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					                                                  Mountain Pointe High School
                                                     Site Council Minutes
                                                        April 24, 2006

Meeting called to order at 5:16 pm.

Members Present: Brenda Mayberry, Chuck Wold, CJ Stevens, K.R. Scott, Terry Froehlich, Erin Smith, Dustin Janz, CJ Stevens,
Jeri Goldstein, Jennifer Ismeurt, Susi Fathauer, Jim Gibson, Nick DeCarlo, Jenna Woods, Katy Moakley
Guests: Debby Moakley, Josh Buesing, Joan Buesing, Wendy Stalder, Colleen Miller (resigned member—here to speak about
survey results only)
Absent Members: Meg Austin, Alana Salcida, Alan Hoang, Mary Koski

Minutes amended (as indicated in italics page 2) and accepted as read for March 24, 2006. Note that Brenda Mayberry stated that the
administrators are concerned with the comment on page 2 ‘The assistant principals seem to either dislike each other or the principal.
They seem like they are all fighting’. Brenda further stated that she does not believe this statement is true and that she was not
present when this discussion occurred.

Budget Task Force Report: Susi Fathauer
       Task Force recommended that there be an increase in the regular teaching FTE’s with 12 to be put back into the budget.
        Brenda Mayberry stated that this has been done already.
       There is a shortage of bus drivers in the district. Based on exit interviews with drivers, people seem to be going to other
        districts such as Tempe Elementary and Kyrene for better pay. TUHSD will increase the rate of pay for drivers to
       TSEA, Classified Council and Administrators all give feedback to the Budget Task Force.
Administrative Report: Brenda Mayberry
    Student numbers for next year are estimated to be the same as this year at 2450. Master schedules have been submitted.
        Geri: Does this number reflect where we are at now and how many more do we anticipate? Brenda: 150 to 200 more
        students may be admitted from now until school starts. MPHS has been retaining more students—we have not been losing
        students since 2002. This has allowed for an increase in staffing.
    Bats are gone from the school, the openings sealed, and the MPHS is considered ‘bat free’. There was lots of publicity
        regarding the bats. ‘Bat Man’, a national company, was hired to deal with the 6 colonies of bats. Since bats are
        endangered, they had to be caught and relocated at least 80 miles away to prevent them from returning to their original
        location. Only one bat died and all the other bats were relocated.
    Aims make-ups have been completed except for one student who was absent due to a tonsillectomy. Results for seniors will
        be available May 17th. AIMS augmentation will be available for those who don’t pass and they may also appeal to Brenda
        Mayberry. A student must have attempted all 5 AIMS testing sessions in order to appeal. There is only a small number of
        non-passing students and there are less than 10 who will likely appeal. The district numbers are also relatively small.
    A man had collapsed (no pulse/no respirations) during the Student Council Senior Citizen’s Social. Laurie Slemmer began
        CPR and 911 was called. The school defibrillator was brought in and used. The man was revived by the time the
        paramedics came. The man had surgery and was undergoing rehab when he apparently had an embolism and died 8 days
        after his initial collapse. Students were commended by all for their concern and their appropriate actions. Brenda is proud
        of the students and referred to Laurie Slemmer as a ‘hero’. All the right things happened. The man’s family was greatly
        appreciative to MPHS.
    Staff/Parent/Student Survey results were presented (refer to handout). Result percentages for agree/disagree/neutral were
        reported. 168 parents took survey (on the high side for typical response rate, but still not 10% of population). 120 teachers
        took survey (100%). Brief comments regarding the results included:
               Question: Academic lab assists academic achievement - low percentage of parents agree
               Question: MTP provides tools and resources for AIMS success – concerning percentage of students disagree;
                   comments will be examined.
               Question: MTP is a safe place for students to learn - faculty agree, most parents and students agree or are
               Question: Student discipline managed consistently/fairly – students are more split; comments will be examined.
               Question: Communication from administration is positive and respectful – 60/40 split for faculty (neutral
                   responses were removed from data evaluation).
               Question: Having three periods with AC Lab leads to successful academic achievement - 43% of faculty in
                   disagreement is significant.
               Question: Having a six period day with no lab leads to successful academic achievement – More people
               Question: Students make good use of academic lab – faculty more split and this is significant.
               Question: Academic lab is a positive learning experience – most people agree.
                   Questions: Teaching content is inhibited or enhanced by block schedule and whether MTP should be
                    investigating different schedules – faculty again split.
                It was noted that based on reports of 4 and 5 years of MTP graduation rates, the graduation rate has increased.
    Grades data are now being uploaded into a program called ‘Top Gun’ on the server. Data will now be added each year. Data
    from the survey does not suggest that a major change in scheduling will occur at MPHS. More likely a modification of the block
    schedule will be implemented. For 4 years with block scheduling grades/drop out rates and scores have been going in the right
    direction. Data aggregates (senior versus freshman) and cross tabulations will be available. Teacher results may be examined
    by years at the school and experience. Site Council will have access to comments; there are 620 pages of student comments that
    will be ‘clumped’ and emailed to Site Council members. There are 100 pages of staff comments and 56 pages of parent
    comments. Student and faculty absenteeism still needs to be examined and reported. Maya Oleskic is working with the data.
    There remains a concern about the split among the faculty/staff regarding block schedule.
Old business:
     Open positions: Matt Whitney will fill the Dept Chair position. Erin Smith and Meg Austin will continue in their
         positions. Meredith Morrissey, Wendy Stalder, and Natasha Alston will also join the council. There are six open parent
         positions. The pride board position is open. The community representative position is open. The facilitator position is
         open. A vote will be needed at the next meeting. Brenda Mayberry volunteered to email information.
     Campus climate survey: Colleen Miller reports information regarding the survey. Colleen: We worked hard on the
         survey, but it appears that it is considered invalid by administration. 110 faculty and staff returned the survey. The results
         are here (the completed survey forms are in a stack). K.R.: I would like to read a statement regarding this issue so that
         there will not be any misinterpretation of what I say during this meeting (refer to attachment). K.R. reads his statement.
         Brenda: There may be a misperception—if there is a want for a survey of campus climate, I am not opposed. It would be
         helpful if I heard concerns to my face. There are surveys for campus climate that are validated and look at a broad number
         of issues. I have examples. The survey that was done was more focused on the administrative team, not on the climate. If
         we do a school climate survey, we should use an appropriate tool and evaluate the entire school climate. Jennifer: Is there
         a reason that we cannot just examine one issue related to campus climate? Brenda: Well, I guess we could. In the
         minutes from March 24th, there is no report of a directive from the Site Council that a climate survey be done. The survey
         was not given to administrators. Colleen: Teachers could not go into the mailboxes to distribute the survey—it was
         distributed by Nicole. I also gave you a survey, Brenda. Brenda: I never received a survey—someone else brought it to
         my attention and gave me their copy. K.R.: I requested information from my constituents and I will not be restricted from
         doing this as a member of this council. CJ: I’ll read the questions on the survey. The survey questions were read. Chuck:
         Is there a sense of friction with staff and administration? Brenda: Perhaps with a few individuals, especially after last
         week’s survey. But no, I don’t think so in general. There are always a few disgruntled teachers. Chuck: Expressed his
         desire to be in support of the teachers as they are most important to the students and the students’ achievement. Brenda:
         Voiced her agreement with Chuck. Colleen: I joined Site Council to try to improve our school. I feel Site Council can’t
         make a difference because we aren’t admitting that the school has a problem. 57% of the staff are looking elsewhere to
         work. Morale is down; I have given up. Jeri: I haven’t said much about this issue last meeting or this meeting.
         However, the bottom line is that can we please not make this issue go away? The data is important. What are the issues?
         Let’s get re-energized. Chuck: I don’t want a disaster for this school. We have good teachers here—we don’t want to
         lose them. Site Council has concern for quality of education. I’m not sure what we can do about this survey. Jennifer: I
         fully agree with Chuck. Can we just use this ‘unofficial data” to identify ways to move forward? The survey results don’t
         need to be publicized but this council could use them. CJ: Well, I suppose this is the challenge for next year.
New business:
        Evaluation forms: CJ distributed evaluation forms for herself and Colleen as co-facilitators. Members requested to fill
         out at the end of the meeting or turn in before the next Site Council meeting.
        Tax credit general fund request: Yearbook has requested funds. They have a deficit of $10-12,000 for the yearbook this
         year. Their advertising income was down $10,000 (likely due to people in the community being hesitant to purchase
         advertising space since Desert Vista sold ad space last year and did not follow through with publishing the ads). Direct tax
         credit donations to Yearbook were down approx $4000. The yearbook costs $80 to produce but sold for only $55. The
         Yearbook committee does plan to implement changes to prevent debt in future years including: decreasing the size/# of
         pages in yearbook, increasing sale price, addressing publishing costs. There is $8700 of accumulated funds in the general
         tax credit account currently. This is likely the last request for general funds this school year. The tax credit request
         committee recommends awarding $2000 to the Yearbook committee. After discussion, the Site Council unanimously
         supported the tax credit committee’s recommendation.
        Student Council: Alan Hoang not present due to another meeting.
        Classified Update: Nick DeCarlo reports all is okay.
Open Forum:
        May 4th – school assembly.
        May 6th is the Prom. Administrators will be there to chaperone. Despite rumors, there will not be a Breathalyzer used
         during Prom, but all limo’s and party buses will be searched.
        Lettering banquet will be held in May.
       Next Site Council meeting is May 15th (incorrectly reported on agenda).

Meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm