; MBF320 Solid-State Fingerprint Sweep Sensor™
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MBF320 Solid-State Fingerprint Sweep Sensor™


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									MBF320 Solid-State Fingerprint Sweep Sensor                                                                               ™

• Capacitive solid-state device                                 • Auto-finger detection, virtual touch
• 500-dpi resolution (50µm pitch)                               • Standard CMOS technology
• 11.16mm x 2.02mm sensing area                                 • Low power, less than 45mW when operating at 3.3V
• 256 x 8 sensor array                                          • High-performance 15KV ESD tolerant
• 3.0V to 3.6V operating range                                  • No need for an external USB microcontroller
• Hard protective coating                                       • Lead-free and RoHS compliant
• USB 2.0 full-speed compliant (12Mbps)

The Fujitsu MBF320 solid-state fingerprint Sweep Sensor         When combined with the Sweep Sensor image-capture software,
is a direct-contact, fingerprint-acquisition device. This       the MBF320 sensor captures multiple fingerprint image frames
high-performance, low-power capacitive sensor is composed       and constructs fingerprint images when a finger slides over the
of a two-dimensional array of metal electrodes in the sensing   sensor surface. The cost-effective MBF320 is manufactured in
array. Each metal electrode acts as one plate of a capacitor    standard CMOS technology. The 256 x 8 sensor array has a
and the contacting finger acts as the second plate. A           50µm pitch and yields a 500-dpi image. The sensor surface is
passivation layer on the device surface forms the dielectric    protected by a patented, ultra-hard abrasion- and chemical-
between these two plates. Ridges and valleys on the finger      resistant coating, and patented package.
yield varying capacitor values across the array, and the
resulting varying discharge voltages are read to form an        The MBF320 integrates Phoenix TrustedCore BIOS and
image of the fingerprint.                                       fingerprint algorithms from Cogent Systems, with the PBA
                                                                biometric agent. This combination provides a convenient, easy
                                                                pre-boot authentication module - the complete turn-key solution.
          MBF320 Solid-State Fingerprint Sweep Sensor                                                            ™

           • PC / laptop security                                       • O/S level authentication
           • BIOS level PBA (PreBoot Authentication)                    • Secure access for databases, networks, local storage
                   - Provides endpoint security at PC boot time         • USB Flash drives and ID tokens
                   - Provides secure logon to Windows, enterprise       • Portable fingerprint acquisition
                     network domains, corporate applications and
                     websites                                           • Embedded device and peripherals
                   - When used in conjunction with BioTrustID,          • USB mobile device
                     addresses identity theft, file encryption and      • Access control and monitoring (home, auto, office)
                     unauthorized access

                                                                                                           256 x 8
                                                                                                         Sensor Array

                                     mm                                 SPI
                               .10                                                   Function
                             16                                                                        Sample and Hold

                                                                                                         A/D Converter
                                            0.95 mm


                                                                                                         X’ TAL OS C

                        Device Package Outline                            Device Functional Block Diagram

           RoHS Compliant

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