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                                              Baseball Sunglasses And Sports Eyewear
                                                                      By Vinci Pro

    Baseball sunglasses are as important as any other protective bodywear in a game. Sports
sunglasses are indispensable in daylight games. Without them, trying to catch a ball, particularly a ball
hit up high, can be difficult. The sun in your eyes can cause eyestrain and increase the chance that the
ball will be missed. According to Prevent Blindness America, more than 40,000 people a year suffer
sports-related eye injuries.

Sports eyewear comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many baseball sunglasses come with lenses
that are optimized to eliminate glare and enhance vision, particularly on sunny days. Many baseball
players prefer wearing amber sunglasses, even though the lenses aren't necessarily amber. More
often than not, they are either a mirrored type with also known as REVO coating, brown or gray.
Polarized lenses are also a plus as they decrease glare and eye strain. UV protection (ultraviolet ray
protection) is also a necessity when selecting good eyewear.

Another important feature of sports eyewear is their ability to shield players from serious injury. A
thrown or batted baseball can travel at very fast speeds, and the injuries they can cause can be
potentially serious. Because of this, it is recommended that baseball players choose sports sunglasses
with polycarbonate lenses, which are able to withstand the impact of a baseball and are virtually

Some baseball sunglasses have designs that allow the lens can be changed to suit the lighting
condition of a particular game. Also, many versions incorporate a wraparound profile that provides a
better field of vision. Others allow for different colored lenses to be swapped out.

As protective gear, baseball sunglasses can enhance a player's performance and help prevent eye
injuries caused by either sunlight or an errant ball. And last, but certainly not least, sports sunglasses
are a stylish and lightweight accessory on the field.

All Vinci Pro sports sunglasses are lightweight and created with impact-resistant polycarbonite lenses
that provides 100% UVA and UVB protection. Their total wrap-around profile offers a better field of
vision when playing baseball or softball. Visit us at

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                 Different Types of Eyewear For You
                                                             By Suzanne Hughes

Undoubtedly, eyewear has become one of the most wonderful and popular types of accessories for
people of both genders, having an endless range of wonderful styles, colors and designs. Some of the
popular names in the industry of eyewear include Armani, Gucci, Christian Dior, Calvin, Prada and

 Fashion eyewear may be found via different frames available in a variety of latest styles, shades and
shapes, suiting almost every style and need. Fashion eyewear for children is also available in attractive
designs and colorful patterns. Children eyewear is especially made, taking care of safety and durability,
so that they can stand up to the wear and tear.

Whether you are looking for discount eyewear or branded fashion eyewear, a good pair of sunglasses
will definitely suit your personality, lifestyle and face shape.

 Sports eyewear: As a gift of modern technology, a wide variety of sports eyewear is also available
which is aimed at protecting our eyes and enhancing our sport activities experience. Specific sports
eyewear is designed to offer optics of superior quality, eliminate fogging and maximize the field of
vision for an enthusiastic sports person. There are specific eyewear lenses and sunglasses available
for sports people including mountain climbers, snow boarders, skiers, cyclists, golfers, tennis players,
swimmers and drivers. Sports eyewear is well-known for its visual enhancement and optical quality.

 For example, yellow enhancement in the eyewear lenses is extremely helpful for tennis players as
tennis balls are usually yellow in color. Rose and amber lenses are helpful to enhance the soft grays
marking the ski slope shadows.

 Safety eyewear: Safety eyewear is also available. These can be used in home or work. These items
protect your eyes from any tiny particles that may be present in the air. You can wear this safety
eyewear while using saws, lathes, sanders or other tools or even while traveling in an open vehicle.
Safety eyewear may also come with polycarbonate lenses which are impact resistant and thus provide
higher protection to the most delicate part of your body.

 Children’s eyewear: If you are looking for children’s eyewear, you will be amazed to see the variety of
colors, styles and designs available in the market. You can opt for a plastic or metal frame to offer
durability to your child’s eyewear. Spring hinges which allow more flexibility and polycarbonate lenses
are great for children’s eyewear.

 Specialty eyewear: This type of eyewear may include reading eyewear, computer eyewear and driving
eyewear. Computer eyewear protect your eyes from the harmful radiations emitted from the computer
screen, reading eyewear are designed to make the words clear and withstand the stress on your eyes
due to continuous reading and driving eyewear enhance and expand your vision and also protect your
eyes from dust particles in the air.

 Prescription eyewear: This type of eyewear is purchased only with an optician’s prescription and is
meant to correct the vision of the wearer. Some people find difficulty in seeing nearby or far objects
and prescription eyewear is designed in such a way that this difficulty is eliminated to a great extent.

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 Some of the latest eyewear trends include oval shaped or rectangular designed frames in colors such
as rose, white, quartz, lilac, black, gold and peach. Some of the popular styles are lightweight frames,
ultra-thin frames, scandium frames, semi-rimless frames, stained glass frames and titanium frames.

Suzanne Hughes is a style consultant for online contact lenses. For more great
advice and tips on how to look great in your eyeglasses, visit her style expert page at:

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