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					Home School Curriculum for Sale. UPDATED 3-23-09

Call Jeanne Thomas if you are interested in any of the materials you see. 689-5826 or
384-4994 or email

COMPACT computer and monitor $25.00
Epson color printer $20.00


 1. Saxon Advanced Math (Complete Set + DIVE DVD)
     The Student Text
     The Solutions Manual
     Test Forms
     Dive CD (This teaches each lesson) (new $50.00)
     $60.00 for the set
 2. Saxon Algebra 2 (Complete Set with Dive DVD teaching the course) $60.00
     The Student Text Book
     The Solutions Manual
     Test Forms
      DIVE CD-teaches the lessons
 3. Saxon Algebra 1 (Complete set with DIVE teaching DVD) $60.00
      The student Text Book
      The solutions manual
      Test Forms
      DIVE teaching DVD. This is $50.00 new)

 4 Saxon Algebra ½ (Complete set with DIVE teaching DVD) $60.00
   The Student Text Book
   The Solutions Manual
   Test Forms and Answer key
   DIVE CD—Teaches each lesson.

 4. Abeka World Literature 10th grade $35.00
    This can be used any year of high school
     Student Text
     Teacher Text

 6.   Abeka American Literature ( 11th grade) $35.00
      This can be used any year in high school
      Student Text
      Test/ Quiz Key
 7. Critical Thinking Editor in Chief C1 and B1 $10.00 2 books

 8. Apologia Advanced Chemistry Lab kit $15.00

 9. Microscope (this was $250.00 new) $100.00 Perfect

 10. Cornerstone—Adventures in Art $40.00
     Comprehensive Study Guide
     Art portfolio Gallery I II III IV
 11. Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Course $50.00

8. Apologia Biology

   1. Prepared Slides (2 sets available)                   $15.00 each
      This includes 16 slides, blanks, covers, lens paper,
      Droppers, pins. This includes the dissecting manuals for frog,
      Perch, starfish, crayfish, earthworm, grasshopper and clam.

   2. Dissecting Kit (5 sets available)                     $10.00 each
      These kits are used and in very good condition.

Apologia Chemistry

1. Chemistry lab kit (1 available)                          $30.00each
   Everything you need and a cool box!!!

Larry Burkett Game Money Matters For Kids           $7.00
The American Girl Game                              $7.00

393 American Girl Collector Cards with plastic cover sheets in a notebook   $10.00

Little House on the Prairie-5 video boxed set   $10.00
Andy Griffith Boxed Set 11 episodes DVD         $10.00

Videos $2.00 each
The Aristocrats
Deceived (From the Left Behind People)
Jungle Book
The Railway Children
Veggie Tales Josh and The Big Wall
Veggie Tales Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed
Veggie Tales The Toy That Saved Christmas
Pocahontas II
Baby’s Day Out
Heidi (Shirley Temple)
Cinderella II
Fern Gully
The Great Mouse Detective
Peter Pan
The Scarlet Pimpernel
The Scarlet Letter

Chocolate Candy Supplies $25.00
36 Tray Molds
5---- 3-D Molds (Cross, Santa, Easter Basket, Bell Box, lamb.)
Lolli pop bags
Chocolate candy paper cups.
6 Flavor oils
kid’s apron
2 candy books and instructions from Chocolate Tree Candy Class-2 candy boxes


1. Man in Demand Teachers Book.                               $3.50
   Offers step-by-step instructions for jr high and high school boys to help prepare them
   to meet the challenge of dynamic Christian leadership in tomorrow’s world.

2. Biblical Meditation by Elmer Towns                       $3.50
   10 Biblical ways to meditate and draw closer to the Lord. (Dr Cross Sunday School)

3 .Living for Jesus When the Party’s Over—Greg Speck        $2.50

4. Youth Bible Study Notebook by John and Susan Souter $2.50

5. Christian Leadership Teacher Key and Student Text by Gary Maldaner $15.00
   This is an excellent series. Like brand new—no writing in the books.

6. Christian Manhood and Teacher Key by Gary Maldaner $15.00
   Excellent Series. Like brand new—no writing in the books

7. Power in Proverbs-Finding God’ Wisdom for Daily Life. By Rick Boyer $5.00

8. A Fire That Burns but Does Not Consume—Stobaugh $3.00
9 Growing Little Woman       Orange-younger $5.00
10. Growing Little Woman       Purple-Older       $5.00
11. The Strong Willed Child-Dobson                $3.00 Hardback
12. The case for Faith                            $3.00
13. The Answers Book Ken Ham                      $3.00
14. The Bondage Breaker                           $3.00
15. The Only Way to Happiness McArthur            $3.00
16. Not Even a Hint –Joshua Harris                 $2.50
17 God’s Little Devotional for Woman              $3.00 Hard Back
18. Age of opportunity-Tripp                      $3.00
19. Life Training-Joe White                       $3.00 hard back
20. The Mark of a Man                              $3.00

   1. The SAT and College Prep Course for the Christian Student—by Stobaugh
      With Remedy for the College Admission Essay (50 sample essays) $10.00 set
      Like New excellent program-no writing in the books.
   2. SAT practice books (3)( New 19.99) $5.00
      We have had great success with SAT scores with practice!!!

English Curriculum

Writers Inc. is an excellent program. I use/used it with all 4 of my children and so far our
SAT scores are very high as a result.

1. Writers Express Handbook 5/6 grade $7.50
2. Write Source 2000 Daily Language workouts Grade 6 $5.00
3. Writers Express Skills Book Teacher Edition 5th grade $5.00
4. Word Roots B1 CD for Computer Grades 7-12            $7.00
   Latin and Greek roots program.
5. English from the Roots Up---Flash Cards of Latin and Greek roots. $5.00
6 Writers Inc. Skills Book Teacher Edition 8th Grade              $5.00
7. 2 book set. Abeka 9 Grade Vocabulary/ Spelling Teacher
    Text and Teacher Test Key-Brand new Excellent                  $7.50
8. Abeka 11 Grade World Literature. Teacher, student, tests/quizzes/keys. $35.00

   1. Nifty 50 States Workbook Grades 4-8. $5.00

   3. Outline Map Book of the World              $5.00

   4. Bible Study Maps 5 maps in full color laminated 11 X 14 $5.00
       New Testament Palestine, Old Testament Palestine, The Roman Empire –Pauls
       Journey, Early bible Lands-Captivity and Egypt to Canaan.
 5. Laminated Full size Poster of Biblical Family Tree-thru birth of Christ
General Curriculum—My Favorites

1. Library Skills Workbook—Elementary School $3.50
2. Map Skills Workbook ___Elementary School $3.50

3. Learn Russian The Fast and Fun Way by Barrons. $5.00
   Includes, flash cards, map and pocket dictionary
4.Easy Spanish Reader and Conversational Spanish 2 books $5.00

Random Books and Novels All of the books are in excellent to new condition.

* indicates a Sonlight book.

1. Anna Karenina-Tolstoy Penguin Classic                    $10.00
2. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan-See-Randon House           $5.00
3. The Family Under the Bridge-Carlson-Trophy Newberry $2.00*
4. Where are the Children-Clark                             $3.00
5. My Side of the Mountain-George-Puffin                    $2.50*
6.The Case of the Baker Street Irregular-Newman-Aladdin $2.50*
7. Hank the Cowdog (Books 2-20)                             $2.00 each
8. The Seventeenth Swap-McGraw-Sonlight                    $2.00*
9. The Secret Railway-LaMonte                              $2.00*
10. The Drinking Gourd-Monjo-I Can Read                    $1.50*
11. The Story of the Golden Spike-Stein-Sonlight           $1.50*
12. Old Mother West Wind-Burgess-Little Brown               $2.00*
13. Four Perfect Pebbles-Perl-Scholastic                   $1.50*
14. Nothing Daunted-Repp-                                  $2.00*
15. Fine Print-John Gutenberg-Burch                       $1.50*
16. The Mongols                                           $2.00*
17. American Adventures Part 2                            $3.50*
18. William Wilberforce God’s Politician                   $3.00*
19. Stout-Hearted Seven-Frazier                           $2.50*
20. A Gathering of Days-Blos                              $2.00*
21. Thimble Summer-Enright                               $2.00*
22. Miracles on Maple Hill-Sorensen                       $2.50*
23. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. B.E. Frankweiler     $2.50*
24. The Face of God-Myers                                $5.00**
25. Black-Dekker                                         $5.00**
26. Sugar Creek Gang #1---                               $2.00 each
27. They Would Not Be Silent-Yoder                       $5.00
    Inspirational Stories of Christians under Communism.
28. They Would Not Be Moved                               $5.00
   Christian Courage under Communism.
29. Betsy and Tacy #1                                    $1.50
30 Betsy-Tacy and Tib #2                                 $1.50
31. Caddie Woodlawn                                      $2.50
32 Farmer Boy                                           $2.50
33 Mr. Popper’s Penguins                                $2.00
34. Poland by Michener                                 $2.50
35. King Lear                                          $2.00
36. Heart of Darkness                                  $2.50
37. Tess of the D’Urbervilles                          $3.50
38. Chicken Soup for the Soul                          $2.50
39. Earthquake at Dawn                                $2.50*
40. Cheaper by the Dozen                              $2.50

Audio Books

1. Left Behind—Adult Series       $5.00
2. Complete Left Behind series   $5.00 each
3. The Iliad—Homer 14 cds        $15.00

Book Series

Meg Prairie Diary Books 1-2-3 $5.00
Virginia Civil War Diary Books 1-2-3- $5.00
Elizabeth James Town Colony Diary Books 1-2-3- $5.00
Corey’s Under Ground Railroad Diary Books 1-2-3- $5.00
Sofia’s Immigrant Diary Book 1-2- $3.50
Hope’s Revolutionary War Diary Books 1-2 $3.50

Sugar Creek Gang (This is a great series to get grade school boys interested in reading)
1-20 $2.00 Each

Adventures in Odyssey Adventure Series by McClusker
Book 2-3-4-5-7-11-12 $2.00 each (Great for grade school/jr high)
Danger Lies Ahead-High Flyer with a Flat Tire-The Secret Cave of Robinwood
Behind the Locked Door-Lights out at Camp What-a Nut.-The Stranger’s Message
A Carnival of Secrets

A Daring Adventure Series Focus on the Family By Peter Doyle
Stalked in the Catacombs $2.00
Trapped in Pharaoh’s Tomb $2.00

Frank Peretti This is for grade school/jr high age. $2.00 each
The Legend of Annie Murphy—The Secret Of the Desert Stone---The Door in the
Dragon’s Throat---Escape From the Island of Aquarius
TrailBlazer Books $2.00 Each (Grade School/Jr High)
Quest for the Lost Prince---The Hidden Jewel----Kidnapped by river Rats---The Chimney
Sweep’s Ransom
The Seven Sleepers Series—Moody $2.00 Each (Grade School/Jr High)
Voyage of the Dolphin---Empress of the Underworld----Winged Raiders of the Desert
The Caves that Time Forgot----The Sword of Camelot----The Gates of Neptune—
Flight of The Eagles

Girlhood Journeys $2.00 each
Shannon-Book 1 San Francisco 1880
Marie Book 1 Paris 1775
Juliet Book 1 England 1339
Kai Book 1 Africa 1440

Dear America—Hardback $3.50 Each
So Far From Home-The Diary of an Irish Mill Girl 1847
My Secret War-The WWII Diary of Madeline Beck 1941
Voyage on the Great Titanic Margaret Ann Brady 1912
The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins A WWII Soldier 1944

The Royal Diary –Jahanara--- India 1627

Book Sets

James Herriot—All Hard Back Books with Jackets.
All Things Bright and Beautiful $3.00
All Things Wise and Wonderful $3.00
The Lord God Made them All      $3.00
All Creatures Great and Small   $3.00
Every Living Thing              $3.00
James Herriot’s Dog Stories     $3.00
James Herriot’s Yorkshire       $3.00

Set of World Book Encyclopedias      $10.00

Travel Books
Alaska                          $10.00

CRAFT and Hobby Books
These are all hard back beautiful books with jackets.

1. Quilting Shortcuts—Maggie Malone                       $5.00
2. Lap Quilting-Georgia Bonesteel                        $5.00
3. New Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel               $5.00
4. The Complete Book of Dried Flowers and Projects      $5.00
5. More Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel       $5.00
6. Step by Step Stained Glass                    $5.00
7. Stained Glass for the first time              $5.00

Soft Bond Craft Books

1. Quilting Manual Hinson                         $2.50
2. The Quilters Catalog                           $2.50
3. Dictionary of Needle Point Stitches            $2.50
4. Needlecraft Designs from our Best Quilts      $2.50

COOK BOOKS-Hard Back Books

Joy of Cooking                           $2.00
Natalie Dupree Cooks for Family/Friends $3.00
Natalie Dupree Matters of Taste          $3.00
The Frugal Gourmet Whole Family          $3.00
Southern Living Low Calorie Recipes      $3.00
Southern Living Cook Quick              $3.00