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					                                                    Laboratory Operations Toolbox Teacher Guide

PMLORG300A Follow Established Work Plan
This unit of competency covers the ability to complete tasks individually or in a team context.
The tasks involve established routines and procedures using allocated resources with access
to readily available guidelines and advice. Work plans may need to be modified with
supervisor agreement to suit changing conditions and priorities.

The unit is presented in two sections:
1. Day One Equipment Problems
2. Day Two Urgent Specimens

Unit relationship to competency
Element of competency            Section in Toolbox

                                 Day One Equipment Problems         Day Two Urgent Specimens

Organise daily work activities   Task 1. Organise daily work        Task 1. Getting Organised

Follow work plan                 Task 2. Follow work plan           Task 1. Getting Organised

Modify work plan                 Task 3. Modify work plan           Task 2. Work Plan Modification

Day One should be attempted first as it contains a detailed explanation of organising and
planning daily work activities. Day Two outlines briefly the first two competencies but the
emphasis is on the third competency (Modify work plan). Students are advised to do both
sections to achieve a complete understanding of the unit.

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                                                    Laboratory Operations Toolbox Teacher Guide

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Day One: Equipment Problems
Task 1. Organise daily work activities
Step 1. Clarify allocated work activities

Activity: Assignment - Log Book
Print this page containing one page from the Log Book. Fill in the work to be done in the
laboratory today and keep this close to you as you work through today's tasks.
Note the estimated time taken for each task is as follows:

           Wash all dirty glassware in Biological Laboratory.         1 hour
           Testing nitrate levels - samples from Dead Dog Creek       2 hours
           Reservoir. Use the spectrophotometer method.
           Tidy up Chemical Store.                                    2½ hours

Laboratory Technician's Log Book

Tutor Notes: Entries for the logbook above should be similar to the following.

 Date       Job                              Comments              Time taken        Completed
 Today’s    Wash all dirty glassware in      Do after testing      1 hour
 date       Biological Laboratory.

            Testing nitrate levels -         Do first, book        2 hours
            samples from Dead Dog            equipment
            Reservoir. Use the
            spectrophotometer method

            Tidy up Chemical Store           Important             2 ½ hours

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                                                   Laboratory Operations Toolbox Teacher Guide

Step 4. Break down work activities
Activity: Assignment - Break Down Work Activities

Break down the task ‘Tidy up the Chemical Store’ into sub-tasks.

1. Use your own experiences in your workplace or ask your trainer/supervisor for some
2. Prepare a table showing each sub-task, with a description of each and time allotment for
   each sub-task.
3. At least three sub-tasks should be described.

Tutor Notes: Learner should prepare a table with three columns. The Chemical Store is a
small to medium size and it would normally be in good order so expected cleaning time is
about 2 ½ hours, but more than this would not be unexpected. The table should look similar
to the following.

Sub-task                 Description                                              Time
Collect cleaning and     Cleaning and safety equipment should include             5 minutes
safety equipment         gloves, safety goggles or glasses, respirator (if
                         hazardous fumes present) and laboratory coat or
                         overalls. Sponges and bucket with warm soapy
Check Chemical Store     Look on all shelves for any leaking containers, these    30 minutes
for empty or broken      should be removed and disposed of correctly. Empty
containers               chemical containers should also be disposed of
                         correctly. Place these containers in deep carry trays
                         for removal from the store. If any chemical has run
                         out altogether a note should be made to check later
                         about ordering.
Clean shelves            Working in one area at a time (eg a shelf), remove all   1 hour
                         containers and wipe with sponge or cloth, use warm
                         soapy water if dirt is hard to remove. Any chemicals
                         that are spilt should be cleaned up first according to
                         the MSDS for that chemical.
Arrange chemical         Check containers are stored according to regulations.    20 minutes
containers               Regulations include the Dangerous Goods Codes,
                         Health and Safety Act and Appropriate Australian
Remove unwanted          Unwanted, broken or empty chemical containers            15 minutes
chemicals                should be placed in deep carry trays and disposed of
                         correctly according to the regulations.
Sweep floor              Collect broom and pan from laboratory. Any clean         5 minutes
                         broken glass should go in the glass bin. Broken glass
                         which is contaminated with chemicals should be
                         dispose of according to the regulations.
Update chemical          Remove chemicals from the register if you have           15 minutes
register                 removed them from the store. Make a list to be

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                                                    Laboratory Operations Toolbox Teacher Guide

Day Two: Urgent Specimens
Task 2. Work plan modification
Step 3. Complete Assignment
Activity: Assignment – re-organise work plan
1. Refer to the previous 'Today's Work Plan', outlining the original Work Plan for today.
2. Draw up a new Work Plan, which will incorporate the testing of the pH samples.
3. Note: you will need to allow 30 minutes for final clean up and will leave work by 4.30pm.

Tutor Notes: Should look similar to a table that looks something like this.

Task                                                Time Allocated            Time Completed
Change microscope bulb                              30 mins                   10.45-11.15
Prepare equipment for Gram staining                 15 mins                   11.15-11.30
Gram stain 1                                        15 mins                   11.30-11.45
Gram stain 2                                        15 mins                   11.45-12.00
Lunch                                               60 mins                   12.00-1.00
Gram stain 3                                        15 mins                   1.00-1.15
Gram stain 4                                        15 mins                   1.15-1.30
Gram stain 5                                        15 mins                   1.30-1.45
Gram stain 6                                        15 mins                   2.15-2.30
Afternoon tea                                       20 mins                   2.30-2.50
Calibrate the pH meter                              10 mins                   2.50-3.00
Test pH of water samples                            45 mins                   3.00-3.45
Record and submit pH results                        15 mins                   3.45-4.00
Final clean-up                                      30 mins                   4.00-4.30pm

Step 1. Organising your daily work activities
Seek Clarification

Tutors note: All correct answers are in bold
Question 1
If you do not know the testing procedures listed on the Work Assignment Sheet, what should
you do?
     a) Ask the Laboratory Supervisor.
     b) Ask the receptionist.
     c) Ask the Senior Technician.
     d) Try to work it out yourself.

Question 2
If you need further information about the techniques used for the testing of samples, you
would look them up in the:
     a) OHS Manual.
     b) Staff Manual.
     c) Methods Manual.

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                                                     Laboratory Operations Toolbox Teacher Guide

Work Plan and Prioritising
After seeking clarification of today’s work requirements prepare a work plan. Remember to
prioritise each task according to the guidelines you used in the Unit.

Question 3
Print the following table, fill in the tasks in the order you would do them and send the
completed table to your tutor.

Tutor Note: Should be in the following order.

      Tasks to be completed:
      Work Plan List           Task
      Do first                 Test blood samples (urgent to be done today) - HIV test
      Do second                Test fruit samples (stored at 4oC) – Sugar content
      Do third                 Clean microtomes
      Do fourth                Carry out routine maintenance on baths

Break down work tasks
Question 4 - Assignment
  (a) Select one of today’s tasks and prepare a break down of it into smaller components:
  (b) list sub-tasks and time taken for each,
  (c) use any format that makes your instructions clear eg table, steps.
  Send your proposed break down of a task to your tutor for assessment.

   Tutor Note: Answer at tutor’s discretion, but should reflect the principles of good
   organisation as discussed in this unit. Look for a clear, concise and detailed answer.
Step 2. Follow work plan
You have prepared a work plan for today’s tasks. Demonstrate your ability to follow a work
plan by answering the following questions.
Look at the Work Plan below and then answer the questions below.
      1.         Test Blood samples (urgent to be done today) - HIV test
      2.         Test Fruit samples (stored at 4 C) – Sugar content
      3.         Carry out routine maintenance on water baths
      4.         Clean microtomes

Question 5
Choose the correct alternative in each drop-down box below to make a correct statement.

Tutor note: correct answer in bold.

   Tasks are list on a work plan in order of [importance, difficulty, preference] and level of
   [complexity, appeal, urgency].

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Question 6
Before commencing a task, you should first locate:
    a) tea and coffee facilities.
    b) SOPs required.
    c) glassware and chemicals needed.

Question 7
If unable to undertake the first task on your Work Plan, you should
     a) have a tea break.
     b) see the other technician to find out what to do next.
     c) tell your supervisor and go onto the second task, if appropriate.

Seek Assistance
Question 8
When collecting samples from the sample reception area you notice one is leaking, you return
the sample to:
    a) the sender with a note to explain why you can’t test it.
    b) the sample receptionist who will explain the correct procedure for a faulty

Question 9
Equipment you which to use for carrying out sugar content tests on fruit samples is
unavailable until tomorrow so you:
   a) return the samples to the 4 C fridge and explain the situation to your
   b) ask another technician to do this task tomorrow and put the samples in a safe place.

Question 10
You cannot find the correct procedure for the HIV testing of the blood samples so you ask the:
   a) Senior Technician who is in his office.
   b) Environmental Scientist who’s in the laboratory at the moment.

Step 3. Modify work plan

Question 11
Arrange the following steps into the order in which they should be carried out by dragging
them and placing into the correct order.
Tutor Note: Correct order should read as follows.
1. Ask supervisor for assistance
2. Reprioritise tasks
3. Inform supervisor of modified Work Plan
4. Carry out modified Work Plan

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