How to Keep Your Man Happy! This is Extremely Important If You Want a Lasting Relationship With Him by writeronline101


									How to Keep Your Man Happy! This is Extremely Important If You Want a Lasting
Relationship With Him

By Russell Jackson

Women often don't know how to keep a man really happy. What is the trick that can keep a man
happy? Traditionally it was said that a full stomach, a good brandy and a cigar afterwards did the
trick. Since we all have evolved from being the subservient gender and have become thinking
individuals, there must be something else that we can do to keep our men happy. To that order
follow this list to ensure a happy man in your relationship.

Remain the person that he fell for
Women more often than not change soon after they get in to a relationship. From a lover they
become these nurturing individuals who have absolutely nothing in common with the girl that the
man fell in love with. This doppelganger makes him unhappy.

Back off a bit, will you?
Don't make him fight for his space and resent you. Being a couple does not mean being Siamese
twins and doing everything together. Be the kind of woman who respects space, privacy and
independence and most of all 'alone time'.

Do something nice for him
There is nothing wrong in doing something extra nice for your man especially if he has been
having a hard time (maybe at work or otherwise). Make the effort of cooking his favorite meal
(order it from a restaurant if your gastronomic skills require medical attention after consumption)
and have a nice dinner together.

Be direct and open
Men hate women who talk in loops and women sure know how to do so. If you are angry about
something don't annoy him further by saying,"if you don't know then there is no point telling
you". Accept the fact that men are NOT perceptive and they will NOT know. So learn being
direct and spelling things out and keep him a happy man.

Don't manipulate him sexually
Every time you have a fight don't threaten that you will either never sleep with him or will sleep
with someone else. Men hate that more than you can imagine.

Men don't always want to see you in sweat pants
If you have lately started meeting your man in dowdy clothes or if he finds you in sweatpants all
the time then he's not going to be a happy man. Make him feel like you value him by looking
good for him.

Don't be pushy
Most men find women very pushy and hence run away from relationships. If you want to keep
your man happy then don't push him into doing things that he really does not want to do.
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