Technical Communication Certificate Completion

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					                                                          Updated 7/27/05

         Technical Communication Certificate
            Completion Checklist (2005-06)

                        Required Courses:
             Course                         Course Date            Grade
    Advanced Study in Writing
 for Business and the Professions
       Concepts and Practice
   of Technical Communication
      Design and Production
     of Technical Publications
Documentation Project Management
          Final Project:
    Technical Communication
 Fundamentals of Creating Online
   An Essential Art and Science
 MS-Word for Technical Writers
      OR Adobe FrameMaker
  Technical Writing and Editing
                                                                  Updated 7/27/05

                                 Plus One Elective Course:
               Course                  Cour         Course Date        Hours Grade
                                       se #
Adobe Acrobat for Print and Online 532                                   12
        Advanced Grammar               232                               10
  Applied User Interface Design:       554                               15
           An Introduction
      The Art of E-Commerce            228                               7.5
         Basic Copy Editing            481                               12
         Basic Proofreading            410                                6
Designing Effective Online Training 512                                  10
  Developing Help Systems Using        527                               15
         RoboHelp or Flare
 Document Management Standards         541                               12
            and Practices
 Ethics and Legal Issues in Writing    103                               12
           and Publishing
    Grammar: A Quick Review            220                               12
     Instructional Design Skills       520                              13.5
 Introduction to Dreamweaver and       490                               12
Producing Effective Software Demo 534                                     8
   Proposals: Writing for Success      231                               7
 Writing and Editing for the Web:      407                               12
           An Introduction