no longer an individual craftsman’s job, but something of interest to commercial manufacturers.
Over the years, this craft considerably advanced, and post WWII, much more technical advancement
was seen in fishing lines and fishing lures. Soon, fishing was both a hobby and a sport, enjoyed by
those who could afford it.

How many types of lures are there?

 Fishing lures are available in a myriad variety of sizes, colors, and types. The lures behave differently
in the water depending on the kind of fish that they are designed to catch. The most common types are
jigs, spoons, plastic bait, plugs, spinners, spinnerbait, poppers, and flies.

Materials used for fishing lures

 Fishing lures can be made of metal, wood, cork, and plastic, depending on the type of lure.
Lure-makers seldom make an entire lure; they specialize in a particular part of the lure. Manufacturers
as well as hobbyists need to then assemble the lure after collecting all the required parts. Metal could

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be used to make hooks, wire, beads, blades, ball bearings, rings, loops, and spacers. Wood and cork
are often used to make plugs. Plastic is equally popular and is used to make plastic bait; in fact, almost
all lures are dressed up with plastic attractions.

 How to use a lure?
 A skilled angler will tell you that it’s not so much about the lure (apart from using the right one for the
right kind of fishing), but more about how you work the line. When a lure is used for fishing, it is
necessary to continuously cast out and retrieve the line. This ensures that the lure moves in the water,
giving the appearance of a moving fish or insect. The lure will be completely ineffective if it not made to
move in the water.

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                                    Bass Lures And Other Fishing Products Shopping
                                                                By Stacey Day

 There are so many strategies that bass fishermen have to plan for, when fishing for bass. They have
to make sure that they have enough bass lures and other fishing products shopping analysts say are
crucial to being able to use as topwater lures while night fishing large mouth bass, and if they want to
catch a world record trophy fish, they'd have to make sure that a Knuckle Head Baby Striper about 5
inches long was in their tackle box.

Some fishermen get quite confused when going bass lure and other fishing products shopping,
because they do not know if the fish or biting or if they will be hiding in the lush grass all day. They feel
that if they keep a Ribbonfish lure in their handy satchel, they will be able to rig it almost anyway they
want, and with its true-to-life, the fisherman thinks he should be able to catch any fish he likes.

When other fishermen go bass lures and other fishing products shopping, they want the cutting edge in
lure design in their tackles boxes. The first lure that they think about is the Yummee Fly'n Fish
Unrigged model, cause they know that one lure will drive all the fish positively crazy. All wrongs will
turn right with this lure in the water, and there is no fishing dock in sight.

These fishermen know that the Yummee will run right everytime, and with its frantic injured fish action,
the fish have no other option than to see what the rackets all about. What they will see if a fish that is
so lifelike that is on the top fleeing a predator, and its one of the best bass lures to buy when you go
bass lures and other fishing products shopping.

These fishermen know that bass find loud paddling sounds in the water very irresistible, and when the
fisherman uses a jitterbug lure, these bass are really going to be excited. When they go bass lures
and other fishing products shopping, they want the best variety of lures with them when they are out on
the water.      These fishermen know to keep lures in their tackle box from the Fred Arbogast line,
because there is no better nighttime topwater bass lures in the world that they can use all of the time.
When they go bass lures and other fishing products shopping, they know that buying 10 different sizes
of Jitterbug lures in one package will save them money in the long run.

Some fishermen prefer to make their own lures, to project their own signature fishing line, and when
they go bass lures and other fishing products shopping, they put a Fishing Lures Kit in the shopping
cart. This French spinners kit will definitely give them a feel of satisfaction, and they know their
grandson's would truly enjoy putting all of the stainless steel shafts and brass body and beads

The most versatile lures that the fishermen could use would be the new Rooster Tail colors that they
find on the Rooster Tail lure. When these fishermen go bass lures and other fishing products
shopping, they know that the Rooster Tail lure will give them a better chance at finding not just bass,
but steelhead, salmon and trout and other big game fish will on their catching list for their marvelous
fishing day.

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