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									                                                                                          Southern Star (UK) Fellowship

                            Ursa‟s UPDATE                                                       Issued September 2005

               10 anniversary year

                                    Dear friends
                                    Once again we are fast approaching the end of
                                    another year of Stars fun at events all over the place.           AGM
                                    I hope that you were able to participate in at least one
                                    event and to meet up with some of your Southern
                                    Star friends.
                                    We have achieved much in this last year but the most              Form
                                    important words spoken to me were said at Gilwell
      From the Chair
                                    Reunion and those were, “Isn‟t it wonderful to have
                                    such a family feel to Southern Stars”
                                                                                                     In this
Those few words sum up what the Committee and I are striving for and what we
promote. Our leaflets say „Join the Family within the Family of Scouting‟ and it is so
brilliant to hear members express that feeling of family.

Our strength as a Fellowship comes from that feeling of togetherness, the welcome we               By now you will of
give to new members and the reputation members have built for Southern Stars through
their hard work at events and work weekends.
                                                                                                     received your
Southern Stars is your Fellowship and you are indeed making it better all the time                Renewal Form and a
congratulations to you all.                                                                       New Standing Order
                                                                                                   Form. Please get
At this time of year we get to take a short rest and come together at our AGM. This year
is slightly different in that we have more on offer for our members to do. Peter Byrne will
                                                                                                  these in as soon as
be tingling our taste buds with his cooking skills and coming up with a three course meal           possible so your
for Saturday Evening and Dad will be regaling us, for as long as we let him, with toasts           membership does
to all and sundry.                                                                                     not lapse.
At this point I would just like to say a thank you. It is not my custom to pick out members
for special thanks as everybody in Southern Stars does their bit. However I would like to
thank Peter Byrne and his son, Tom, for the wonderful food they prepared for us all at
Gilwell Reunion this year. I would also like to thank „Aunty‟ Joyce Wells for the sterling
work she put into making Reunion such a success for the Stars.
                                                                                                       About the
One last word of thanks goes to our Treasurer, Dad. Who is standing down this year
having served as treasurer for more than six years. I am sure that all you will join me in
thanking Dad for his sterling work during his time as treasurer. Don‟t worry he will still be           National
around as he will be serving on the committee looking after the Stars Clothing Range.
Plus as Arnie says “He‟ll be back”
                                                                                                          Page 3
Yours in Scouting [and Guiding]                                                                      And Norjam
Barry                                                                                                     Page 2
Chairman Southern Stars – and Proud

                          COMMITTEE EMAIL ADDRESSES

  Chairman–                        Secretary–                     Visit our
 Treasurer–             Membership Sec.–
Events Coordinator–               Lay Member–
Ursa‟s UPDATE September 2005

                   Advance Events notice for 2006
                               6-8 January - Gilwell Winter Camp
                               7-9 April - Foxlease Site Services
    16-18 June - Gilwell Cub & Beaver Fundays (we're doing Aerial Runways again)
               30 June-2 July - National Fellowship Gathering, Bedfordshire
                           21-31 July - Serbia National Jamboree
                                  29 July-5 August – Norjam
                                   1-3 Sept - Gilwell Reunion

                      IDEAS FOR FUTURE YEARS
                                  2007 - World Jamboree, UK
                  Centenary Jamborees in Australia, New Zealand & Fiji
                                 2009 - WINGS & Campdowne
                                2010 - Guide Centenary Camp
                       2011 – World Jamboree, Sweden

                                   NORJAM 2006
              29th July - 5th Aug 2006, Norwich Showground
  Norjam International Jamboree is being jointly organised by GirlGuiding Norfolk & Norfolk
              Scouts, & will celebrate the roots of worldwide Scouting & Guiding.
                  Join in the fun by being part of their Jamboree Staff Team.
Site Support - are looking for a number of staff, both skilled & unskilled, to look after the site.
        Essential Support - are looking for staff to provide first aid & security needs.
Activities - need all types of people to supervise & assist with a wide range of activities, both
                                         one & off site.
Retail Services - need people to support a number of outlets, from coffee shops to souvenir &
                                          other outlets.
           Entertainment - if you have any skills they would like to hear from you.

Our contact Nicola Cubitt ( is especially keen that she hears from
        those with IT skills, & those interested in joining the Security & 1st Aid teams.

                 Cost 10.00 staff registration + central catering for about 35.00

For more info or for an application form, download from or contact Dan Gentle,
 8 Bellomonte Crescent, Drayton, Norwich NR8 6EJ Tel: 01603 866441

Ursa‟s UPDATE September 2005

Looking for something different to do this summer? How about Serbia?

Next July, the Serbian Scout Association are hosting their National Jamboree just outside Niš in Southern Serbia.
The Jamboree is for 10 days and there are possibilities to extend the visit either before or after to see more of the
area or take part in Home Hospitality.

The Jamboree programme is based around the three programme zones of the Serbian Scout Association (The
world in which I live, Living with Nature and My Life) and will include activities appropriate to Scouts and Explorers
including adventurous activities, crafts, global development, hill walking, sports and visits to cultural and historical

The cost of the Jamboree for EU Participants and staff is €130 (approx £90). This includes all travel and activities
whilst at the Jamboree, food and a scarf, t-shirt, id card etc. This does not include travel to Serbia but the UK
Contingent Team are looking into a number of alternatives including commercial flights to Belgrade from Heathrow,
budget flights to Budapest and/or Sofia and even chartering aircraft but we are hoping that the total price will be no
more than £275.

More information about the Jamboree and the UK contingent can be found at:


This includes pictures of the Jamboree site, information on the programme, various documents including a
Frequently Asked Questions and a presentation given by the Serbian Scouts to UK Leaders at Gilwell Reunion and
an online form for Groups and Individuals to register their interest.

                                      Serbian and British Scouts after Eurojam

Ursa‟s UPDATE September 2005

                        More about AGM
                             21-23 October
                    Pack Holiday Centre, Gilwell Park
 From your chosen time of arrival, on Friday afternoon onwards, to your departure on Sunday
        afternoon, your committee would like to make this a weekend to remember.
   During the day on Saturday, you can choose to visit London for sightseeing, shopping, or
  perhaps take in a matinee at a West End show, at a very special price. Or maybe you would
             prefer to do some site service work at Gilwell, the home of Scouting.
We have invited some special guests to join us for our celebration dinner on Saturday evening,
                                dress informal but smart.
               Please supply your own liquid refreshments, music & friendly chat.

   Sunday will follow the usual programme of AGM at 11am, in full Scout or SSUKF uniform.
                       This will be followed by a light lunch & cleaning up.
All catering will be done by Pete & Tom Byrne, fresh from their success at Chester's Grill. All we
                                  have to do is the washing up!

     Please book early, as there are only 40 beds available. You can also choose to camp.
      The cost for the weekend is £22.50 or you can pick and mix – see the booking form.
    This is a special weekend for Southern Stars, so it‟s worth celebrating in a special way.

   To help the weekend go with a swing, it would be great if all those of you coming along on
                   Friday or Saturday, could bring a few party decorations.

                           These will be returned to you on Sunday.

            Also, we will be holding a raffle, to be drawn on Sunday after the AGM.

 If everyone attending at some time over the weekend could bring a prize, we would very much
                                         appreciate it.

                               Small or large, everything is welcome.

                                 Money raised is for SSUKF funds

Ursa‟s UPDATE September 2005

         Do you belong to GirlGuiding UK, or are you not a member of either association?
 Now we are official, & in order to be a Southern Star, you must be a Full or Associate Member
                                     of the Scout Association.
   If this applies to you, please give your name to Vicki our Membership Secretary, so that the
                               necessary formalities can be completed.
     We hope to be able to arrange for you to complete Module 1 during the AGM weekend.
   If you would then like to make/renew your promise, please let Barry, our Chairman, know.

Contacts:       Chairman: Barry Finnis             Tel: 01202 778121         Mobile: 07866 546 890

                Membership Secretary: Vicki Dixon Tel: 01366 385968                   Mobile: 07840 742 924

                                             7-14 August 2010
    Southwest Region is having celebration camp for Guides & Senior Section, at Foxlease in The New Forest.

         It will be similar to Gilwell 24, but will be running for 7 days, with different groups every 24 hours!

 Volunteers are currently being sort for the core team, & Southern Stars are very welcome to apply for the various

The main criteria are enthusiasm & commitment to an event in 5 years time –

                                    Team Leaders & Deputies- Camp, Administration, Activities
                                    Managers- (Camp) Site & Activities
                                    Service Team
                                    Catering
                                    Transport
                                    Security
                                    (Admin) Press & PR
                                    General Admin
                                    Treasurer
                                    Trading;(Activities)
                                    Daytime Activities
                                    Overnight Activities
                                    Centenary Celebrations
                                    Health & Safety.

   Please contact Karen, our Event Coordinator with a short CV, or for more info, no later than mid October

Event Coordinator Contact Details:

             Karen Laird, SSUKF Events Coordinator, 23 St. Ledgers Road, Bournemouth BH8 9BA

                             Tel: 01202 309834                  Email:


Ursa‟s UPDATE September 2005

                           Gilwell Experience 2005

Gilwell Experience provided –
                                     64,000 hours of programme activities
                                     Participants climbed three times the height of Everest.
                                     We took £30,000 in our shops.
                                     19 out of 20 participants, who filled in Eurojam Activity Questionnaires, said
                                      Gilwell Experience was the best.

By the way the Asst Campsite Manager said we didn't use enough toilet rolls!

Some GILWELL (Foot in Mouth) EXPERIENCES as enjoyed by Geoff, Dave, Mike & Karen

             In preparation for Site Services, Mike arrives towing a skip for his booze!
             It‟s about time you started putting yourself about more, so people know who you are!
             Geoff's docking manoeuvre wasn't working properly!
             He said he thought he had given her one some time ago. Didn't she remember?
             Oh no! I think I missed - yes it‟s running down my leg!
             Ground shakes at Gilwell, as Mike goes on a roll!
             He can hear me unzip in the night...& the tent!
             Where ARE you putting your legs?
             Twist, lean back, & suck!
             'She didn't mean to be rude'
             'No, she's just keeping her hand in!'
             Mike wants to know if the dress code for Eurojam Closing Ceremony is pink with blue spots!!

                DAY 1 - Karen falls over chasing a man.
                Day 2 - Karen rips down her flaming trousers in front of another man.
                Day 9 - Disgruntled warden has revenge when pet wasp stings Karen, above trouser line, &

                          HEARD @ GILWELL REUNION
                                 So I'm driving along the M6 in knickers & a T-shirt....

                                I've seen much more on Scout events than bare butts!

                                               I took Ursa from behind:-)

                      Some people haven't done it before, & need to be shown how to do it!

                                I stood there with the camera & he just thrust himself...

                                       Only a man that size can grab my boobs!

                    We ought to be in the middle, as we're doing it more than the rest of them.

                                We'd better move back a bit 'cause it‟s getting bigger!

                                                 He's mine! He's mine!

                                                  He likes lilac Lycra!

Ursa‟s UPDATE September 2005

                                       AGM 2006
 If you would like to make a suggestion of where to hold our AGM next year, please bring the relevant flyer/info to
                                         our forthcoming AGM weekend.

We usually look for a site where we can have indoor accommodation for at least 24. We would also hope to be able
              to work on site during Saturday, in return for substantially reduced fees (i.e. 1/2 price!)

   Info can also be sent to our Events Coordinator prior to the 2005 AGM, if you are not able to attend this year.


From a Dutch Friend of Southern Stars,

This Gilwell reunion was special to me. The first time I have not travelled by car. I must say the plane was not that
bad, thanks to Dad who collected my friend Sigi and myself at the airport, we arrived on Friday night. It was nice to
see old friends again and meet new ones.

After a nice Friday evening with nice music at the bar and a headache in the morning Saturday started. I only had
to start in the afternoon so I had plenty time to swap (as you probably all know I collect woggles and the spoons).
Sun was hot, but thanks to the free refreshments we could stand it. On my way to my duties in the tent to enlist
new members I did notice a strange couple of persons doing some pantomime. Nice to see, but a little
rehearsal on beforehand would have done no harm :-) At the tent, which was warm, we did manage to register new
members. It was more or less the same as the previous years, a lot of fund raising. But good that this is still
possible within Scouting.

The tone of the reunion is changing. I did see more youngsters (glad to see that), but wondered if they were all
Gilwellians. They seemed very young to me, or do I get old already? Perhaps I'm mistaken. It could be that this
event turns into a leaders reunion rather than a Gilwell Reunion.

I have to say the catering on the Southern Stars camp was great. Thanks to the chef and his assistants. Also I
notice more intermingling between the " old" Southern Stars and the " new" ones. This felt good to me and I will be
there next year to see if this continues.

Dear Friends in Scouting

We thought that you might like to know of our main Scouting activity this year. Barbara and I along with the UK
JOTA Coordinator and his wife formed the organising team for the Amateur Radio Station with call sign GB5EJ.
Despite being a late entry to the 'on site' programme we managed with sponsorship of Transceivers, masts and
aerials to establish a very presentable station demonstration amateur radio. The team of 12 included 2 Dutch, a
German, a Canadian and an Irish Scouter. Through their various skills we were able make over 1800 contacts
in more than 100 countries.

We operated on the short wave bands for World coverage, Very High Frequency (VHF) for local contacts, a radio
form of Teletype and a VHF radio link into the Internet. In addition we offered VHF radio orienteering, kit building
and printed a daily weather satellite picture,

We managed contacts with the National American and Japanese Jamborees along with several European ones.
During Brownsea Reloaded we had evening three way contacts with the Scouts on Brownsea Island and Gilwell
Park + the founder of Jamboree on the Air. We were even heard in Europe through a repeater on the International
Space Station. Dr. Eduardo Missoni, Secretary General World Scouting from the Bureau in Geneva called in for a
coffee and a chat on promoting Amateur Radio among the Scouts of Africa.

With what we have learned from the above we plan to make the Station for 2007 twice as good.

Regards Alan Willson, Skills Instructor,
1st Prestwood Scout Group.
Member of 2nd Gilwell, Brownsea Island Fellowship, Southern Stars UK Fellowship
Ursa‟s UPDATE September 2005

Committee Information

Following the nomination period for Committee Members I am able to announce that there will be no need to
pursue a postal vote this year and that we hope the following people will make up next years committee.

Chairman - Barry Finnis
Secretary - Carolyn Barber
Treasurer - Paul Cordell
Membership Secretary - Vicki Dixon
Events Coordinator - Karen Laird
Lay member - Barbara Willson
Lay member - Dave Stockford
Clothing - Peter 'Dad' Morrall [co-opt by Chairman]
Webmaster - Diana Cook [co-opt by Chairman]

So all those who wish to be on the committee will be serving which is great. There is a lot of experience within this
group of people to the betterment of Southern Stars.
When you send me your AGM booking forms & payment please will you also show your choices of the following –

     Matinee Show - I'll contact direct all who are interested in this. RSVP by 30 Sep to give me a chance to
      organise a great price.
     Museums - group planning on AGM Friday.
     Time out in London - do your own thing!
     Gilwell Site Services - 'Our' team leaders Alan & Angela will be there to put you to work.

        Hope to see lots of you at Gilwell for our very special weekend. Karen, SSUKF Events Coordinator
An Invitation

The first sunrise of our centennial year really is not far away. Before you know it will be just around the corner and
then it will be in the past. Sometime ago we discussed seeing in the New Year at the Spiritual home of Scouting
Whilst at reunion, the lovely Miss Dixon and I [Steve Morton] booked Branchet Lodge from 30 Dec 06 to 2 Jan 07.
Although it is impossible to determine the exact costs at the moment, we suspect it will cost approx £50 for the long
weekend. Very shortly I will need to collect deposits to confirm the accommodation.
So for the time being if you are interested in seeing the 2007 New Year in at Gilwell please let Ann Dixon or me
know by Oct 7 . We will then compile a list and ask for a deposit of £10.
I hope loads of you wish to share this special occasion and join in the party!
Steve -                                        Ann -

Ursa’s CHAT
What a busy summer we've been enjoying this year. Stars worked hard at Eurojam, Gilwell Experience &
Brownsea Reloaded. Gilwell Reunion ran smoothly with the Alternate Wizard of Oz Panto, & our birthday display in
the International tent attracting more prospective members & International Friends. I especially enjoyed the yummy
food at Chester‟s Grill. I hope you didn't miss out!

We now have our AGM to look forward to. Its promising to be a memorable weekend, so I trust YOU'LL be there to
join in the fun. It‟s a great opportunity to get to know other members, & to share in the planning for the coming year.

Who would have thought 10 years ago, that Southern Stars would grow so strong & spread so far around the
world. Thank you to all members past & present who have made this great achievement possible.



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