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Location - DOC


									Date of tour - Ref    Location            Issue                           Action             Outcome
High Town
02-07-04       HT 1   Property 6 Elgar    Dead ivy on roof and around     Referred to
                      Path                guttering needs removing        Steve Battlebury

02-07-04      HT 2    Butterworth plus    Path sweeping required          Referred to
                      Elgar Path                                          Alex Greene
02-07-04      HT 3    55-60 Butterworth   Broken down pipe from           Referred to        Orders raised to make
                      Path                guttering                       Maureen Backler    good brickwork & rake
                                                                                             out and repair mortar
                                                                                             below guttering –
                                                                                             now completed
02-07-04      HT 4    54-56 Butterworth   Entry door system requires      Referred to        Order raised to repair
                      Path                attention, broken bricks        Maureen Backler    main entrance door –
                                                                                             now completed
02-07-04      HT 5    55 or 56            Damp patch on outside wall      Referred to        Order raised to
                      Butterworth Path    possible internal leak, needs   Maureen Backler    investigate possible
                                          investigating                                      dampness in property
                                                                                             – first visit was no
02-07-04      HT 6    62 Butterworth      Broken slab needs replacing     Referred to        Order raised to repair
                      Path                                                Maureen Backler    broken slab – now
02-07-04      HT 7    Milner Court        Requires hard surface sweep     Referred to        Discuss with the
                                                                          Maureen Backler    Warden of Milner Court
                                                                                             – no sweep necessary
                                                                                             but awaiting weeding
                                                                                             quote from Bill Copley.
02-07-04      HT 8    Pathway from        Heavy litter deposit            Referred to
                      Hightown Road to                                    Alex Greene
                      Wenlock Street
                      adjacent to
                      Methodist Church
Date of tour - Ref    Location          Issue                           Action            Outcome
High Town
02-07-04       HT 9   Havelock Road     Gullys require sweeping plus    Referred to
                                        litter outside Painters Arms    Alex Greene
                                        needs removing
02-07-04      HT 10   Welbeck Road      Dumped building materials       Referred to       Inspector visited.
                                                                        Jon Maddox        Spoke with contractors
                                                                                          close by who agreed to
                                                                                          remove rubbish.
02-07-04      HT 11   Back Street car   Enquire whether Street          Referred to
                      park              Cleansing undertake spraying    Alex Greene
                                        of this area
02-07-04      HT 12   Back Street       Road name plate broken          Referred to       Spoken to Rod Hemley
                                                                        Robert Scott      and he will arrange for
                                                                                          a new one should be
                                                                                          10 weeks
02-07-04      HT 13   Back Street car   Wall broken in need of repair   Referred to
                      park                                              Property
02-07-04      HT 14   Back Street car   Drop down barrier needs         Referred to
                      park              removing possible health and    Property
                                        safety risk                     Maintenance
02-07-04      HT 15   17 High Town      Building materials at rear      Referred to
                      Road              obstructing pathway             Jon Maddox
02-07-04      HT 16   Albion Court      Weeds spraying and hard         Referred to
                                        surfaces need cleaning to       Maureen Backler
                                        include gullies.
02-07-04      HT 17   Albion Court      Steps outside no 11             Referred to
                                        dangerous need repair           Maureen Backler
Date of tour - Ref     Location        Issue                         Action         Outcome
High Town
02-07-04       HT 18   Dudley Street   Home and Away taxis parking   Referred to    Instructions given to
                                       on highway causing            Mehmood Khan   Parking Enforcement
                                       obstruction                                  Unit to pay particular
                                                                                    attention to the
                                                                                    problem of Home &
                                                                                    Away vehicles
                                                                                    allegedly causing
                                                                                    obstruction in Dudley
                                                                                    Road . Should
                                                                                    contraventions occur
                                                                                    then they have been
                                                                                    instructed to issue
                                                                                    Penalty Charge

                                                                                    We are aware of the
                                                                                    problem in Dudley St
                                                                                    and our Parking
                                                                                    Attendants do patrol
                                                                                    the area as a matter of
                                                                                    course. In the last 3
                                                                                    weeks 17 PCN's
                                                                                    (parking tickets) have
                                                                                    been issued in the
                                                                                    area. The only word of
                                                                                    caution I would add is
                                                                                    we have a duty to
                                                                                    patrol the whole of
                                                                                    Luton and not just a
                                                                                    particular road/street.
                                                                                    Therefore residents
                                                                                    &business's might not
                                                                                    see a PA everyday.
                                                                                    (Mick Dryk 18/08/04)
Date of tour - Ref     Location            Issue                          Action             Outcome
High Town
02-07-04       HT 19   Cross Street plus   Gully’s/channel cleaning       Referred to        Order given to
                       Albion Street       required                       Robert Scott       cleansing should be
                                                                                             completed week
                                                                                             ending 17th July 2004
02-07-04      HT 20    Bells Close         Weed spraying of hard          Referred to
                       Recreation          surfaces required              Steve Battlebury
02-07-04      HT 21    Mussons             Sweeping required and          Referred to
                       Path/William        channels                       Alex Greene
02-07-04      HT 22    Corner of William   Large lorries reversing into   Referred to
                       /Frederick Street   William Street bollards        Jonathan Palmer
                                           required on corner to stop
                                           mounting kerb
02-07-04      HT 23    108 Frederick       Rear of property adjacent to   Referred to
                       Street              Mussons Path rubbish on        Chris Porter
                                           private land
02-07-04      HT 24    Charles             Gully and channels needs       Referred to        Order given to
                       Street/Jubilee      cleaning                       Robert Scott       cleansing should be
                       Street                                                                completed week
                                                                                             ending 17th July
02-07-04      HT 25    Cherry Tree         Abandoned car J767 HYJ         Referred to        24 Hr Notice affixed on
                       Mews                plus fly tipping requires      Jon Maddox         the 22nd July 2004.
                                           removing                                          Vehicle removed on
                                                                                             the 23rd July 2004.
                                                                                             (J. Doyle)
02-07-04      HT 26    Jubilee Street      Building materials on          Referred to
                                           Highway outside 26             Alex Greene
02-07-04      HT 27    Villa Court         Two dead trees                 Referred to        Complete week
                                                                          Steve Battlebury   beginning 2/8/04
Date of tour - Ref     Location       Issue                           Action            Outcome
High Town
02-07-04       HT 28   High Town      Budlia growing from front gate Referred to        Complete week
                       Recreation     post requires removing         Steve Battlebury   beginning 2/8/04. Tree
                       Centre                                                           Gant will do.
02-07-04      HT 29    Coupees Path   Large amounts of debris,        Referred to
                                      gullys full, needs sweeping     Alex Greene
              HT 30    136 Midland    Derelict house – What is        Referred to       Will ask new empty
                       Road           happening with this property?   Alan Thompson     homes officer to look at
                                      Some evidence of work taking                      this property although
                                      place,                          Phillip Hanson    if work is taking place it
                                                                      investigating.    sounds like someone
                                                                                        has decided to do
                                                                                        something with it. We
                                                                                        have tried to contact
                                                                                        owner without success
                                                                                        although have had with
                                                                                        owner of 138 next door
                                                                                        which was also empty.

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