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                              Shipment weight:       0.00 kg
                              Required margin:        0%

     PRODUCTION                                               Per unit       Qty        Total
     Cost price ex factory                                        $0.00             0     $0.00

     Packaging for retail                                         $0.00                   $0.00

     Packaging for shipping                                                               $0.00          $0.00

     ORIGIN CHARGES                                            Rate                     Total
     Handling                                    Minimum:         $0.00

                                                 Flat Rate:       $0.00 per kg            $0.00

     Security                                    Minimum:         $0.00

                                                 Flat Rate:       $0.00 per kg            $0.00

     Export Documentation                                         $0.00 per hawb          $0.00

     Customs Entry                                                $0.00 per entry         $0.00

     Pick up from factory                        Minimum:         $0.00

                                                 Flat Rate:       $0.00 per kg            $0.00          $0.00

     INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT                                     Rate                     Total
     Airport to Airport (Port to Port)           Minimum:         $0.00

                                                 Flat Rate:       $0.00 per kg            $0.00

     War Risk Surcharge:                         Flat Rate        $0.00 per kg            $0.00

     Fuel Surcharge (if applicable):                              $0.00 per kg            $0.00          $0.00

     DESTINATION CHARGES                                       Rate                     Total
     Collection Fee                                                   0%

                                                 Minimum:         $0.00                   $0.00

     International Terminal Fee                                   $0.00                   $0.00

     Terminal Document Fee:                                       $0.00                   $0.00          $0.00

     LOCAL DELIVERY CHARGES                                    Rate                     Total
     Delivery to warehouse/distributor           Minimum:         $0.00

                                                 Flat Rate:       $0.00 per kg            $0.00

     Delivery to retailer/customer                                $0.00 per unit          $0.00          $0.00

                                                                  Landed cost per shipment:              $0.00

                                                                         Landed cost per unit:    Enter unit qty

                                                                           Sell price per unit:   Enter unit qty

                                                 Number unit sales required to break even:        Enter unit qty

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